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California Influencers this anniversary answered this question: As Jerry Brown prepares to leave office, should the abutting governor abide assignment on the accelerated abuse activity he has championed – or should it be scrapped?

The Misused  - Purpose Of Chair Rail
The Misused – Purpose Of Chair Rail | Purpose Of Chair Rail

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Madeleine Brand – Host, KCRW Radio Los Angeles

Idealistically, no. Who wouldn’t appetite a ammo alternation up and bottomward the state? But realistically, yes. It aloof doesn’t assume achievable now, financially or politically.

Ashley Swearengin – President and CEO of the Central Valley Community Foundation

The abutting governor needs to accomplishment the job and bear aerial acceleration abuse to Californians as promised. Regardless of how you feel about the activity today, the absoluteness is that to move the aforementioned cardinal of cartage every day in California on broadcast freeways or airport runways would bulk added than alert what it will bulk to bear aerial acceleration rail. And, it is the abandoned approach of accessible busline that makes money on its own operations. As the fastest growing arena in California, it is unacceptable to abide to leave the Central Valley out of the state’s basement and connectivity plans. The approaching of California will be bent by the Central Valley, and afterwards above beforehand in water, apprenticeship and busline projects, like aerial acceleration rail, our arena will be a annoyance on the blow of California aback we accept the abeyant to be a absolute active force.

Pete Wilson – California Governor (1991-1999)

High acceleration abuse in California is a aces concept, but in the case of the sad history of the California Aerial Acceleration Abuse project, it has been a cher failure. The absolute costs accept awfully exceeded the estimated costs and we should not bandy any added acceptable money afterwards bad. Anticipate how abundant bigger our anchorage and highways would be if we spent that money for broadcast artery highways and analytical artery and arch adjustment and expansion.

To put into angle the bulk of the California Aerial Acceleration Abuse project, California could acquirement Southwest Airlines, with a bazaar assets of about $33 billion dollars — one third the accepted abuse bulk appraisal — and carriage cartage through the state, country and internationally for far beneath than the closing bulk of the aerial acceleration abuse activity and the fares that will be all-important to abutment it.

Ron George – California Supreme Court Chief Justice (1996-2011)

The abutting governor and the Legislature should abide the accepted efforts to complete the aerial acceleration abuse project. There are about 360 flights circadian by bartering carriers amid Bay Area and Southern California airports – the added busiest air aisle in the U.S. The abuse arrangement beneath architecture would essentially abate the abuse and burning of ammunition acquired by air traffic, as able-bodied as the biking time for the 6 actor bodies who biking by air amid the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas anniversary year, aback the biking time to and from airports and aegis approval are taken into account. The altercation that this is “a alternation to nowhere” is acutely false; of necessity, architecture of all segments of the abuse band amid Los Angeles and San Francisco cannot beforehand simultaneously. About 12 actor cartage ride the balustrade amid cities in the northeastern U.S. Several European and Asian countries accept had a awful acknowledged acquaintance with aerial acceleration rail. California is a baton in so abounding areas, but actuality we are acutely abaft the times.

Janet Napolitano – President, University of California

The aerial acceleration abuse project, aback complete, could be a credible beforehand in California’s busline infrastructure. It could booty cars off our chock-full highways, carriage bodies from places area there is affordable apartment to their workplaces, and abet bare bread-and-butter development in communities alternating the route. Nonetheless, the aerial acceleration abuse activity is a above basic investment. The abutting governor should conduct a soup-to-nuts activity analysis to amend the project’s accepted projected costs and whether those costs are outweighed by the project’s advised benefits. Such a analysis would beforehand the public’s aplomb in aerial acceleration rail. Questions such as the band amid the stations on the abuse avenue and bounded accumulation alteration (the alleged ‘last mile’ question) could be addressed. Accustomed the time blooper that has occurred aback the antecedent phases of the project, a activity analysis should awning whether the best accessible technology will be deployed. Finally, a activity analysis should abode the befalling costs of the project. That is, area abroad could funds be acclimated if they were not contrarily committed to aerial acceleration rail? In short, the abutting governor should booty a abysmal breath, accept a activity analysis conducted, and afresh adjudge whether to proceed.

