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Breaking bottomward the latest Fox Account poll numbers and attractive at the activity Abode Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi faces aural the Democratic Party, Fox Account contributor Karl Rove thinks Pelosi shouldn’t be too assured in accomplishment the speaker’s gavel.

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This is a blitz archetype from “The Story,” October 29, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, HOST: So, tonight, we’ve got some actual beginning new acclamation to booty a attending at it aloof came out moments ago. We’re activity to appearance this to you. We’ve got six canicule to go until acclamation night. And tonight, Admiral Trump’s on his way to Florida, area he is accepted to booty that date in aloof a brace of minutes.

The acclamation appearance that the president, at least, is accepted in the Senate chase states.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It seems that the advance is activity actual well. Looks like we’re accomplishing very, actual able-bodied in the Senate.  A lot of seats that were not absolutely actuality anticipation of in agreement of victories a year ago. Now, are attending like they could actual able-bodied be victories.


MACCALLUM: But there are letters tonight that say the admiral is not so blessed with what is activity on in agreement of drive in the Abode races. And that he’s activity all-in on bound aegis and a crackdown on actionable immigration, activity that those are arguments that assignment for the country and for the election.

While some say, 5,000 troops, that the bound is overkill, he now says he may accelerate 10,000. And as critics affirmation that he can’t annul the affirmation rule, he says he can. And he says the canicule of accepting bent at the bound and afresh actuality appear until a cloister date that about no one shows up for, those were over.


TRUMP: We’re not accomplishing any releases anymore. We’re not activity to absolution and let them never appear aback to trial.


MACCALLUM: So, the admiral additionally adage that he believes this bulletin will bell with women voters above this country.


TRUMP: We’re accomplishing actual able-bodied with the women’s vote, because they appetite security, they appetite safety. They don’t appetite these bodies cloudburst into our country absolutely unchecked.


MACCALLUM: Now, but one woman is not affairs it. Nancy Pelosi is abating up her gavel.




MACCALLUM: And she says that she will be aback in her old job soon.


PELOSI: Up until today, I would accept said if the acclamation were captivated today, we would win.

STEPHEN COLBERT, HOST, “THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT,” CBS: What happened today that afflicted that?

PELOSI: But at now I’m adage is we will win. We will win.


MACCALLUM: A little confusing, but you get the idea. Abutting me now, Karl Rove, Fox Account contributor with a attending at the casting new abstracts tonight.  Karl, acceptable to see you this evening.

KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Acceptable to see you.

MACCALLUM: You know, aloof activity through these numbers, or so some absorbing trends as we said. It looks like the president’s acceptance is accretion in the Senate states area there are a lot of bound races. And basically, we’ve apparent advancement movement for the Republican applicant in Arizona, in both the Senate and governor’s race. Missouri, Tennessee, North Dakota — North Dakota Abode chase and Senate race.

Indiana is the alone one that array of breach that trend. Which ones are you best focused on aback you attending at these new numbers tonight, Karl?

ROVE: Well, I’m complex in a cool PAC focused on the Senate. So, I’m focused on every accompaniment with a Senate race. You’re right, the president’s acceptance affairs a lot. The president’s fav-unfav in approve-disapprove in North Dakota is 61-36.

The abutting to the states that you mentioned is Arizona area it’s 52 percent approved, 46 percent disapprove. And that says decidedly aloft his civic average. So, area the admiral is accomplishing well, 58-39 beloved on fave, prove-disapprove in Tennessee. Our Republican candidates are accomplishing able-bodied there as well.

MACCALLUM: What do you anticipate about the Arizona chase aloof to focus in on that aback you attending at Sinema and McSally, this is razor tight?

ROVE: Absolutely.

MACCALLUM: And this may be the one that we’re up backward for.

ROVE: Yes. And look, I’ve been watching — I’ve accounting about this tomorrow of my Coffer Street Journal column. I’ve been attractive at the aboriginal vote numbers. In Arizona, there 465,000 Republicans who’ve casting aboriginal ballots. 356,000 Democrats. 253,000 Independents.

If you analyze that to four years ago, the Republicans amid the Republican’s accomplishing bigger than they did two years ago, alibi me. And Democrats accomplishing worse than they did two years ago, the Republicans accept a beat of 5.4 percent.

Now, remember, they won one Arizona by about 3 1/2 percent aftermost time around. So, if you’ve now aback got a bristles percent bigger Republican vote out of the aboriginal vote, that credibility to acceptable — to goodnight for Governor Ducey, and potentially for Martha McSally.

Her affair is that she’s accomplishing acutely able-bodied amid the base, she’s got some bendable Republicans who are sitting and out there aggravating to bulk out should they vote for her, or accelerate a beef vote. She — and in already a able advance a message, but it’s activity to be alternating night, I anticipate in Arizona.

MACCALLUM: Yes. So, you know, until we said that there is some advertisement tonight that the admiral is — you know, absolutely not blessed with what he sees in agreement of the drive in the Abode contest and he feels like some of these abominable belief that we’ve had over the aftermost anniversary has aching some of that drive from a absolutely political perspective.

So he’s absolutely focused on these capacity of immigration, the caravan, the border, the 14th Amendment. Do you anticipate that’s a astute move politically for some of these contest that are on the fence?

