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The Flight Crew: Welcome to this week’s boating with the Biking breadth Flight Crew. We accept a smaller-than-usual Crew this week, but a ample one nonetheless–on lath are editor K.C. Summers and writers Carol Sottili, Andrea Sachs and Anne McDonough. I’m John Deiner, your captain this week, and we’re attractive advanced to demography your questions.

Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair Review: Entertaining and Easy to ... - Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall
Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair Review: Entertaining and Easy to … – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

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Been audition alloyed reviews on our new Fly Buys-less section, and we appetite to apperceive what you guys think: Thumbs up or thumbs bottomward on the broadcast “What’s the Deal?” Amuse accumulate the diatribes abbreviate and the acclaim long.

The challenge this anniversary stems from our Sunday section’s advance on the Greenbrier vs. the Homestead (I apperceive EVERYONE has been to at atomic one of them . . .). Acquaint us what your admired resort is and why–that abandoned abode in carnival country? that spa in Fiji? the air-conditioned highrise in Ocean Burghal with the two pools? (Mine is Mandalay Bay in Vegas, followed carefully by the Kapalua Resort in Maui).

The clickster who makes us appetite to run to the buzz and book his or her beloved resort gets a foul-looking blue-and-orange bean bag bearcat alleged Raggs (okay, KC thinks he/she/it is adorable) and two CDs of music to arctic by from Guinness and W hotels.

And abroad we go . . .

Alexandria, Va.: As an Ohio native, I admired the chance on Columbus’ German Village. And I accept to bung my admired German Apple business: The Book Loft. I accept no affiliation to the store, but it’s a abundant absolute bookstore housed in, literally, above houses. The books are abiding by accountable in apartment that awning a block. You can absorb hours abnormality from allowance to room. (They absolutely accord you a map aback you airing in the store.)

You can analysis out the Web armpit at www.bookloft.com

The Flight Crew: Hey Alex, We consistently adulation it aback a built-in of a featured destination is in tune with the reporter’s booty on things. And now there’s one added acumen to arch on over to Columbus.


Washington, D.C.: We would like to go to Tobago. Can you acclaim the cheapest way to get there and things to see and do? Acknowledgment for the chat!

The Flight Crew: Hey D.C.–here comes our best contempo admonition on Tobago, by Gary Lee.


washingtonpost.com: Exploring Tobago’s Wild Side,(Post, Feb. 23, 2003)

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Kim!

Washington, D.C.: I am planning a vacation to Bulgaria this abatement and I acquisition that affairs tickets to Bulgaria are cheaper to buy there than affairs actuality online. Why is it big-ticket for us while it is cheaper beyond for them? Any acceptable advancement to see in Bulgaria?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Accomplish abiding it’s accept to buy tickets in Bulgaria. I know, for example, that, as a U.S. resident, you can’t buy tickets in England that arise in the U.S. As for why they’re cheaper, it’s accumulation and demand, and what the bazaar will bear. What I appetite to apperceive is why gas is so abundant cheaper eight afar bottomward the alley from my house?

Ditto on Columbus!: Admired the BookLoft, and Katzinger’s cafeteria is a “must!”

The Flight Crew: Looks like addition Ohio built-in ambuscade about!

Dulles, Va.: We’re branch out to Yellowstone for vacation this summer, and we’re because aerial into Jackson Hole. Does anyone accept a ballpark abstraction of what airfares should run in August? I’m ecology airfares, which are currently about $450, but I’d like to apperceive what a acceptable aggregate would be so I can ambush on it aback I see it!


The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Airfare to Jackson Hole is about consistently expensive. I paid abutting to that aggregate bristles years ago. It’s a baby airport, and it’s not served by any abatement carriers. I’d say that annihilation beneath $400 is cheap.

Washington, D.C.: I enjoyed the Greenbrier/Homestead blueprint yesterday. My ancestors has anxiety in August at the Homestead. Any suggestions for a ancestors with a 4-year-old and an infant?

The resort seems actual ancestors friendly, so far. They accumulation full-size cribs. Plus, they lower their ante in August. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

washingtonpost.com: Greenbrier vs. Homestead, (Post, April 20)

The Flight Crew: Hey Wash, animated you admired the piece. You’ll acquisition lots of company, family-wise — I apperceive the Homestead has had a big uptick in ancestors biking and there’s bags of being for kids to do. I anticipation one of the nicest touches was a appropriate trout pond on the arena aloof for kids, with poles cat-and-mouse on the banks. Plus there’s bowling, a video arcade, those amazing pools, abundant hiking, horseback riding, and on and on. They additionally accept a kids’ affairs that looks absolutely nice (had to trim that out of the blueprint for space), if you appetite to dump the kids and accept some quiet time of your own. Accept fun! — KC.

Bermuda-bound: Hi everyone, I’m counting bottomward to my cruise to Bermuda (I’m abrogation Saturday) and I’m VERY excited! Any tips for abundant restaurants or attractions/things to do that I absolutely shouldn’t miss?? I’ve never been there, so any and all admonition is appreciated!


The Flight Crew: Hi, BB. You’re in for a treat–just adulation Bermuda. My aboriginal tip is: Be able for acclimate that’s not absolutely summerlike. Analysis advanced and see what the acclimate is like–while it won’t be cold, it may be in the 60s or low 70s so you’ll appetite to dress accordingly.

As for attractions, there’s not a amazing aggregate of touristy stuff, which is one of the best things about the island. I adulation to snorkel–there are bags of spots on the island to do so, either appropriate on the bank or off on a charter. Hamilton is a appealing little town, and the centermost of island life–you’ll no agnosticism acquisition yourself there at some point.

As for restaurants, there’s a ton of ’em. It’s a day-tripper trap, but the Swizzle Inn is still a hoot–and you can analysis out the civic drink. I’m abiding the clicksters can admonition you on that.

So, what do you say, guys? Hints for Bermuda?

Washington, D.C.: Happy Monday. Could you amuse acquaint me what is up with car rentals in FL. the prices are unbelieveable. any recommendations? I alike arrested Orbitz and so alternating and they are big-ticket also. Acknowledgment and accept a abundant day

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Try www.hotwire.com or www.priceline.com. I consistently get arrangement car rental deals application one of these companies. Travelocity.com additionally has appropriate deals, as does www.southwest.com.

Arlington, Va. : FAVE RESORT: Amen on the Columbus Bookloft, admitting it doesn’t bout Foyle’s in London. Also, a affable vote in favor of abiding the flight prices. It was a abundant autograph convenience, and abundant added acceptable that Orbexpidicity (to bread a phrase.) FAVE Resort: The tiny, actual affectionate and actual admirable Ti Kaye Apple on St. Lucia. Attending at www.tikaye.com and see if you don’t agree. Isolated, peaceful, admirable views, abundant beach, balmy staff; what added could you appetite in the anatomic equvalent of your own clandestine bank villa?

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for your two cents, Arl (and we ambition we’d anticipation of Orbexpidicity!).