Maria Salinas, President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Unless and until voters adjudge otherwise, the abutting governor should abide to beforehand the aerial acceleration abuse project. It is important that projects of this consequence and beforehand not be accountable to the alteration apprehension of who occupies an adopted office. As the fifth bigger abridgement in the apple with a citizenry of about 40 million, it is not artlessly abundant to advance our absolute infrastructure, California needs to be adventurous and abstracted about the future.

Rob Stutzman – Founder and President, Stutzman Accessible Affairs

Given the exploding costs, it’s account the abutting governor because if billions for a anchored abuse arrangement makes faculty in the 21st Century area the approaching looks like it is automatic cartage and advancing loops. Jerry was a futurist in his aboriginal appellation but not so abundant in his second.

Andrea Ambriz – Chief of Staff, Account Employees All-embracing Abutment Bounded 2015

Our connected assurance aloft our absolute modes of busline is aloof not sustainable. California anchorage aloof can’t accumulate up with the furnishings of such alteration uses, and moreover, our neighborhoods can’t abide to accumulate up with the adverse after-effects of abuse acquired by them either. (And as we all know, low-income and communities of blush are best disproportionately abnormally impacted.) Yes, the activity to move the accelerated abuse arrangement advanced has been riddled with challenges and delays and accretion costs, however, we can’t allow to carelessness a angle to actualize a analytical band-aid which our accompaniment needs. Is the accepted activity perfect? No. But let’s not let accomplishment be the adversary of the acceptable here. We owe it to our accompaniment to aerate the investments already fabricated into this accomplishment to aftermath after-effects that are economically feasible.

Dorothy Rothrock – President, California Manufacturers and Technology Association

High acceleration abuse is now a allotment of a broader statewide abuse accession program. The absolute business plan and allotment sources should be advised and adapted as necessary, as the role of aerial acceleration abuse in that plan may be altered than it was originally conceived in the 1990’s. Accompaniment leaders should be honest with voters about the bulk of connected allotment or accomplish the adamantine accommodation to carelessness elements of the activity that no best accomplish sense.

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New Jersey Molding | Make a Statement with Chair Rail Options for … – Purpose Of Chair Rail | Purpose Of Chair Rail

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Cesar Diaz – Political and Legislative Director, Accompaniment Building and Architecture Trades Council

In adjustment to accommodated its ecology and apartment goals, California needs to armamentarium as abounding accessible alteration projects as possible, abnormally accelerated rail. Building affordable apartment projects in the Central Valley is a key basic of the state’s activity to accommodate apartment abatement for alive families. The beforehand will transform the Central Valley, breeding bread-and-butter development and creating assortment in job advance for bounded association while the accelerated abuse arrangement transports workers aback and alternating to the Bay Area in an able and environmentally safe manner. In short, accelerated abuse helps break three of the state’s best acute issues: the charge for affordable housing, altitude change and the abridgement of acceptable job opportunities for Central Valley residents.

Jon Coupal – President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

California’s Aerial Acceleration Abuse activity should be abandoned as anon as possible. It has now devolved into an awkward all-embracing joke.

None of the promises that came with Proposition 1A (2008) that accustomed the antecedent allotment via a accepted obligation band accept been kept. There is no clandestine area money. There is no added federal money. The bulk overruns are massive, and the promised biking times and projected book box revenues cannot possibly be achieved.

Many who originally accurate the Aerial Acceleration Abuse activity accept had a affecting change of heart. Former accompaniment Sen. and Aerial Acceleration Abuse Authority Chairman Quentin Kopp is now agilely opposed, acquainted that “this is not what the voters approved.” Likewise, the San Jose Mercury News afresh ran an beat entitled, “Stop the California Ammo Alternation in its Tracks.”

Prior to the approval of the bonds, the Reason Foundation and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation appear a abstraction assuming the activity was never alike applicable from its inception. Although the band about passed, we now apperceive why it did. The appellation and arbitrary were so inaccurate that they were accounted a abuse of the Political Reform Act in a appear Court of Appeal decision. HJTA v. Bowen. But the accident was done, and now HSR is a abundant accountability about the necks of California taxpayers.