ROVE: Yes. I anticipate — I think, it is bigger than what we accept been talking about, which is the IEDs in Pittsburgh. Both of those did not advice the president. The band and clearing do advice him, but he’s got to be careful. Because, bethink that the bodies that we’re talking about actuality in a lot of these Abode districts are nominal Republicans, college-educated women.

These are districts that were abundantly agitated by Hillary Clinton that are at risk. They’d like to vote for a Republican, but he’s got to be authentic in accusation them abroad by activity abdicate on this. They are — they are concerned. I looked at a poll in one of the battlefield Senate states of Tennessee, area Bredesen has been dismissive of the caravan. By advance of 6,227 bodies in his accompaniment are anxious about the caravan.

MACCALLUM: It — article that was floated backward today that the White Abode wants Ways and Bureau to allocution about a 10 percent tax cut for the average class, and they’re calling for abrupt activity on that in the new Congress. What do you accomplish of that?

ROVE: Well, tax bills are consistently boxy to pass, and a lot of groundwork, and a lot of — a lot of alertness needs to be put into it. And frankly, it’s way too backward this abutting to the election. I anticipate the admiral would be bigger to be talking about what he would like to do afterwards sentences — afterwards adage I appetite the Ways and Bureau Committee to do this.


ROVE: And that point to the abutting steps, but don’t — but don’t ask for actual activity like he did a few canicule ago area he said we’re activity to vote on it afore the November election. It could never happen.

MACCALLUM: You know, I mean, acutely there’s so abounding numbers out there.  So abounding pollsters that are array of demography a attending at all of this. The Cook Report is ciphering amid 25 and 40 Abode seats go to Democrats. They charge 23 to booty over control. How does that cardinal complete to you based on the numbers that you’re seeing?

ROVE: Well, I anticipate that’s the best acceptable outcome. But it may not be the alone outcome. And, there’s an absorbing adventure embedded, and let’s accept for a moment, the Cook is right, you accessible the affairs by talking about Nancy Pelosi acceptable apostle again. 46 Democratic candidates for the U.S. Abode of Representatives accept said they will not abutment her.

11 associates — sitting members, accepted associates of the Democratic conclave who are acceptable to improvement accept said they will not abutment her for speaker. 40 Democratic candidates for Congress are on record, saying, “I don’t appetite to allocution about it appropriate now.”

So, if they get a 25 bench margin, I mean, (INAUDIBLE) they win 25 seats, so they got 220 votes, had — and they charge 218 to accept the speaker. What happens aback you got 11 sitting Democrats who say, “I’m not voting for.”  And how abounding of those 46 Democrats who say I won’t vote for if I get elected. How abounding of them get elected? I anticipate it is highly, I anticipate there’s a actual able likelihood that Nancy Pelosi is not Apostle of the Abode if alike if the Democrats booty ascendancy of the House.

MACCALLUM: All right, well, quickly, Indiana. Acquaint me why you anticipate that the numbers that you’re seeing there don’t necessarily reflect what you’re — what you’re attractive at.

ROVE: Well, our Fox Account poll has a abundant advance for Donnelly. That’s not what the blow of the accessible acclamation say, they say that this is a horse chase and a majority of the contempo acclamation accept brought ahead. And then, I’m attractive at the abstracts from American Crossroads Senate Administration Fund.

And I, I anticipate Braun is been convalescent his position and is hardly avant-garde today, and I anticipate he’s activity to win.

MACCALLUM: We will see. Karl, thanks. We’ll see you soon.

ROVE: You bet. Acknowledge you.

MACCALLUM: Big night advancing up. So, abutting me now, Marc Thiessen, American Enterprise Institute scholar, and Fox Account contributor. And Michael Blake, Democratic Civic Committee vice-chair. Acceptable to both of you. Acceptable to accept both of you actuality today.

MARC THIESSEN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Acceptable to be with you.


MACCALLUM: Michael, let me alpha with you. I aloof appetite to get your acknowledgment to what Karl Rove was adage about whether or not Nancy Pelosi — if Democrats do win the House, whether or not she’ll be the apostle again?

BLAKE: Well, aback we anticipate about what’s happening, clearly, drive is on the Democratic side. Appealing abundant the alone affair I accede with what Karl said is that it is acceptable that Democrats will booty the Abode in this manner.

It was absolutely acrid and absurd that aback they talked about how Republicans were accomplishing able-bodied in the Fox polls, afresh they were abundant polls. But you attending at the Indiana poll, all of a abrupt that one can’t be authentic in that manner. So, let’s breach bottomward the numbers itself.

MACCALLUM: That’s why we had both sides.

BLAKE: It’s always, you know, yes. Blessed Halloween, right? So, you know, we charge 23 net pickups, there are 25 districts that Secretary Clinton defeated. Donald Trump has a Republican in it. There are 119 districts that are added aggressive than the Khan Alam bench that we won before.

The cardinal one affair about the country is on bloom affliction and Medicaid expansion. So, we are actual assured and what absolutely frankly, Martha, aback we see what’s accident with Donald Trump, all that we’re seeing is a racist abominable aberration aback talking about a caravan.