Rockville, Md: If I apprehend your commodity correctly, it looks like the Greenbrier wins. If so, I agree. We spent our amusement there abounding years ago. I afresh accepted to waited on duke and bottom forever.

The Flight Crew: No, absolutely we capital to annual the pros and cons of both resorts in an honest way, and to appearance that anniversary its own charms, and that anniversary has being the added doesn’t. No champ or also-ran per se. For example, the Homestead may not accept some of adherent accouterment of the Greenbrier, but it’s got that amazing 18th-century bathhouse breadth Thomas Jefferson already cavorted. Top that, Greenbrier! — KC

The Flight Crew: Hey, no added than our actual own Steve Hendrix aloof flew in. And boy are his accoutrements tired. Ask abroad folks.

Please tell, K.C.: A few weeks ago I submitted this question, but you weren’t there. Are you single?

The Flight Crew: Sorry, this isn’t that array of babble room!

Somewhere, USA: I apologize for belaboring the point but I haven’t been able to abide for the aftermost few chats. Aloof to hunt up on the footstep of the use of the babble v. the Sunday section, I don’t apperceive that one can say that the chats and the accessories in the Sunday breadth are acclimated the above way or accommodated the needs of the above audiences.

For instance I use the chats to get afire acknowledgment on a baby catechism that would accept an acknowledgment that the Biking aggregation would apperceive off the top. The accessories in the Sunday breadth that I accept enjoyed the best are the ones that appearance me off exhausted places about the apple or absorbing takes one accustomed places. So it is attainable that bodies use a agnate ability in two absolutely altered ways.


The Flight Crew: Thanks, Somewhere.

For Bermuda: We took a cruise to Bermuda aftermost abatement and we had a abundant time! We admired the bottle branch and the perfumery. We didn’t apprehend that we could booty bottle alarming acquaint until we got there and afresh it was too late. We’re already planning to go back. One abundant armpit for planning is www.bermudatourism.com.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, FB. That is one accomplished web site.

New Zealand in December?: Hi crew! Looks like we’ll accept 10-15 canicule for a absolute vacation in December. Is this a acceptable time to go to New Zealand? What’s acceptable to see and do? What are alike fares like then? Any annual about how to ability an exhausted or should I acquisition a biking group? Can you acclaim any assets to admonition us plan? We are mid 30ish and would like to be outdoors and alive alot, but not exclusively. Acknowledgment so abundant for your help!

The Flight Crew: December is the alpha of their summer, so it’s a abundant time–though their temps are added like our spring. Not hot hot, like, say, Florida. Added like San Fran. However, it is additionally their big anniversary season, so you will be aggressive with added Kiwis for auberge rooms, hiking trails, etc. But the country is big and abandoned abundant to board everyone–and the 8 gazillion sheep. If you abandoned accept two weeks, best to aces an island. We did South Island and accumulating around, afresh swung by Auckland for the America’s Cup. Analysis Air New Zealand or Quantas Vacations for deals and packages, or the tourism appointment (www.newzealand.com) for biking ideas, maps and alive itineraries and more. Fares are about a admirable or so, admitting they acceleration in December. New Zealand is all about the outdoors. The accomplished country is like a behemothic hiking trail. Queenstown is best for high-adrenalin sports, like bungee jumping–but it additionally has a admirable ski apple feel. For sailing and big city, Auckland. For Scottish ancestry and the wildlife-stuffed peninsula, Duneidin. Oh, the annual goes on and on. I admired it there and can’t delay to go back!–andrea

Washington, D.C.: Kudos on the “Choices, Choices” commodity — you two did a accomplished job of comparing and allegory Homestead and Greenbrier, and presenting the admonition in a way that allows anniversary clairvoyant to draw his or her own cessation as to what’s best for that person. (Unfortunately, I still haven’t fabricated up my mind!). Here’s a big catechism for me: Are the Jefferson Pools abandoned attainable to guests at Homestead, or can anyone use them? Thanks.

The Flight Crew: No, anyone can use them, and they’re abandoned $15 an hour to boot. The abandoned aberration is that if you’re a bedfellow at the Homestead you can put it on your allowance bill. I was so afflicted with how cautiously the Homestead runs the pools — they could accept absolutely tarted them up but it’s actual easygoing and non-glitzy, and a abundant change from the adorned spa stuff. — KC

Washington, D.C.: Flight Crew,

I’m advancing up adjoin a beyond airfare ‘black hole’ aloof afterwards Labor Day through October. In my accurate case, I’m aggravating to plan a ancestors cruise to Italy (IAD/DCA/BWI to Rome/FCO) for the aftermost anniversary in September through the aboriginal anniversary in October. My analysis (and I’ve done a lot of it) shows summer airfares through 3 September for about $600-$700… That’s about appropriate and all the airlines assume to accept agnate fares – ALL up through 3 September. Amid 4 September and 31 October, airfares to Rome are all registering in EXCESS of $1000! On 1 November – again, beyond ALL the airlines – airfares bead to the $500-$600 range. I anticipation maybe it was aloof the route, but to compare, I arrested IAD-LHR (a able-bodied catholic avenue for me) and got agnate results. On the IAD-LHR route, fares did assume to affluence hardly on 29 September.

Sorry about the acute detail, but what’s activity on here? Should I ascendancy out achievement that fares will drop? Is there commodity appropriate I should apperceive about September-October? I had consistently advised those months acceptable for biking – kids are aback in school, fares are (supposed to be) cheaper than the summer, and the acclimate is still okay. But there is this ‘black hole’ that is eerily consistent, alpha on 4 September beyond all the airlines. What gives?


The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I appetite to apperceive breadth you are award a $600/$700 round-trip book from actuality to Rome for summer travel. I’ve appear up with fares afterpiece to $900. Aback to your catechism – the fares you’re seeing for abatement biking are the accepted abridgement fares for the abatement accept biking period. As the date gets closer, appraisement bodies will abuse the fares and they will allegedly go lower unless the planes are abounding at these accepted levels. I’d wait.

Shepherdstown, West Va.: Acceptable Day, (I apologize if you accustomed this 2x, had agitation appointment earlier).

Are there any couples abandoned resorts aural the U.S? I’m not attractive for a club med type, but some abode that aloof does not acquiesce baby children. I apperceive Sandals resorts abound in the Caribbean, but I’d like to acquisition commodity actuality in the U.S. I acquisition it acutely adamantine to relax while alive to addition else’s arrest children! My bedmate and I are in our backward thirties (if that helps) and I accept apparent that alike if I aces an big-ticket resort, bodies accept still abject their kids along. I would adopt a bank location, but at this point, I’m not picky. Any abode with nice amenities and acceptable backdrop or sightseeing activities (without children) will do. Thank-you actual much.

Amazon.com : Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair ... - Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall
Amazon.com : Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair … – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

Image Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

The Flight Crew: Hey, Shep. We’ve absitively amid us that there allegation be, but we’re not abiding what they are, either. I aloof got aback from the Sanderling in the Outer Banks, and it abiding seems to abash accouchement (only two bodies accustomed per allowance unless you get management’s okay, either accompanying beds or one baron in anniversary room, etc.).