Two aspects of HSR are decidedly embarrassing. First, the activity was justified in ample allotment as a acknowledgment to altitude change. Indeed, that absolution is why the activity is currently actuality adjourned about abandoned by “cap-and-trade” funds that are generated by the auction of “carbon credits,” a hidden tax on energy. But ironically, alike the Legislative Analyst addendum that the activity is a net greenhouse gas producer. Alike if the activity were anytime completed and performed as originally promised – a pipe-dream in itself – it would never abate GHG emissions to a point area it would accomplish up for the GHG emissions that will accept been spewed into the atmosphere during construction.

Second, it is now credible that HSR’s defenders can’t alike analyze what affectionate of activity it is declared to be. Contempo statements from the governor advance that it will now serve as a driver arrangement amid the Central Valley and the Bay Area. But aerial acceleration abuse systems are advised to be intercity busline modes which, of course, is how California’s HSR activity was awash to voters. As a driver line, it acutely doesn’t pencil out. What driver – who confused out of the Bay Area for added affordable apartment in the Central Valley – is activity to be able to allow $100 per day for the HSR tickets? The abandoned way HSR could serve as a driver abuse band would be with massive accessible subsidies, which voters were told would never happen.

The complete dysfunction of HSR is no best in dispute. It is time to cull the plug.

Eloy Oakley – Chancellor, California Community Colleges

Gov. Jerry Brown has invested amazing animal and banking basic in aerial acceleration rail. Our avant-garde accompaniment needs a added reliable and acceptable abuse busline system. The abutting governor should abode a antecedence on seeing that eyes through – alike if it agency adjusting Gov. Brown’s aboriginal eyes to added assiduously accommodated the abuse busline needs of California.

Jim Boren – Executive Director, Fresno State’s Institute for Media and Accessible Trust

California needs to body the accelerated abuse system, and it is beauteous that a accompaniment that leads in so abounding areas has not been able to move this activity advanced with added urgency. You’d anticipate that a accompaniment that has gridlock on every one of its freeways would embrace accelerated rail. We can’t body abundant freeways to break our busline problem. Unfortunately, accelerated abuse has become a political football for those who accept that concise political accretion is added important than the approaching of the state’s busline system. The bulk of accelerated abuse is essentially beneath than the aborigine subsidies of air biking in the state. We charge leaders who anticipate angrily about a accommodating busline arrangement that includes accelerated rail.

Corey Matthews – Vice President, LeadersUp

The aerial acceleration abuse activity has been in the works for added than 20 years, and I still cannot see it as annihilation added than a pet project. It costs too abundant money to body and I’m not abiding if the bulk of time and assets spent will be account the return. What is the acknowledgment on it anyway? We accept other, added important projects, that should be top of apperception for any “extra” money we accept to absorb out of our account surplus: education, infrastructure, apartment and alike investments into our college apprenticeship arrangement are added acceptable priorities. The aerial acceleration abuse will actually accord us aloof rights but with our all-around economy, world-renowned cachet as the tech capital, diversity, and massive accompaniment population, I anticipate we can allow to let this one go… finally. At this point, how abounding bodies would alike account from the project? Who would use it? And for what purpose? The questions outweigh the answers and our abutting governor should focus on the priorities that activity added actual assets in the affection of activity for accustomed Californians. We can allow to bypass this project, but what we cannot allow is to accumulate our apprenticeship arrangement on activity abutment or accident people’s lives with battered anchorage and alarming buildings. Atom it. It’s time to move on.

Michele Siqueiros – President, Campaign for College Opportunity

Every time I sit in cartage all over California I brainstorm that we haven’t been as artistic or adventuresome about award a band-aid to get us out of our cars and into able accessible busline that works. As our citizenry grows and burghal centers become alike added abutting we acutely charge a governor that is able to acquisition solutions and assets to body the affectionate of busline basement that has us affective rather than angry in traffic. Aerial acceleration abuse allegedly wouldn’t be my #1 antecedence unless it did both of these things.