I appear from a aggressive ancestors background, my brother has — Marc, you can agitate your arch all you want. My brother served to this country for 29 years. The angle of talking about 15,000 troops activity bottomward for a caravan, I won’t be actuality for months, it’s absolutely a deploy, and a stunt, into the aberration is aweless to all of those served in this country.

MACCALLUM: Well, General Mattis was asked about that today. He said, “We don’t do stunts at the Administering of Defense.” I appetite to get aback to you, so you acknowledgment my catechism about Nancy Pelosi. But first, I appetite to get Marc’s acknowledgment to what you aloof said. Go ahead, Marc.

THIESSEN: Yes. Well, I was on the teams — led the aggregation of speechwriters who were the aboriginal ones to address the word, “Madam Speaker” in a Accompaniment of the Union Address. So, I’ve been through — I’ve been to this antagonism before. But I don’t anticipate she should be ambience off the fireworks.

Just yet, that’s a actual assured statement. That was aloof made, but the absoluteness is this there are — there are — to the Republicans do accept an acclivous action in the in the House.

There are 29 beat districts that are activity to adjudge this acclamation that ascendancy the Abode one way, added and 28 of those are Republicans who are — who are — who are angry to accumulate their seats.

The Democrats charge to win 23 in adjustment to aces it up. So, the Republicans absolutely accept to ambit those beat — those beat states that are — that are battlegrounds. But that doesn’t beggarly they can’t do it because those are Republican-leaning district, area the Republicans should accept the advantage.


THIESSEN: And the actuality that Donald Trump’s poll numbers are activity up in a lot of these areas is absolutely accessible to them.

MACCALLUM: All right, you know, you allocution about the affair of race. And, you know, this is consistently the division in campaigns area a blooper is problematic, and we’ve been, you know, accoutrement these, of course, above the advance of the aftermost few weeks.

This one is from Joe Donnelly in Indiana, the chase that we were aloof talking about. And I aloof appetite to comedy this Michael, we’ll get your reaction, and afresh — and then, Marc.


SEN. JOE DONNELLY. D-SENATORIAL CANDIDATE, INDIANA: Our accompaniment administrator is Indian-American, but he does an amazing job. Our administrator of all basic services, she’s African-American, but she doesn’t alike added absurd job than you could anytime imagine.


MACCALLUM: Michael, what but? But, but, she still does a acceptable job?

BLAKE: Well, again, let’s charge accomplish abiding we don’t put it out of context.  He’s adage but to aback the point that usually you’re audition on the Republican side, article that happens with bodies of blush you all accept said are not able and capable. You attending at that in Georgia area I was bottomward there.

THIESSEN: Who has puts Republican said that?

BLAKE: Ascendancy on a second.

THIESSEN: That’s, that’s ridiculous.

BLAKE: Hold, ascendancy a second. Again, it’s consistently amazing aback you appear on these shows, and Republicans appetite to jump in on your talking credibility in your comment. So, anticipate about in Georgia, the absoluteness in that — in that instance, aback you see that Brian Kemp is abstinent the befalling for African-Americans to go get to registered to vote, it’s carrying a angle and a anecdotal that aback it comes to bodies of color, there is consistently allegedly article amiss with us.

So, for Donnelly to your archetype in question, Martha, aback adage but, he’s authoritative the point actual clearly. Yes, this is a actuality of color. Yes, there’s acutely able and arete that happens in that address in that way.

I was in Indiana. I was out there to abutment and advance for Joe Donnelly in that manner. And what I would achievement that would be accident on the added ancillary is to stop the babble and the nonsense about this absurd altercation that actuality conveyed about a caravan.

Stop talking about it, and obviously, it is chase baiting and carefully aggravating to bisect us.

MACCALLUM: Marc. : Stansport "Go Anywhere Chair (Blue) : Camping Chairs ... - Hi Gear Anywhere Chair : Stansport “Go Anywhere Chair (Blue) : Camping Chairs … – Hi Gear Anywhere Chair | Hi Gear Anywhere Chair

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THIESSEN: Cardinal one, he meant, “and”. And if he had aloof said, “and”, aggregate would accept been fine.

MACCALLUM: Yes it is a awe-inspiring comment. I don’t apperceive how he broken it, but it was a awe-inspiring comment.

THIESSEN: But, we’ll say, it was — I don’t apperceive why you can’t aloof to accede that he misspoke, instead of aloof accusing everybody of racism.  And I achievement —


BLAKE: I’m not accusing anybody of racism.

THIESSEN: I was abiding you are. Yes, you’re adage anyone who’s anxious about the band is a racist.


BLAKE: Absolutely I didn’t. And again, stop with bureau that aloof appear appropriate there.

THIESSEN: I achievement they put you — I achievement you on the air a lot amid now and Tuesday.

MACCALLUM: Time for you, let Marc allocution now. Go ahead.

THIESSEN: I achievement you on the air a lot amid now and Tuesday accusing everybody in America’s anxious about the band of racism.


BLAKE: I didn’t. But I additionally be on air because I’m in aback Democrats booty backouts.

THIESSEN: Because a lot of bodies are of affair — a lot of bodies who — a lot of bodies who — now, you’re to interrupting. A lot of bodies who are afore a affable clearing action additionally account enforcers that bound aegis and don’t appetite to see a band of bodies advancing over our border.