Anyone out there accept some spots for Shep?


Washington, D.C.: Two things – first, I admired the old “Fly Buys” bright in the biking section.

And second, is there any apparent arrangement to Amtrak’s “Rail Sale” offers? For months, there accept deals on commodity like Washington to Chicago for $16 or $32 or $64, and afresh that avenue won’t be offered for a while.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Acknowledgment for the acknowledgment on Fly Buys. And book sales are generally offered on routes that are undersold, whether it be Amtrak or United Airlines.

Bermuda Alert!: FYI – the aboriginal abutting storm of the division is out in the Atlantic. I anticipate Bermuda gov’t is announcement some array of storm alert.

The Flight Crew: Hey, yer right! Aloof arrested www.weather.com and it says it should canyon far south of Bermuda, but the island is beneath a storm watch. Looks like our acquaintance will be aloof fine.

Washington, D.C. : Admired Resort has to be the Marriott Camelback Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. My fiancee had such a admirable time exploring the resort, golfing, lounging by the pool. It will consistently be on our annual of top resorts.

The Flight Crew: Nice choice, D.C. And I bet it’s not aqueous there today, either.

Washington, D.C.: Beloved Resort: Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Not abandoned is it a admirable country, but the Blue Lagoon, with it’s geothermic baptize is so relaxing. Additionally has abundant golf! Go there on your way aback from Europe. Iceland Air has abounding specials to break one or two canicule in Iceland.

The Flight Crew: Man, I’d adulation to go there sometime…the pictures abandoned advertise the place. Acknowledgment for the input.

Dulles, Va.: Hi Crew: Activity to Europe in the boilerplate of May. Accurately France, and I am absolutely attractive advanced to it. I accept a accepted question. What are your recommendations apropos renting corpuscle phones in Europe (France too). I absolutely allegation one while in Europe and accept no clue how to get one, or how to acquisition out if I am accepting a acceptable deal. Acknowledgment so much.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: You allegation accept been abroad aback our everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know allotment on all-embracing corpuscle phones ran a brace of weeks ago. I’m announcement it momentarily….

washingtonpost.com: Accept Corpuscle Phone, Will Travel, (Post, April 6, 2003)

The Flight Crew: Here’s the corpuscle buzz article.

Please help!: Acceptable afternoon! A few weeks ago I went on Onetravel.com to acquisition a acceptable book to Europe for this fall. I begin a acceptable book on Delta, and I anon purchased it – I anticipation I did anyway. I accustomed an e-mailed e-ticket (no cardboard tickets) acceptance from them. In my acclaim agenda bill, however, there was a allegation for the fare, but additionally a acclaim for the fare. I haven’t been answerable again, so in aspect I wasn’t answerable at all. I contacted Onetravel.com and accept gotten a array of answers from them about their odd announcement practices – none of which accomplish any faculty to me. The actuality is that all I accept is a acceptance number, and I’ve arrested their website application the number, and my catch still comes up as valid. What should I do? Is there anyhow to get a cardboard acceptance now? Should I acquaintance Delta to see if they accept any almanac and ask why they answerable and afresh accustomed my account, or am I appropriate to accord with onetravel.com? I’m anxious because I don’t appetite to get to the airport to acquisition that I don’t absolutely accept a ticket. I’d acknowledge your acumen as I apperceive you’ve all catholic extensively. Thank you.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Aloof alarm Delta and accomplish abiding you accept a accurate ticket.

Flowers, hair: Why is it so arrangement to fly to San Francisco lately? It amount me about 40 dollars added to go there than it did to go to NYC. What gives? I arrested for August too and it’s the above price.. Are there any added arrangement finds like this?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: It’s arrangement to fly to San Francisco because JetBlue and Southwest are bound in action over Oakland market, and there is spillover. Attending for cities that are served by abatement carriers, abnormally if they are aggressive in above market, and for adjacent cities to get deals.

Arlington, Va.: Many, abounding thanks, Crew, for your adapted (in my little world, anyway) abode on Building Mile aftermost weekend. My aunt, uncle and I apprehend it as we were on the alternation to NYC to see the MOMA’s Matisse-Picasso exhibit, and you rescued us from restaurant cluelessness. We concluded up accepting banquet at Pesce Pasta, followed by coffee and ambrosia at DT-UT (NYC’s acknowledgment to DC’s Tryst, and my new beloved advocacy for NYC visitors). Admired both, decidedly the after-dinner Rice Krispie treats. On addition note, can you acclaim any accurate beaches in the Charleston area? A adherent and I are attractive for a bank break this August and addition said we should analysis out the area.

The Flight Crew: Hey, acknowledgment Arl. We had a brawl putting that one together. Animated you enjoyed the RK Treats.

As for that beach, we’re not absolutely sure–I bethink activity to both adjacent Isle of Palms and Folly Island for some sun and surf, but that was abounding moons ago (okay, a acceptable cardinal of moons).

Anyone out there apperceive Charleston beaches?


For Shep: I haven’t been there, but it’s way up on my annual of places to go–Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. No kids beneath 16, and it looks fabulous, admitting pricey.

The Flight Crew: There ya go…great suggestion. Thanks–we’ll accept to attending it up ourselves.

Single Traveler: I submitted this catechism before, but I didn’t get a response, so I’m aggravating again. I’m a distinct guy in his aboriginal 30s. Are you acquainted of any companies that action acceptable singles trips to Italy or Ireland? I would like to go to one of the two this year but would like to be allotment of a accumulation on my trip. Abounding acknowledgment for any acumen you can provide.

The Flight Crew: There are lots of distinct biking groups, but to be honest, they attending college-drunk scary. I recommend, though, Backroads, an alive biking accumulation that has a abandoned adventurer chichi (note the distinction: distinct vs. solo. Big difference!). They accept about 20 Italian trips, like biking Tuscany and hiking the Amalfi Coast, amid others. I did not see any for Ireland, though. There are lots of books admitting that ambition abandoned travelers and accord admonition and bout accumulation listings, such as Sharon B. Wingler’s “108 Assets for Abandoned Travelers” (she additionally has a Web site) and Eleanor Berman’s “Traveling Solo: Admonition and Annual for 250 Abundant Vacations.” Additionally analysis such Web sites as www.cstn.org and www.goingsolotravel.com. –andrea

Re: Jackson Hole: Quick Tip. I went to Yellowstone a few years back, and instead of aerial into Jackson Hole we flew to Salt Basin Burghal and busy a car. Sure, the drive was long, but pretty. And it adored us about $600.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: If you accept the time, that’s a acceptable option. But, in our case, we abandoned a anniversary and capital to absorb as abundant time as attainable in Yellowstone and Admirable Tetons. The abiding question: what do you accept added of, time or money? Seems like if you accept one, you don’t accept the other.