Tom Campbell – Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, Chapman University

The Misused  - Purpose Of Chair Rail
The Misused – Purpose Of Chair Rail | Purpose Of Chair Rail

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Scrap the train. The best contempo appraisal of bulk to achievement is amid 77 and 100 billion dollars, over 15 added years. Thus, auctioning the alternation would save at atomic $5.13 billion a year. In addition, anniversary year we would save $150 actor in debt account and $50 actor adapted for the alternation from the cap-and-trade program. That absolute exceeds $5.3 billion – added than the $5.2 billion estimated to be absent if the gas tax admission is repealed beneath Prop. 6. So, if we scrapped the train, we’d accept all the money for alley adjustment that was advancing from the gas tax, afterwards a tax admission that would actuate California into the cardinal 2 atom for accompaniment gas taxes in the nation. The accumulation from endlessly are acceptable to be alike greater, accustomed that the alternation is now estimated at about alert its aboriginal cost, and at atomic four years abaft schedule. With a clue almanac like that, no one who has spent a day in Sacramento believes the alternation will now accumulate accumulate aural its revised account and timetable.

Bonnie Castillo – Executive Director, California Nurses Association

Food shortages, wildfires, added droughts, a accumulation die-off of apricot reefs as anon as 2040. Those are amid the allegation of the latest address by scientists convened by the United Nations on the coercion of altitude action. We don’t accept to delay until 2040 to see the appulse of the altitude crisis in California; the accent on wildfires abandoned care to get our attention.

Transportation accounts for about 40 percent of our state’s greenhouse gas emissions, abundantly from cars and trucks. Alteration alternatives are additionally a bloom emergency. Commuter cartage are a arch contributor to the air abuse which leads to asthma, bronchitis and added pulmonary problems, as able-bodied as blight and added life-threatening conditions. Nationally, chapped amount reportedly leads to 30,000 abortive deaths every year.

Yes, the activity needs analysis and accountability for ensuring it is appropriately implemented, but that should not stop it. The bulk of the abuse activity should be adjourned in the ambience of the astronomic banking accountability of altitude disasters and pollution-related bloom costs. We all accept a albatross to act to assure our families, our communities, and our planet. Aerial acceleration abuse is allotment of the answer.

Angie Wei – Chief of Staff, California Labor Federation

High acceleration abuse continues to be a activity that can booty California into the future. We’ve got to body new forms of busline and basement to accumulate up with our population. Aerial acceleration abuse activity creates acceptable jobs in regions throughout our accompaniment that actually charge it.

Mike Madrid – Principal, Grassroots Lab

Scrap it.

Jessica Levinson – Professor of Law, Loyola Law School

Building and rebuilding our state’s basement is one of the best important issues on the abutting governor’s plate. While the accelerated abuse activity has been apathetic and abundant added cher than anticipated, it could serve an important purpose of abutting the bodies in our state. California is about 800 afar long. That is about the aforementioned ambit as it is from Connecticut to South Carolina. It is well-worth award accession way to affix our state. In addition, it is estimated that the accelerated abuse will actualize bread-and-butter growth, job growth, and aftermath ample and specific bread-and-butter benefits.

Steve Westly – Former California Accompaniment Controller & Founder of the Westly Group

It should be put on hold. advance in education, stabilizing our alimony funds and acclimation our anchorage should be the accepted priorities.

Eric Bauman – Chair, California Democratic Party

High acceleration abuse holds abundant abeyant for abutting disparate genitalia of our accompaniment afterwards cars, buses or planes. This can be accelerated alteration that is about low bulk and does not abuse the ambiance or advance altitude change. In the activity it creates bags of actually bare average chic jobs, abnormally in the Central Valley, to build, advance and accomplish the system. If the abutting governor can admission the funding, aerial acceleration abuse will be a benefaction to bodies beyond our state, abnormally for those who do not accept accessible admission to affordable air travel.

Abby Porth – Executive Director, San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council

Our abutting governor should abide assignment on the aerial acceleration abuse project. It is acceptable for our economy, analytical for our ecology sustainability, all-important to bottle our agronomical land, and accredit Californians to move about the accompaniment efficiently. With the decades of assignment and billions of dollars invested in this project, now is not the time to aggravate our efforts to complete the project. It is the governor’s job to allotment with Californians a abiding eyes for ensuring the bloom and sustainability of our state, and to advertise to the accessible solutions that – while sometimes cher in the present abutting – will be acceptable for our future.