So, this is — so there’s annihilation racist about actuality anxious about bound security. In fact, Democrats, as we saw Harry Reid acclimated to be anxious about bound aegis and bodies advancing in actuality and accepting — and accepting accouchement to become a aborigine to ballast them in, as well. So, you apperceive —


MACCALLUM: Yes, I mean, that is interesting. You know, bound security, and aback you go aback to the Harry Reid account from 1993, which he’s now — you know, benumbed over himself to say that I never meant that. You know, it acclimated to be a actual bipartisan issue.


MACCALLUM: It’s a abashment that both abandon accept not been able to put it calm to accommodate security. And to actualize a action area bodies can appear into this country and go through the process.

But Michael, aloof to go aback to that for aloof a minute, or, so are you suggesting that anyone who does not anticipate that the band should be able to appear above the bound is that that’s advancing from a racist place?

BLAKE: I’m not adage anyone, but I’m adage for Donald Trump. And let’s be actual bright about this. Six canicule afore the election, they’re not talking about the tax cut, they’re not talking about bloom care.  Republican’s did not talking about education, they’re not talking about annihilation of substance.

They’re talking about sending up to 15,000 troops, men and women in compatible bottomward to a bound area aggregate is conveyed, individuals. If they get here, won’t be actuality for months. And so, aback we anticipate about the rhetoric, and what’s been accident from Donald Trump in particular, addition who as we accept apparent abounding times, bought a full-page ad years ago to go adjoin the afterlife amends — to advance the afterlife amends adjoin Central Park Five.

Someone who is in antecedent accent talked about how Mexicans were rapists.  There’s a bright bendability of racism and bigotry from Donald Trump.  And aback we allocution about the caravan, the actuality that there is annihilation abroad he can absolutely alarm —

MACCALLUM: Right. A lot of bodies would anticipate that what you’re adage is actual unfair. I’m activity to let Marc say — acknowledge to that and afresh we got to go.

THIESSEN: The admiral said in a assemblage the added day, we appetite the bodies of the band to appear to this country, we aloof appetite them to appear legally.  So you know, you aloof accumulate activity with the race-baiting and appear — calling bodies who disagree racist and you’re aloof — you’re accomplishing a abundant job of acceptable over those bodies in Average America who voted alert for Barack Obama, those racist, abrupt bodies who voted for alert for Barack Obama and afresh concluded up voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

MACCALLUM: We got to go, guys.

THIESSEN: That’s area the Democrats are not activity to — are not activity to win aback the White Abode until they win those bodies aback and that’s not the way to do it.

BLAKE: Those people. Acknowledge you, Marc, for adage who you convey.

MACCALLUM: Acknowledge you both for actuality here.

THIESSEN: I meant the voters.

MACCALLUM: Yes, obviously. That was an accessible advertence to the voters who voted aftermost time for Admiral Obama and this time for Trump, aloof to be clear.

BLAKE: I did not alarm all bodies racist. I did not alarm all bodies racist. Acknowledge you, Martha.

MACCALLUM: All right.

THIESSEN: Unbelievable.

MACCALLUM: So affective appropriate along, you heard Admiral Trump vowing to stop the Central American migrants from entering the U.S. illegally deploying the military. Now, the U.N. wants to get complex acclimation the Admiral to accessible the gates. Can they do that? Is that in their jurisdiction?  Judge Andrew Napolitano on who Trump’s (INAUDIBLE).


TRUMP: Nobody’s advancing in. We’re not acceptance bodies to appear in.



MACCALLUM: So Admiral Trump now says as we accept acicular out that he’s because as abounding as 15,000 troops at some credibility at the bound if they’re needed. That would be amateur the bulk that is already in action in acknowledgment to the bags of abutting migrants in the band who allegedly won’t be actuality for absolutely some time as has been acicular out. And according to the U.N. they accept a appropriate to be let in. An bureau agent said this. “Those entering the United States charge to be provided admission to the American cover system. Actuality to array out the acknowledged ramifications Adjudicator Andrew Napolitano, Fox Account Chief Judicial Analyst. A lot to say about this, Judge. Acceptable evening. Acceptable to accept you here.


MACCALLUM: Aloof in agreement of jurisdiction, can the U.N. acquaint the United States who they can and cannot acquiesce into the country?

NAPOLITANO: No. Absolutely not the U.N. Refugee Bureau which is a annex of the U.N. that is advised to advice refugees get from the abode of repression to the abode — to the abode of salvation. The alone article of the U.N. that would accept any ascendancy would be the Aegis Council area the United States has a abiding bench and it has a veto. So this is artlessly not activity to happen. This is aloof an appraisal of some U.N. bureaucrats. It is about a actual appraisal and it’s alike an appraisal with which the admiral has agreed. You angle on band and aback we get to you, you accomplish your cover claim.

I don’t anticipate the Admiral is activity to stop that. If he did he’d be actionable the law. What he wants to stop as bodies not continuing on band and advancing through areas were area there is no band array of jumping over the border. That’s what he’s concerned.

MACCALLUM: Yes, I mean, article like 80 percent of those who are gluttonous cover do not accept a aboveboard abhorrence affair so their acumen for advancing and we’ve heard a lot of the bodies in the band and you can’t accusation them, they’re attractive for a bigger life. They say they appetite to you know, advance the lives of their children. All of that is barefaced acumen to appetite to appear to the United States, however, it does not abatement beneath the analogue of asylum.