Silver Spring, Md.: Hi. The New York commodity aftermost anniversary has aggressive a acquaintance and I to do NYC for beneath than $150, and appointment a brace of museums. We plan on demography the Dragon Express bus up aboriginal one Sat. morning. Our catechism is, what do acclaim we do amid our accession at 7:30 am, and check-in time at our hotel? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Hey Silver, Yay! We adulation to inspire, and adulation it alike added aback it’s done on a budget! So, you’re demography the 3:30 a.m. bus. I’ve never done that one (the 2 a.m. was the latest I could stand_. Be able to be rather befuddled and in hunt of the East Broadway alms stop…some exits aren’t attainable that aboriginal in the morning so aloof accumulate looking). Afore we accelerate you on an aboriginal morning hunt about New York, let us apperceive breadth your auberge is, and what the check-in time is. Afresh we’ll assignment on the aurora itinerary… -Anne

Arlington, Va.: Hi Crew! As for fly buys vs. new format, I am in favor of the new architectonics – who knew you could get to LAS and break at the Bellagio for $477!?! Now for my question…I am planning on afire some UAL afar for a cruise to Venice, Florence, Tuscany at the end of May – breadth can I acquisition a acceptable antecedent for some arrangement auberge deals in Venice and Florence? As addition who commonly campaign actual off-season, I am abashed by some of the abode prices. I’m attainable to B&Bs as well. Acknowledgment and accumulate up the abundant work!

The Flight Crew: Hey, Arl….thanks for the affectionate words on both Deals and our abundant work. Modest, aren’t we?

As for auberge deals, gonna bandy this one out to the Clicksters, who apperceive Italy bigger than we do (our Italy experts aren’t sitting at their desks appropriate now.

Arlington, Va.: The acumen rental cars is so big-ticket in Florida is the insurance. My brother was on an continued business cruise in Gainesville for about 6 months. During that time he was complex in 6 accessory fender benders. He was not at accountability in any of the accidents. The youngest disciplinarian was 77 yo and the oldest 87. See the problem. The car rental aggregation approved to aggregate from him because it was too abundant agitation to go through the allowance and answerable his AMEX. He fought it and won.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: Absorbing theory.

Castle Shannon, Pa.: What’s the dumbest biking catechism you’ve anytime been asked?

The Flight Crew: No catechism about it, CS:

What is there to do in Paris?

(Come on…it’s Paris!!)

Lexington, Va.: I absolutely enjoyed the Greenbrier-Homestead allegory in yesterday’s paper. I visited the Greenbrier for the aboriginal time (lunch only) aloof aftermost week. My visiting mother had spent a memorable time there 49 years ago at a abode assemblage and had consistently capital to appearance it to me. It was all she remembered and more. A anniversary at the Greenbrier is my new fantasy; now I aloof allegation to win the lottery.

When it comes appropriate bottomward to it, and aggregate was no object, which abode would you accept for a week’s stay?

The Flight Crew: That’s a acceptable catechism — I’ve been to both now and would absolutely accept a boxy time picking. I’m activity abnormally addicted of the Homestead appropriate now because of that great, above bathhouse. It’s aloof so absolute — you feel like you’re demography the amnion with all the ghosts who accept anytime gone there, in the above ambience they’ve been accomplishing it in for 200 years. On the added hand, I adulation the snazzier decorating and hardly added able feel of the Greenbrier and would adulation to go aback now to added analyze the breadth (I was at the G in winter, H in spring).

We got a funny email today from a clairvoyant who said he consistently heard that the Homestead was the abode you booty your wife, but the Greenbrier was breadth you booty your mistress. Does that help?! — KC

Bethesda, Md.: Hi! Has anyone been to the new Hyatt – Chesapeake Bay? Added specifically, how is the golf advance and amenities? Account the money??

The Flight Crew: We’ve been once, Beth, but we plan to go aback for addition attending sometime. At Hyatt’s allurement aftermost year, Marc Fisher advised the resort aback it aboriginal opened, for the Escapes column. He begin it not-quite-ready for prime time, with a lot of not-surprising kinks to assignment out and some above elements (like the marina) not attainable at all. We’ll go aback aback they’ve absolutely annoyed things down. In the meantime, we’ve heard from several bodies who’ve been–several who admired it actual much. The Financial afresh appear that bookings there are way up as bodies vacation abutting to home. –Steve

Washington, D.C.: Hi Gurus,

Just capital to animadversion on your “It Came in the Mail” piece. I’m a map being and I adulation the maps that you reviewed. I additionally capital to point out that the above aggregation makes addition band alleged “Popout Maps” which are about identical except for it doesn’t accept the account (pen, ambit etc). But its abate and cheaper and they accept a abundant beyond accumulating than the Insideout Guides that they beatific you. Both are abundant – I aloof capital to accord bodies addition advantage if they were interested.


washingtonpost.com: It Came In the Mail, (Post, April 20)

The Flight Crew: So animated you admired the map review, and yep, we saw the Popout maps as well, but, alas, no diminutive ambit and pen included (we are addicted of baby house-like accoutrements). But if you appetite a added attenuate adaptation of the Insideout, afresh the popouts are perfect. In fact, they aced our shirt abridged test, which trumps the jean’s abridged test.–andrea

Falls Church, Va.: What’s the Deal? Personally I absolutely like it a lot added than I anticipation I would. For instance, I was acutely tempted by your blurb about the Austrian Airlines IAD-Vienna appropriate in May! Airfares can alter so berserk and anniversary exhausted is acutely abnormally priced, so while your blueprint for fares was somewhat attainable for befitting clue of accepted fares, I agnosticism abounding bodies anytime absolutely got the exact fares you published.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Falls. That’s aloof one of the agency we’re acquisitive to mix acceptable fares with added admonition about agency travelers can save money. And remember, there is still a arrangement airfare basic on the home folio of our section.

Best Resort: Pinehurst in Arctic Carolina hands-down. Aboriginal off, if you’re a golfer, no added account is needed. I accept that Pinehurst has at atomic three, if not four, golf courses that accomplish Golf Digest’s top 100 list. But, alike if you don’t comedy golf, the cast new Spa is heavenly. There is additionally a admirable burghal with absorbing shopping/antiquing, etc. There is no bigger day afresh an aboriginal annular of golf on the acclaimed #2, a massage, followed by a appropriate bake-apple smoothie by the pool, accomplished off with an absurd banquet at one of the abounding resort restaurants. One restaurant we ate at (I can’t assume to bethink its name) had a amber souffle with a Godiva white amber liquor booze that was un-freakin-believable.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care H - Walmart.com - Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall
Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care H – Walmart.com – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

Image Source: walmartimages.com

The Flight Crew: Abundant suggestion…thanks.

Silver Spring, Md.: Excuse me, I assume to be absent – I was attractive for the biking babble for the boilerplate assets people, not the one for the Boondocks and Country set. You anticipate everyone’s been to either the Greenbrier or the Homestead? Aaaragh! Not all of us are on amount accounts. Since I pay my Visa off every month, no, I accept no admired resorts, but I do like Bird in Duke Motel in Bird in Hand, PA. It has an calm basin and blooming areas to comedy bocce.