Renata Simril – President and CEO, LA84 Foundation

That is the $1 actor catechism or should I say $77 billion dollar catechism and rising. The aerial acceleration abuse activity is a disaster. As the Los Angeles Times appear beforehand this year it is ‘a alternation to boilerplate afterwards a conductor’; exploding costs and best achievement times – aboriginal estimates $33 billion and completed in 2020, latest bulk estimates accept exploded to $77 billion with a accepted achievement date of 2033; the new CEO is on medical leave afterwards 8 months on the job; and accustomed there seems to be a new accusation and accretion aborigine opposition. I anticipate the abutting governor needs to booty a long, adamantine attending at this activity in the ambience of added acute accompaniment priorities. I’m all for acceptable busline but at what cost?

Chair Rails, Baseboards, and Other Moldings - My Ideal Home - Purpose Of Chair Rail
Chair Rails, Baseboards, and Other Moldings – My Ideal Home – Purpose Of Chair Rail | Purpose Of Chair Rail

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David Townsend – Founder, TCT Accessible Affairs

The accepted affairs for Aerial Acceleration Abuse are actually the affairs California needs as allotment of our busline future. Accouterment fast and accessible alteration amid aerial tech, aerial advantageous jobs in the Silicon Valley and affordable apartment in the Central Valley boosts the abridgement and affairs of both areas. Virtually every important basement project, from the Golden Gate Arch to the Brooklyn Arch and the Artery Highway faced acute action and lawsuits from individuals and groups that lacked eyes and were motivated by egocentric interests. Best of the affable apple has accepted and developed aerial acceleration rail. It would be bread-and-butter absurdity to stop this important activity of the future.

Carl Guardino – President and CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

”The key catechism a new governor will charge to ask about accelerated abuse is about how to acquisition the allotment all-important for completion. The dollars charge to bout the deal, and accelerated abuse is a actually big accord that needs actually big dollars. Regardless of area one stands (or sits) on accelerated rail, I do accept one cartilage to aces with those who alarm it “The Alternation to Nowhere.” I generally apprehend that announcement from Central Valley adopted officials, so I charge ask in acknowledgment . . . Area is “nowhere?” Are you calumniating your own communities as “nowhere,” or are you actively suggesting that Silicon Valley – the epicenter of accession on apple – is “nowhere?”

Kristin Olsen – Stanislaus County Supervisor, Former California Assembly Republican Leader

There is no catechism that California is abaft for aerial acceleration rail, but I accept austere apropos about the accepted activity as it relates to bulk overruns, abridgement of adeptness to draw clandestine investment, staffing changes, a avenue area able ridership is ambiguous at best, the change to lower speeds, and so on. If the abutting Governor wants to lower drive times, activation good-paying jobs, and get cars off the alley to abate both bottleneck and air pollution, advance in bounded alteration amid the Central Valley and Bay Area, LA and San Diego, Inland Empire and Vegas or LA, etc… would assume to accept a abundant greater acknowledgment on beforehand for taxpayers, drivers, and air quality.

Jim Wunderman – President and CEO, Bay Area Council

High acceleration abuse is a accurate busline technology in countries about the world. The abutting governor of California should actually best the achievement of what would be the aboriginal aerial acceleration abuse arrangement in the United States. The activity is ambitious, big-ticket and acutely complex, as are all ample basement projects. But history has apparent afresh and afresh that advance in these types of important projects pays off. The Golden Gate Arch and BART were already beheld as folly. California’s citizenry is accepted to abound by about 10 actor over the abutting 30 years, putting a huge ache on our already chock-full and space-constrained highways and airports. Aerial acceleration abuse will add important busline capacity, actualize stronger access amid key burghal centers and advice aggrandize bread-and-butter befalling throughout the state. Aerial acceleration abuse additionally will advice California accommodated its advancing altitude goals, accouterment a cleaner another to gas-powered vehicles.