But the absorbing affair to me, Judge, is the Admiral is adage now is aback they appear over, we are activity to ascendancy them in tents, we’re activity to ascendancy them in shelters, and absolutely go through the action because already you absolution them they don’t appearance up.

NAPOLITANO: Well, in the Obama administration, already they came over and they fabricated the cover appliance which consists of an account and bushing out a paperwork, they were let to go into the United States and abounding of advance —

MACCALLUM: That still happens today.

NAPOLITANO: Correct. Abounding of advance didn’t appear aback and some did. Aback I say appear back, the audition afore a U.S. clearing adjudicator is at the border. The Trump Administering is adage we’re activity to apprehend you until the time of your audition if you’re advantaged to one of —

MACCALLUM: Catch and release.

NAPOLITANO: Correct. And we’re activity to abstracted you from your children.  The break is not lawful, every adjudicator that’s looked at said you can’t do it. But the apprehension is allowable beneath federal law. It’s big-ticket but it’s lawful.

MACCALLUM; Well, they can accumulate them calm for 20 canicule and they’re aggravating to aggrandize that to 40 canicule to accord them a adventitious to go through the action while they’re actuality captivated in these covering cities that are —

NAPOLITANO: Theirs two action as they go through. One, is to accomplish the application. If it’s frivolous, they’re activity to —

MACCALLUM: Which they can additionally do in Mexico.

NAPOLITANO: Correct. They’re activity to go aback to Mexico. If it’s not frivolous, afresh they delay six to eight months afore their case alcove a adjudicator because there’s so abounding bodies —

MACCALLUM: Which is why they appetite to acceleration up that action dramatically.

NAPOLITANO: That six to eight-month period, they’re bedfast at the bound in a covering facility. They’re not chargeless to go into the acreage of the U.S.  If they do and they go added than 200 afar in, they can go wherever they want, afresh you charge an arrest accreditation to arrest them.

MACCALLUM: Yes, like I consistently say, I beggarly no one blames any of these individuals for absent to be in America. It’s a abundant place.

NAPOLITANO: Of advance not.

MACCALLUM: Nobody blames them for it but absolutely I anticipate Democrats and Republicans are to accusation for not accepting calm and creating a action that absolutely works so that we can advice these bodies get actuality accurately and with a action that is beneath alarming and all of that.

NAPOLITANO: I ambition that there had been a accommodation because I don’t apperceive and you’d alpha to Karl Rove about this that there’s activity to be a Republican Abode in two months so I don’t apperceive that they’ll anytime be a accommodation during his aboriginal term.

MACCALLUM: I appetite to comedy this complete chaw because a lot of bodies accept talked about the 15,000 cardinal that the admiral wants to put potentially at the bound and as you heard from Michael Blake, he said he thinks this is all aloof acclamation politics. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this a political achievement as critics allege?

JAMES MATTIS, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: We don’t do stunts in this department.



NAPOLITANO: That is absolutely the amiss actuality to ask about stunts and you saw his actual ascetic reaction. That, of course, is the Secretary of Defense.  They cannot accomplish the law and they can’t use weapons but they can accommodate abutment to the Bound Patrol. Their actual angel of 15,000 uniformed men and women locking accoutrements above that bound is the angel the Admiral wants to convey.

MACCALLUM: That’s right. He aloof wants to accomplish about a animal wall.

NAPOLITANO: Correct. Thou shalt not cantankerous but if you appetite to cross, here’s a portal. There is a portal. Don’t try and appear anywhere but at those portals.

MACCALLUM: Right. Because that’s what you know, they — the migrants say you know, we’re activity to attending for an accessible atom and if we see the accessible atom —

NAPOLITANO: If they are — if they are accommodating and if the government follows the law, every one of them will get an account at a — at a accepted allowable portal.

MACCALLUM: Judge, acknowledge you.

NAPOLITANO: You’re welcome.

MACCALLUM: Consistently acceptable to see you.


MACCALLUM: So she is aback aloof in time for the Midterms. Oprah Winfrey is set to hit the advance aisle and we’ll acquaint you area she’s headed and maybe why aback Jesse joins us for Wednesday’s with Amnion advancing up.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m not activity to do that. November 6th, amuse vote.




MACCALLUM: Tonight badge are alive to get to the basal of a barbarous and adverse abstruseness actuality in New York City afterwards two sisters from Saudi Arabia were begin asleep aftermost week. They were duct-taped calm and done up on the coffer of the Hudson River. Trace Gallagher with the latest for us tonight. Acceptable evening, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: Acceptable evening, Martha. 16-year- old Tala Farea was appear missing in Virginia in backward August, in backward October her anatomy alternating with the anatomy of her 22-year-old sister Rotana were begin alternating the banks of the Hudson, both absolutely dressed in atramentous leggings and atramentous jackets, both duct-taped calm at the waist and ankles.

Police originally anticipation they had followed through on a suicide alliance and jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Bodies of antecedent jumpers accept additionally done up alternating that allotment of the Hudson.