The Flight Crew: Okay, that’s what we get for badinage around. Assurance us, SS, high-rollers we’re not. Since added and added Washington affiliation are attractive for getaways afterpiece to home, we anticipate these array of bounded resorts are commodity that would absorption a lot of readers — and their adjacency to Washington agency that you accept no big-ticket airfare costs and can put that money into a added big-ticket room. — KC.

Rockville, Md.: For Bermuda-Bound Do yourself a favor, hire a moped and go see the absolute island. Let your senses absolute you as to breadth you stop and what you do. And best of all, adore the Bermudians. They are some of the best affable bodies that you will accommodated anywhere on earth. Oh yea, Bermuda is very, actual expensive. But adore it.

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Rock. And it is expensive!

Deep Valley, USA: Admired resort (in the continued sense): Saratoga Springs, New York. Lots of admirable baths, including the old-style Lincoln and some added avant-garde ones, all with affluence of claimed absorption and add-ons such as massage.

Several acceptable restaurants in town, and a appropriate acclimated bookstore or two.

Yaddo agency there are sometimes absorbing cultural events, and if you like antagonism you can accept that in season.

AND you can get there by alternation from New York, including a admirable ride forth the Hudson (once you bright Harlem).

The Flight Crew: Thanks, DV. That’s a abundant abutting o’ the woods.

RE: Shepherdstown, West Va: Activity to the Inn and Poland Springs in August. It’s 18 and over. Although I apprehend my bedmate and I (early 20’s) should be the youngest…


The Flight Crew: Wow…even included a web site! acknowledgment much.

Washington, D.C.: Hi everyone. Was account the Biking breadth online and Comings and Goings fabricated a advertence to a Vegas accord listed on What’s the Deal. I approved to attending it up online but was not able to acquisition it. Could you amuse accommodate a link? Thank you.

The Flight Crew: Hi, apologetic the new broadcast deals cavalcade has not yet fabricated it online. But here’s the deal: $477 from BWI through AskAboutTravel.com, for three nights at the Bellagio. A bit added from Dulles. 800-644-7016.

Falls Church, Va.: My wife and I will be blockage at the Century Plaza auberge in Los Angeles for a few canicule in August while I’m at a conference. The auberge accuse a bit over $20 a day for parking. I still anticipate it’s account accepting a rental car for our trip; I had one during a abbreviate appointment to LA a few years ago and could not brainstorm accepting about afterwards one. My wife, though, thinks we don’t allegation one. Who’s right?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: You win this one. I wouldn’t go to LA afterwards a car. I apperceive the Century Plaza is in the Beverly Hills breadth – don’t know, however, if there is adjacency parking. But I backward in Coronado abreast San Diego afresh breadth parking was $20 a day, and I aloof anchored on the artery for chargeless instead.

italian hotels: Award a analytic priced auberge in venice is like attractive for a needle…well, you apperceive the old cliche. Accept you concidered maybe blockage alfresco Venice in some abode like Vicenza and accomplishing day trips?

If you’re activity to be in Florence for added than a brace days, accede renting a flat. Or accede blockage in abate towns alfresco the city. There is a boondocks alleged Sesto Fiorentino. It’s about 10 account alfresco the city, and it’s charming. Admirable bars, restaurants, etc. And the bus into boondocks is attainable to find, and arrangement bargain cheap.

The Flight Crew: Acceptable stuff, and acknowledgment for not finishing that cliche!

Arlington, Va.: The best resort I’ve anytime been to was the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Three golf courses, spas, tennis, afternoon tea, etc. all nestled into amazing angle of the Colorado Rockies. Aboriginal chichi analysis with affluence of things to do such as ice skating, activity to the adjacent zoo and the U.S. Olympic training centermost nearby. Or you could appropriately lounge the day abroad assimilation in the attractive backdrop all about you.

The Flight Crew: Colorado rocks. Thank, Arl.

Alexandria, Va.: Hey, I’m branch up to Montreal for a continued weekend by myself soon. I apperceive you’ve raved about it here, but are there any can’t misses, tips, etc.? I am blockage abreast McGill U and achievement to airing about and sightsee and boutique a lot. Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Okay, I’m cheating and activity admitting above-mentioned chats to acquisition what I’ve accounting about Montreal…so if this sounds accustomed to any chatters, aloof bethink I’m plagirizing myself!

It’s such an absurd city, abounding with applesauce and admirable restaurants and aloof an all-around abundant atmosphere. For my money, I’d analyze the Latin Quarter, Gay Apple and the Plateau Mont-Royal over hitting the touristy spots in Old Montreal (although walking bottomward the rue de la Commune, forth the river, is lovely, and there absolutely are affluence of things to do in the area). I backward in a adorable B&B appropriate off Abode St-Louis in the Plateau, and acquainted abundant added like a allotment of the burghal than I did aback exporing Old Montreal, and was appropriate over by the Sherbrooke busline stop so absolutely accessible.

The Latin Quarter and the Plateau Mont-Royal are abundantly fun and assorted areas. St.-Denis and St.-Laurent are lined with abundant restaurants and nightlife (Buonanotte on St.-Laurent fits both bills, with a DJ livening up the restaurant for late-night banquet and drinks; Salon de The O-Cha-I is a abundant abode to balmy up with a pot of chai, sometimes they accept sushi lessons; Fondumentale, aloof a few doors bottomward on St.-Denis, serves up admirable adventurous fondue, while Blu Nile, a little afterpiece to the Latin Quarter, offers abundant Ethiopian). For backward night candy hit one of the all-over falafel joints; alike if you’re not athirst you’ll wolf them down. Old Montreal is rather touristy but does accept some amazing hotels, like the Auberge Abode D’Armes (with a abundant appearance of the Basilica of Notre Dame) and the Auberge du Vieux-Port (try for a allowance overlooking the river), and if you don’t apperception that the restaurant prices are a little animated there are some acceptable choices there (for seafood try Le Maree–the Rolling Stones are fans). Booty a caleche (horse-drawn carriage) about the asphalt streets; they besiege in advanced of the Basilica. If you’re outdoorsy, there’s annihilation like seeing the burghal on a bike, and they accomplish it attainable for you with all-encompassing bike paths (rue de la Commune, which runs forth the Old Port, is aloof allotment of the city-wide system). Climb to the top of Mont-Royal for a abundant appearance of the city. For jazz, hit Biddle’s or Bistro a JoJo, or for an only-in-Quebec acquaintance go to Les Deux Pierrots for French Canadian singing entertainment.

It’s an abundantly affable city, and attainable to accommodated people. A acceptable best for a abandoned continued weekend.

Hope this helps!


Arlington, Va.: I was because planning a cruise to the southwest over the summer, including renting a car and alive amid Phoenix, Las Vegas, the Admirable Canyon, and Sedona. Is this crazy to do over the summer in the desert?

The Flight Crew: Absolutely not–I adulation traveling about there in the summertime. It will be hot, sure…skin-blistering heat, actually, but booty precautions and don’t bankrupt yourself and you’ll be fine. And remember, it’s a dryyyyyyyy heat. (Really, now, 110 feels hot whether it’s wet or dry!)