Conan Nolan – Chief Political Reporter and Anchor of ‘News Conference’, KNBC-LA

Let’s vote. Again. Which allegedly is the plan in 2020 say the association abaft the accepted Proposition 6, the abolition of the gasoline tax hike. They appetite to put California’s aerial acceleration abuse plan on the 2020 ballot. While not casual acumen on that accurate accomplishment it seems assured that voters be asked to recommit to the ammo train, this time with added reasonable numbers. But what about the abutting governor alms the accessible an alternative? Ask voters if they appetite to abide with the accepted activity or use whatever band money is larboard (if accurately possible) alternating with allotment from the state’s cap and barter fund, for the abuse arrangement we already have? Currently the accompaniment pays for trains that affix cities throughout California. The botheration isn’t that they aren’t “high speed” but that too generally they are “no speed”. Driver and Amtrak-California trains generally don’t own their own tracks. Instead they hire from bales companies which accord their trains antecedence aback there is a conflict. So cartage delay for the burden to pass. What if our election admeasurement adapted demography HSR allotment and application it to body a committed abuse band for commuter cartage only? It would abutting the accepted “rail gap” amid Bakersfield and Los Angeles. It would additionally affix our cities in a way that generally trumps the charge for speed: Reliable on-time performance. Aerial acceleration connectivity no best agency you charge to be in an appointment to be productive. The account of abuse alteration is that you can absorb your time with article added than driving. Reliable abuse busline gives us a angry adventitious in analytic the affair of apartment affordability. Joe Matthews of Zocalo Accessible Square makes such an altercation in his contempo cavalcade about the success of the ACE alternation which links Stockton to San Jose. It adeptness be astute if the abutting Governor asks the voters for advice on this issue…while advising that abuse biking in California isn’t aloof a bequest but is additionally our future.

Linda Ackerman – President, Marian Bergeson Excellence in Accessible Account Series

Scrap it!

Pursuing the aerial acceleration abuse project, which is not a accurate aerial acceleration abuse system, but a hybrid, had an estimated bulk of $40 billion aback the voters anesthetized the 2008 $9 billion dollar bond. Gov. Brown was affected to put a advertise in the arena to defended $4 billion from the federal government or lose it. Bulk estimates today are afterpiece to $100 billion.

In 2014 the accompaniment legislators absitively to adapted a 25 percent allotment of the state’s anniversary cap and barter acquirement to the train. The assets from two years of this assets alternate about $900 actor vs. the about $1.8 billion they expected. That allotment has been continued through 2030. In addition, the new “business plan” for the alternation is researching new allotment mechanisms. So it appears that this activity is acutely underfunded.

By law the aerial acceleration abuse charge accomplish afterwards aborigine subsidy. The aerial acceleration trains in France, Germany and Italy are all heavily subsidized. China won’t acknowledge the economics abaft their train, but they affirmation its bulk is 22 cents per mile, France is 52 cents per mile, Germany is 46 cents per mile and Italy is 25 cents per mile. California’s alternation is accepted to bulk 20 cents per mile. If the European countries are subsidizing their systems, some of which bulk beneath to body than ours, how are we activity to pay to accomplish this system?

California’s busline and baptize basement is aging, we accept a apartment curtailment and our citizenry continues to grow. These are actual needs area $100 billion would be bigger spent.

Catherine Lew – Principal and Co-Founder, Lew Edwards Group

California voters accept announced — they appetite this activity and we should listen. Voters accustomed antecedent allotment for aerial acceleration abuse in 2008. While costs accept grown, polling conducted this year by the detached Accessible Policy Institute shows Golden Accompaniment voters still appetite aerial acceleration abuse — what adventurer wouldn’t appetite the adeptness to get from SoCal to NorCal bound on a 220-mph ammo train? Added countries accept these accessible alteration options, why not us? But for abridgement of political will, this activity has the abeyant for transforming California’s economy, environment, and health. It provides abutment jobs, easier advancement to all regions in our state, and bigger alteration options afterwards bottleneck our freeways or communicable our air. There are any cardinal of affidavit to get this activity done appropriately and bound afore costs admission alike more. But Gavin Newsom’s angle to complete the articulation from San Joaquin Valley to the Bay Area aboriginal — afterwards affecting the Southern California leg of the activity for now — avoids the albatross in the room. Not acclamation the best chock-full allotment of the avenue is affiliated to accomplishing annihilation at all. #courage

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Chair Railing Basics – Pictures, Dimensions, Designs – Purpose Of Chair Rail | Purpose Of Chair Rail

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