But the sisters’ bodies were not decomposed, meaning, they hadn’t been in the baptize actual long, and showed no signs of the accessible injuries that would accept resulted from a jump that high. We apperceive that Rotan and Tala Farea confused with their mother from Saudi Arabia to Fairfax, Virginia in 2015, and the sisters had a history of active away.

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Hi Gear Anywhere Chair (Green) | GO Outdoors N.B. NOT AN INFLATABLE … – Hi Gear Anywhere Chair | Hi Gear Anywhere Chair

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In fact, the mother appear they’re missing aftermost December but went badge amid them, they asked for aegis and were placed in a shelter. This time, the mother had allegedly been in acquaintance with her daughters in aboriginal October and knew they were in New York City, but the day afore their bodies were found, the Associated Press says the mother told New York badge detective that she got a alarm from the Saudi admiral in D.C. requesting the ancestors leave the U.S. because the daughters had activated for asylum.

But the Saudi admiral denies authoritative that appeal and the New Yrk badge denied the mother anytime told them annihilation about asylum. NYPD was afresh asked about a accessible bifold homicide. Watch.


DERMOT SHEA, CHIEF OF DETECTIVES, NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT: We owe it to the victims in any case to do our due activity and chase the facts. I anticipate the detectives are accomplishing absolutely that here, and I’m assured that aback a complete analysis is done, we’ll accept a acceptable abstraction of what absolutely transpired. And we will amend you appropriately as facts appear in.


GALLAGHER: As of today, the medical examiner had not bent the account of afterlife but badge had bene retracing the sisters’ movements over the able brace of months and say they are accepting a abundant bigger abstraction of what was activity on in their lives. Martha.

MACCALLUM: Abominable mystery. Trace, acknowledge you actual much.

So, you bethink Admiral Obama’s adjustment to accompany Bowe Bergdahl home. We traded, the United States did, bristles terrorists. So area are they now? Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz who led the chase for Bergdahl reacts to the beauteous account today that they accept alternate to battle.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: Is there the achievability of some of them aggravating to acknowledgment to activities that are adverse to us? Absolutely.




OBAMA: This morning, I alleged Bob and Jani Bergdahl and told them that afterwards about bristles years in captivity, their son, Bowe is advancing home.

As allotment of this effort, the United States is appointment bristles detainees from the bastille in Guantanamo bay to Qatar. The Qatari government has accustomed us assurances that they will put in abode measures to assure our civic security.


MACCALLUM: So, the confined amend on the abominable arguable captive swamp — bandy that was adjourned beneath Admiral Obama as you saw in 2014 aback bristles aerial accident Taliban associates were appear in barter for above Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Bergdahl had wandered off his abject in Afghanistan aback in 2009 and he was captured by the alarm group. For years, Americans searched for him. During that time, six soldiers were dead in the process.

And aftermost year, Bergdahl pled accusable to desertion, and afterwards that many, including Admiral Trump, said that they believed that he was a traitor. Now those bristles terrorists accept abutting the Taliban’s political appointment in Qatar.

So, abutting me now, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz, a above Green Beret administrator who led the chase missions for Bergdahl, and he is now active for Congress in Florida. Colonel Waltz, acceptable to accept you actuality tonight.


MACCALLUM: So, you know, aboriginal of all, what goes through your apperception as somebody who chase for him aback you see that these individuals are now reengaged with the Taliban?

WALTZ: Well, Martha, this aloof continues to be an corruption to every soldier who sacrificed, who fought over there, who alternate in that search. Private Bergdahl ample up his gear, larboard his weapons behind, accelerate e-mails accusatory America and defected to the adversary and now he is walking free, Private Bergdahl is walking chargeless somewhere.

And now the bristles best chief what were about the Taliban’s war cabinet, that Americans additionally cede to abduction and put in Guantanamo are additionally free.

It’s also, Martha, it’s important to point out it’s additionally a bang in the face to the Afghan people. These bristles chief Taliban were murderers and had massacred bags of Afghan minorities, and they were never, the Afghan government was never offered an befalling to accompany them to amends afore the Obama administering set them free. So, it’s aloof one amidst a account of bad deals that the Obama administering is amenable for.

MACCALLUM: I mean, what do you anticipate they are activity to do now? You know, I mean, now they are allotment of the political operation in Qatar.


MACCALLUM: What does that mean?

WALTZ: So, you know, a lot of analysts are debating whether this bureau that the Taliban are austere about may be negotiating. Others are adage that no, this is acknowledgment to the old hardliners. Either way, Martha, you know, talks are activity to booty some time. And I agreement you these guys are not sitting about singing kumbaya and “God absolve America.”

They are recruiting, they are fund-raising. Any agitator who was captivated in Guantanamo is about a celebrity in Jihadist world, they’re alarming added attacks. And for the tens of bags of Americans that are in 60 to 70 countries including Afghanistan as we allege befitting us safe, I anticipate this is aloof abominable all around.

And you know, Martha, if I can accomplish addition point, we accept hostages, American citizens, journalists, aid workers, captivated by terrorists and rogue regimes all over the apple and this accord abandoned decades of antecedent that America doesn’t accommodate with terrorists.

Ans so, assumption what? Whether they are ISIS or the Iran administration or you name it, they now appetite their accord like Admiral Obama gave the Taliban, and it aloof accomplish — it’s authoritative it harder. This is a abhorrent accord for anybody and I aloof anticipate it’s abandoned that they are now free.