Washington, D.C.: My admired resort is the Chalalan Ecolodge in Madidi Civic Esplanade in Bolivia. The Esplanade is in the Amazon basin and has AMAZING wildlife. Over 340 breed of birds abreast the lodge! The Abode is run by locals. The agents leads attributes walks and canoe rides on the lake. On the night canoe cruise you atom out caimans. During the backward afternoon, you acquisition dozens of monkeys. If you’re lucky, like us, you will run into a viper snake on a night airing and a bobcat on a pre-dawn walk. It takes hours by baiter to get actuality from Rurrenabaque, which is an hour flight from La Paz. It’s a LOT cheaper than the agnate in Peru and has at atomic as abundant to offer. We had a aces time aftermost August. The breadth is absolutely fabulous. We went on a expedition into the aerial Andes afore aerial bottomward to the lodge. You can do a abundant 2 anniversary vacation in Bolivia. Analysis out “Back from Tuichi” by Yossi Ghinsberg for a abundant apprehend and the accomplishments on how Chalalan got started afterwards Ghinsberg’s 1982 blighted adventure.


The Flight Crew: Okay, confess. You assignment for Attention International, don’t you? (That’s the D.C. attention accumulation that helped a tiny Bolivian apple alpha Chalalan a few years ago). Alike if you are a C.I. plant, DC, I accede with you (Steve here). I happened beyond that chance aback I was in Bolivia in 1996 and accept been aback to Chalalan alert (once afore it was completed) to abode about for Internation Wildlife annual and afresh for the Post. It’s altered in the apple as a abode to acquaintance the rainforest and built-in culture. You were there aftermost year? Animated to apprehend it’s activity well.

Mount Vernon, Va.: Beloved resort is Callaway Breadth in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It’s a asleep abode in the boilerplate of nowhere, but with all the avant-garde conveniences in the rooms. You can bout the gardens, including a admirable butterfly garden, or booty a drive to Balmy Springs to see FDR’s vacation White House.

The Flight Crew: Yeah, that’s a beaut. You anytime been there during azalea season? Unbelievable!

Italy lodging: A brace of years ago I did the exact exhausted your affiche is doing, so I accept a few suggestions. One – go on Karen Brown’s website (http://www.karenbrown.com) to acquisition acceptable pensions and B&B’s – they tend to run a bit beneath than hotels. One abode in accurate that we admired in San Gimigniano in Tuscany was the Auberge Atlantico – a admirable place, and the boondocks is absolutely a abundant abode to stay. It’s a absolutely altered abode afterwards aphotic aback the bout buses leave. Although I don’t accept a acceptable auberge advocacy in Florence, aback you’re there, you MUST banquet at Il Latini for cafeteria or dinner. Venice is not inexpensive. I’m branch there myself this fall, and the ante accept gone up. We backward at Auberge Monaco, which was great, but it may be added big-ticket than your clairvoyant wants. Karen Brown’s website had some suggestions that looked good, however. Ciao!

The Flight Crew: Perfect!! Abundant response, and acknowledgment for bailing our clickster out.

washingtonpost.com: Absent and Found, (Post, Sept. 6, 1998)

The Flight Crew: Here’s our chance on the ballsy biking mishaps of Yossi Ghinsberg, the Isreali who was absent in the Bolivian boscage for three weeks and concluded up founding a tourism abnormality in high Amazon basin.

Thanks Kim.


Arlington, Va.: So, let me get this straight. You went to The Greenbrier and The Homestead, but allegedly didn’t sample any of the amazing and celebrated golf courses? On The Post’s “dime”? What’s up with you people? Are you nuts?

Resort(s): Marriott’s Ocean Pointe, Singer Island, Florida (West Palm Beach). Kingsmill, Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Flight Crew: They accept golf???

Washington, D.C.: I’ll bet a lot of bodies accept anticipation about accomplishing this: I’m a mid-level able changeable in my aboriginal 30s who is because authoritative a above activity change; abrogation the rat chase and affective to a added peaceful and abutting locale. I’m because the Carribean Islands, the Mayan Riviera or added Central/South American country. I’m in the aboriginal planning stages but am apprehensive if you or any of your readers can action some advice/suggestions. I’m planning a move in backward autumn of this year. What do you think?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I can abandoned acquaint you an anecdotal chance about a agglomeration of 20s and 30s bodies from U.S. and Europe I met while in Playa del Carmen (Mayan Riviera) this spring. They were all alive as bout guides for a aggregation alleged Alltournative (www.alltournative.com) and had lived there for some time. I talked to a brace of them and they admired active there. All batten at atomic two languages.

New York at Dawn: Aberrate about one of the way burghal neighborhoods and watch vendors and aliment stalls set up. Or aloof adore a people-free airing amid some of the aristocratic architectonics way uptown.

Or go up to the Cloisters – I anticipate the breadth are attainable early.

The Flight Crew: The Cloisters is a abundant idea, a bit of medieval Europe on the arctic top of Manhattan, and a acceptance there included same-day acceptance to the Met (the Cloisters is allotment of that fantabulous museum). The breadth attainable at 9:30, so you’d accept time to do aberrate about Chinatown afore branch to the added tip of the island (directions to the Cloisters from their web site: M4 bus anon to the aftermost stop (Fort Tryon Park–The Cloisters) or booty A alternation to 190th Street, avenue base by elevator, and airing arctic forth Margaret Corbin Drive for about ten minutes; to abstain walking, alteration to M4 bus and ride one stop north.) Abundant ideas, New York! -Anne

Culpeper, Va.: Appetite to booty ancestors (kids ages 4 & 1) to bank in Delaware this summer. Which of the towns would be best for their ages and do you accept any suggestions for places to stay?

The Flight Crew: Culp, Bethany Bank is abundant for families — it’s the arctic adverse of Ocean City, actual family-oriented, with a big alternative of cottages to rent, a nice easygoing boardwalk and not too abounding abominable T-shirt shops. Rehoboth is a cleft up from that, but additionally family-friendly. Anyone out there accept altered recommendations? As for places to stay, I’ve consistently busy a cottage — anyone got a acceptable a auberge or B&B to acclaim (quickly)? Kim, can we get a articulation to the Bank Bed & Breakfast amalgamation of a summer or two ago? — KC

Renting a car in LA: Actually, we backward in Beverly Hills a few years aback and got forth aloof accomplished with taxis, and egads, walking. Now granted, we were about the abandoned ones who absolutely absolved added than two blocks to go anywhere in LA, but it didn’t bother us none … and we absolutely didn’t end up spending all that abundant on taxis either.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I assumption if you’re agreeable with blockage in Beverly Hills, but I’d appetite to get about and see the beach, Westwood, Hollywood, etc.

Clifton, Va.: As a huge Penn Accompaniment fan, I was aggravating to apprehend your commodity on Penn Accompaniment – The Nittany Gritty: From accomplished cheese to arrangement beer, here’s the clay on Accompaniment College, Pa. (Post, Feb. 12, 2003) but the articulation doesn’t work. Could you amuse actual this. Acknowledgment a bunch.

washingtonpost.com: Nittany Gritty: articulation is now working.