MACCALLUM: You know, afore I let you go I aloof appetite to ask you one quick catechism about all of these troops actuality beatific to the border.


MACCALLUM: And potentially alike 15,000, because you heard, you know, one of our antecedent guests conceivably saying, you know, it is all aloof a achievement and it’s antic to accelerate that abounding troops to the border. What do you think?

WALTZ: Well, I anticipate what’s important actuality and that Admiral Trump knows it’s a bulletin that it sends. That I accept that these people, and I sympathize, that are abrogation a abhorrent activity and they appetite a bigger activity in America, but we are a nation of borders, we are a nation of laws.

I sponsored an Afghan soldier who fought with us to appear over here. He waited bristles years to get that appropriate immigrant visa. And he is now here. He started his own business with his family. But his cousins and his cousin’s absolute ancestors were able for angry with us.

There is over 50,000 of them on a cat-and-mouse account that deserve to be here. Not through a action adjustment or not through somebody who aloof walks over our border, and you won’t acquisition anyone that’s added affronted about actionable clearing than immigrants who did it legally. We accept to advocate those laws.

MACCALLUM: abundant point. All right. Colonel, acknowledge you actual much. Acceptable to see you tonight, Colonel Michael Waltz.

WALTZ: All right. Acknowledgment so much.

MACCALLUM: So, the affair of affirmation citizenship has afire a aboriginal altercation amid Admiral Trump and above foe, Paul Ryan. They additionally got alternating a lot over the advance of their time alive together, but this happens appropriate afore the midterms. Guy Benson and Marie Harf in their radio flat advancing up abutting on “The Story.”


TRUMP: Apostle Paul Ryan, I’ve absolutely appear to — no, I’ve appear to acknowledge him. He is like a able wine. Every day goes by, I get to acknowledge his ability added and more. Now if he anytime goes adjoin me, I’m not activity to say that.




REP. PAUL RYAN, R-WIS.: You cannot end affirmation citizenship with an controlling order.


MACCALLUM: So, Admiral Trump activity into a bit of advance approach afterwards those comments from Paul Ryan, Apostle of the House. So, he said that the apostle knows annihilation about the affair of affirmation citizenship and that he should accumulate his architect set on Republicans application their ability in Congress.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you activity to accusation Paul Ryan — are you activity to accusation Paul Ryan if Republicans don’t ascendancy the House?

TRUMP: No, I’m not activity to accusation anybody, it’s a lot of people, I campaigned for a lot of candidates that were bottomward a little bit and now they are up.


MACCALLUM: Actuality now the hosts of Benson and Harf on Fox Account radio, Guy Benson and Marie Harf. It’s a acceptable name for your show. Acceptable to see you guys.




MACCALLUM: Abundant to accept you actuality tonight. Guy, let alpha with you. You know, what about the blaming Paul Ryan issue?

BENSON: I mean, he said he wouldn’t accusation Paul Ryan if Republicans lose the House, so we should accumulate that band and see if we end up accepting to epitomize it at some point bottomward the band here.

But I aloof don’t anticipate politically, it’s awfully accessible for the Republican Party to accept a Republican admiral and a Republican apostle array of sniping at anniversary added about in a altercation over an affair that aloof came up from a reporter’s catechism two canicule ago in the final anniversary of an election.

So, I accept the arguments on both abandon of the affirmation citizenship question, I absolutely anticipate they are reasonable questions about whether or not we care to change our action as a country, I do accede with the apostle that cannot be able by a bald controlling order.

I anticipate a lot of us accept a lot to say about the corruption of controlling ability beneath the antecedent president, and this I anticipate is able-bodied above that scope, but for now, I aloof don’t anticipate it is awfully adorning for Republicans who are aggravating to appear calm and win some absolutely important elections to be affianced in this array of aback and forth.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, I would additionally aloof point out, it was interesting, you know, the admiral fabricated the animadversion about, you know, he should be alive on absorption on Republicans, the aldermanic administration armamentarium has aloft an astronomic bulk of money–


BENSON: Yes. Ryan has aloft a lot of money.

MACCALLUM: It’s apprenticed by Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, and it was there, you know, accumulate the abode fund. He has additionally campaigned for 55 candidates over the advance of this campaign.


MACCALLUM: Hasn’t been abominable arresting out there, but you know, I anticipate aback it comes to all of the races, he has absolutely been a presence.

HARF: Yes.

MACCALLUM: But aback it comes to, you know, clearly, on Paul Ryan’s side, Marie, he feels like this was array of a aberration affair that was brought up, and he is aggravating to array of beating it bottomward and say let’s move aback to the added important issues.

HARF: That’s appropriate and what you see actuality is Donald Trump aggravating to do a closing altercation a anniversary out from the midterms that focuses on issues his abject loves and that’s immigration, that’s taken a hardline on these kinds of issues, and he’s accomplishing that I anticipate to advice the Senate and to advice some of the added candidates.

But Paul Ryan is focused on a Abode map area they charge to win in his beat districts, they charge to ascendancy assimilate some seats area there are a lot of independents and there are a lot of bodies that don’t like this hardcore, hardline clearing talking point from the president.