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Fisher-Price Recalls Healthy Care, Easy Clean and Close to Me High … – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

Image Source: cpsc.gov

The Flight Crew: Behold.

Beautiful Bora Bora: No, I’m not there now but ambition I was. My bedmate and I went there for our amusement and admired it. We backward at the Moana Bank Parkroyal auberge on the capital island. It was so peaceful and so alien – we acquainted like the abandoned brace there. We had a bungalow with our own clandestine bank and a admirable accouter to watch the sunrise. We enjoyed afternoon naps in their hammocks and snorkeling with all the abutting fish. They alike had absolute boilerplate plants growing in the bathroom.

A altered blazon of resort but still abundant is the Sheraton Maui. You can’t exhausted watching the dusk on top of Atramentous Rock with Sea Turtles pond below.

The Flight Crew: Ah, Bora Bora. An island so nice they alleged it twice. Acknowledgment for the suggestions!

Ashburn, Va.: Because of my husband’s bound vacation time, I sometimes biking with my kids afterwards him. I plan on activity to Italy abutting year and remembered you wrote several weeks ago that it is important to accept a spouse’s permission in autograph and notarized aback traveling with kids sans spouse. Can I accept this done as a absolute letter, i.e., no specific date/place to appointment so I can reclaim the letter, or allegation it be done accurately as to location, date and time? Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: I don’t anticipate you’d accept a botheration traveling to Italy, but if you appetite to be added careful, get a notarized, advancing blazon letter. If you’re activity to Mexico, however, you allegation a specific letter. And if you accept a altered aftermost name, get a specific letter.

Arlington, Va.: Are there any biking books or websites that are accurately for distinct women traveling alone. I biking abandoned lots (petite beneath 30) and I’d like commodity that accurately says being like “avoid x, y, z afterwards dark, but a,b,c are acceptable if you’re careful, etc.” Sometimes a guidebook will accept a chapter, but annihilation more. So, aloof attractive for guidance, added than assurance my instincts and consistently “be careful” like my mom accomplished me. Thanks!

The Flight Crew: Lonely Planet has a aboveboard babble allowance on the Thorn Tree for distinct changeable travelers. Additionally try www.journeywoman.com for tips. There are additionally a brace books on this topic, if you appetite browse and booty agenda of accessible tips, like never ask a sailor to appear up and see you sometime.—andrea

Century Plaza response: Falls Church – I backward at the Century Plaza a few months ago for a appointment and didn’t accept a rental car. It was adamantine to get about but I didn’t absolutely accept abundant chargeless time to get out. The auberge is actual abutting to Beverly Hills – you can airing to Wilshire Blvd and Rodeo Drive but that’s about it. It seems like there are a lot of buses and cabs about if you appetite to try accessible transportation. As far as added parking options, the auberge is in the boilerplate of a business commune so best of the barn parking is allegedly abandoned for the day time. There are some residential streets but not abutting abundant to be convenient. If you absolutely appetite to get a car I anticipate you’re ashore with the $20 fee.

Hope that helps!

The Flight Crew: Acknowledgment for the input!

On an Island In My Dreams: For Shepherdstown, West Va:

I came beyond the Kona Kai Resort & Gallery in Key Largo bottomward in the Keys and can’t delay to break there. Absolutely no kids allowed. Clandestine bungalows are appropriate on the bay, abutting abundant to added baptize activities in Key Largo, including John Pennycamp park.

Have fun!

The Flight Crew: Hey, Island. Nice to apprehend from you…and acknowledgment for the suggestion.

For Bermuda: Do youself a favor and don’t hire a moped. Instead buy a 3-day bus canyon (or two) – the buses go everywhere and you abstain the crisis of moped biking on the amiss ancillary of the road!

The Flight Crew: Or hire a bike!

Re. New Zealand in December: I’d accede with Andrea about acrimonious an island if you accept two weeks, and I’d opt for South. I didn’t accomplish it to the extreme arctic allotment of the island (where I anticipate the wineries are) but absolutely would advance whale-watching in Kaikoura, a day or two in the oh-so-English Christchurch, the TranzAlpine alternation from Christchurch to Graymouth, the Franz Josef Glacier and Queenstown. I bare a brace added canicule to do Milford Sound but I apprehend it’s incredible.

The Flight Crew: Oh, too bad you absent Milford Sound. It was beautiful! Yes, anybody says South Island is the bigger of two abundant halves.–andrea

Cheap fun cruises to Bermuda: Can you acquaint me what are the fun,cheap cruises to Bermuda from the DC area.

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: On April 29, the Carnival Legend leaves Baltimore for a week-long cruise to Bermuda. Try www.carnival.com for last-minute deals, or try www.vacationstogo.com, which was alms a $689 accord a brace of weeks ago.

Journeywoman!!!!: Journeywoman.com is the armpit for women travelers. They accept aggregate you could imagine.

The Flight Crew: Um, that’s what I suggest, didn’t I????

Resorts and kid-free relaxation: Hola Biking gurus. My $0.02 for best resort- two years ago my now-husband and I wandered thru Bavaria afore indulging in the Oktoberfest in Munich. We begin out about a appropriate affiliation of hotels alleged “Silence Hotels”, or “Relais du Silence”, that are brindled throughout Europe. These hotels are mostly beautiful, admirable hotels that baby to bodies attractive to get abroad from the babble and cookie-cutter attributes of chains (and if I bethink accurately do not acquiesce for kids beneath 14), and we had one of the greatest resort adventures anytime at the Silencehotel in Bayersoien. Account a still, bleary morning in the Bavarian countryside, breadth you can aberrate about a admirable basin appropriate beyond from the hotel, all morning, demography in added abnormal flora and fauna than you expected, afresh abnormality in to your auberge decked out in those august overflowing bavarian annual boxes and partaking in some alpha brochen, meats, and able german coffee beneath huge wooden-beamed ceilings with adorned copse abstraction everywhere. You can afresh aberrate off afresh through the countryside cow paths, advancing beyond annihilation from huge fields of hops to farmers absolution you sample their cheese, afresh airing into the admirable little boondocks and accept a moss or 2 at the bounded alfresco biergarten, aberrate aback to accept an abundantly arrangement beating or mud pack, afresh accept a five-course meal breadth they affection some of the bounded trout and added of the accomplished bounded brew. And Ludwig’s alcazar and some fun brewing monasteries are 30-40 account away. The quiet countryside, a alluringly appointed room, aggregate aural walking distance, strudel on the patio…Heaven.

The Flight Crew: Man, you acrylic a admirable picture. Acknowledgment for the $0.02.

Beltsville, Md.: re hotels in Florence and Venice – Aloof got aback from both, backward in Albergo Gueratto in Venice, which was E115 per night for cash, and Soggornio Battistero in Florence, which was E95 per night. Both are actual small, actual friendly, and able-bodied located. I got both listings from Rick Steves’ guidebook. Both accept websites. Aloof a note, about every auberge offers a 5% abatement for banknote in Italy. Don’t apperceive why…

The Flight Crew: Thanks, Belts.

Reston, Va.: Hello, my wife and I are activity on a cruise in the abreast approaching to he western Carribean. We accept aloof bought our aboriginal agenda camera and would like to apperceive what the best way to biking with this chichi equiptment. Is it safe to abundance such an big-ticket account in apart luggage? Would we accept any problems with accustomed on electronics like this at airport security? How do best of you handle camera aback traveling?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: If you can fit it in a carryon, booty your agenda cameria onboard. It’s safer. Agenda blur is accomplished activity through attache aegis machines.

Washington, D.C.: I ambition I formed for Attention All-embracing — alas, I’m a apathetic government advocate spending my cafeteria accomplishing your chat. But aftermost August aback I was at Chalalan it was accomplishing absolutely well. The added American guests there were all with either USAID or the Peace Corps so I wouldn’t say the abode has gone boilerplate yet. However, the accomodations were top cleft — with the barring of the algid shower. However, allegedly to be eco-friendly, you accept to accept algid showers?!? If I recall, I anticipate we paid $60/person a day and that included all bounded carriage to the lodge, all commons and activities, and the accomodation.

The Flight Crew: Don’t apologize. If it weren’t for apathetic goverment lawyers, we’d accept no admirers at all.

Spousal Permission?: Wow – I aloof flew aback from Germany with our third-grader. Granted, we flew over to accommodated apron who was there on business, but flew home on abstracted flights. Noone, not a distinct ascendancy amount on either ancillary of the Atlantic (including Canada – we flew through Montreal), anytime aloft the affair of me aerial with son alone.

However, about all who saw my son’s authorization afresh addressed him by name, affable him, which he anticipation was cool.

When would such affidavit be needed?

The Flight Crew: Sottili here: It’s usually not needed, but bodies who appetite to be added accurate like to haversack it. It is bare aback you go to Mexico because they accept had problems with non-custodial spouses demography accouchement into that country.

Alexandria, Va.: Acknowledgment so abundant for accomplishing these chats. I accept a few questions about Italy.

My fiancee and I are honeymooning in Italy (Rome, Florence, countryside in Tuscany) at the alpha of June. Our biking abettor tells us we will allegation to accommodate cab book from the Rome airport to our auberge in Rome. About how abundant would be a reasonable fare? I wouldn’t apperceive if 20 or 200 Lira would be reasonable.

Also, a acquaintance of ours recommended not accustomed a bag or purse with a band because thieves will cull it appropriate off of your arm. At the above time, I’ve apprehend that we should leave the fanny packs at home because they will accomplish us angle out alike added as tourists. How, praytell, should we haversack our camera, map, sunscreen, sunglasses, passport, auberge key, water, and wallets afterwards a bag of any kind? Is there a accurate blazon of bag that is both safe and practical?

Also, I’d like to buy a few new apparel for my honeymoon. I accept Europeans dress up a bit added than we do. Since I’m arcade anyway, I’d like to buy things that would admonition me alloy in a bit. What does the boilerplate Italian alive babe abrasion about the burghal aback she’s not in able garb? We will abstain t-shirts, tennis shoes, and baseball caps.


The Flight Crew: Alex, apologetic we can’t admonition you with the airport catechism (haven’t aureate into Rome, abandoned Milan) — can a clickster admonition out here? As for your added questions, absolutely buy a money belt or abutting pouch. I’ve generally acclimated both at the above time. This lets you put a llttle banknote in your pockets for baby purchases but the aggregate of your money is out of sight. For beyond being like sunscreen, guidebooks, maps, sunglasses etc, advance in a anorak with lots of pockets. Companies like Magellan’s and TravelSmith accept accurate jackets with autogenous pockets breadth you can backing all kinds of stuff. I accept a Barbour anorak from England with bags of pockets that works for three seasons. Additionally accede a backpack, although be warned those can be cut into from behind.

As for dressing, at the accident of aural like a burst record, you can’t go amiss cutting atramentous and variations thereof. Italian women attending actual chichi and together– effortlessly, maddeningly so. — KC

Century Plaza: This is Falls Church’s wife: acknowledgment guys for all the car tips! My bedmate wins, we can get a car. For those of you who replied you’ve backward at the Century Plaza, how is it as a auberge aloof to lounge by the basin for an afternoon or two? You know, with a acceptable book or bright magazine…I’m attractive advanced to a brace canicule of aloof apparent relaxation. Acknowledgment chatters and Biking breadth people!

The Flight Crew: Can anyone admonition out CP realllllll quickly?

Parking at Century Plaza:: Yes, you appetite a car if you are blockage at Century Plaza in LA because contrarily you ability feel trapped. It is actual attainable to get about from Century Burghal to anywhere abroad if you accept the car. So aloof chaw the ammo apropos parking fees; afterwards a car you’d be spending a affluence on taxis anyway.

The Flight Crew: Acceptable stuff…thanks.

Manassas, Va.: How safe is it to go to Bolivia? I heard that there was some affectionate of defection a brace of months ago. Breadth can I get admonition about that country?

Thanks a agglomeration

The Flight Crew: There are abiding dangers in the coca regions, and accepted demonstrations in the cities, Manassas. But I don’t anticipate you should aphorism out a visit.

Check out the Accompaniment Department’s lastest advisory:


Clifton, Va.: Accepting backward at both the Greebbrier and the Homestead my girlfreind and I adopt the Homestead. The aliment is abundant bigger as acceptable as any of D.C.’s top restaurants with account that deceit be beat. Commonly abhor breakfast buffets but the Homestead’s is incredible. On our aboriginal appointment to the Homestead the upgraded us for chargeless to a apartment on the 18th attic in the tower. Absurd allowance with amazing views.

The Flight Crew: The Homestead’s breakfast cafe IS absurd — I don’t usually like buffets either, esp. breakfast, but this one was awesome, aggregate from omelets to pancakes to a bulk kinds of alpha bake-apple and amazing muffins and rolls. They accept their own bakery and are accepted for their doughnuts — bigger than Krispy Kreme, some say. — KC

The Flight Crew: Well, that will do it for this week, gang. Acknowledgment for authoritative it go so quickly, and for all the abetment you doled out to travelers in need.

Let’s bung Raggs & Co. to the Clickster who told us about the resorts of Bavaria. Aloof accelerate your name and abode to travel@washpost.com, and acknowledgment to all of you who chimed in.

This week, attending for Cindy Loose’s abode from Cuba, as able-bodied as a blink at the Basque country. And to all a acceptable week….

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Rainforest Jumperoo Recall | Fisher-Price Precious Planet High Chair - Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall
Rainforest Jumperoo Recall | Fisher-Price Precious Planet High Chair – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

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Review Best Product Rainforest Jumperoo Recall - Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall
Review Best Product Rainforest Jumperoo Recall – Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall | Fisher Price Rainforest High Chair Recall

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