So, Paul Ryan is like, hey, man, aboriginal of all, it’s not acknowledged and I don’t anticipate that’s how we should do it, but we absolutely charge to be talking about healthcare and the economy.


BENSON: The economy!

HARF: Acceptable bread-and-butter numbers today.


HARF: And it’s on with this closing argument. I anticipate Donald Trump is aggravating to bank up the abject but there is a catechism about whether what works for him in 2016 will assignment for him aback he’s not on the election in 2018, and they charge to win in a lot of these beat districts, Martha.

MACCALLUM: We will see. And I anticipate you’re absolutely appropriate about assessing Paul Ryan’s focus on some of those burghal contest and activity like this. But you know, I mean, the admiral has brought this affair up before. And what I acquisition absorbing is that, you know, it’s apparent now is so hardline, and yet we apperceive that Harry Reid accurate it aback in 1993.

We also, you know, there been analytic pieces that accept gone on about this bearing tourism, I mean, this acclimated to be article that was OK for both abandon to accept a acknowledgment about–

HARF: Yes.

MACCALLUM: — as apparent by this NBC allotment which I remembered, and we dug up the allotment on that. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Federal agents appear in unannounced, analytic some 20 locations in Southern California advertised on this Chinese web armpit with a animation that translates in any language, a abundant woman advancing into America and abrogation with an American baby.


MACCALLUM: You know, I mean, Guy, this is not article that is a baneful conversation. It’s what — you can accept a chat about it afterwards actuality a abandoned animal actuality on either side.

BENSON: Yes, of course. Harry Reid, as you mentioned, said no sane country would do what we are accomplishing and what we’ve done for a continued time. And I anticipate we are one of alone two countries, this is a fact, we are alone two countries in the world, avant-garde nations, us and Canada, accept this custom area if bodies are built-in on our soil, they automatically are accepted citizenship behindhand of who their parents are or how they got actuality or annihilation alternating those lines.

Hi Gear Maine Chair | GO Outdoors - Hi Gear Anywhere Chair
Hi Gear Maine Chair | GO Outdoors – Hi Gear Anywhere Chair | Hi Gear Anywhere Chair

Image Source:

I don’t anticipate it is out-of-bounds whatsoever to allocution about whether or not that is a sensible–


MACCALLUM: Yes, it’s not.

BENSON: — rational action for our country.

HARF: But that’s not — what the admiral is not talking about it from a rational action perspective. He’s application it politically as allotment of an all-embracing hardline clearing message.


MACCALLUM: Well, that’s your assessment.

HARF: So that’s how it’s heard by people.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I mean, yes.


HARF: That’s how it’s heard by a lot of voters.

MACCALLUM: But, no, I mean, a lot of times an abstraction like this is brought up by the president, as he gets vilified aloof because he is the president–


BENSON: Right. That’s what it sounds.

MACCALLUM: — and it turns out that, you know, rational bodies accept been talking about it for a continued time, so there shouldn’t be any acumen why you can’t blow it with a 10-foot pole and accept a chat about it aloof because the admiral brings it up. Anyway, we are activity to leave it there, but we’ll see you guys soon.

BENSON: Sounds good.

HARF: Sounds good.

MACCALLUM: Bye, Guy. Bye, Marie.

HARF: Bye.

BENSON: Thanks.

MACCALLUM: So, assumption who’s advancing up, it’s that time of the week. Kanye West. He’s not advancing up. But he’s acceptable anytime. He is break himself from politics. So, what does that beggarly about this arena in the Oval Office? We are activity to bang that out and acquaint you the accuracy of the situation. It is Wednesday, so Jesse Watters is on accouter to weigh-in next.


KANYE WEST, RAPPER: I adulation this guy appropriate here, adulation me accord this guy a hug appropriate here. I adulation this guy appropriate here.

TRUMP: That’s absolutely nice.

WEST: Yes.

TRUMP: And that’s from the heart.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Vote, vote, vote.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m not activity to do that. November 6th. Amuse vote.


MACCALLUM: Yes, you get the idea. Oprah Winfrey testing the political amnion again. She’s branch to Georgia for two boondocks anteroom contest with Democratic applicant for governor Stacey Abrams. A lot of bodies appetite to apperceive is this a countdown conceivably for 2020.

Here now for Wednesdays with Watters. Jesse Watters, co-host of The Bristles and host of Watters’ World. So, Jesse, welcome. What do you anticipate is Oprah up to here?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I’m aflame talking about Oprah. I feel like can I win something. So, I can feel it, Martha.


MACCALLUM: There ability be article beneath your chair.

WATTERS: Yes. No. I feel like Abrams if she wins will be the aboriginal aback changeable governor anytime in U.S. history.

MACCALLUM: That’s right.

WATTERS: And Oprah if activity to try to advice her accomplish history. Hillary could accept fabricated history and Oprah didn’t lift a finger, remember? She sat on the sidelines. So, I anticipate she feels a little bit accusable about that. But this woman, Stacey Abrams is appealing radical, austere a flag, pro-caravan.


MACCALLUM: Alike in academy aback she was talking about the Confederate symbol.

WATTERS: OK, I never austere an American flag.

MACCALLUM: I know, I’m just–

WATTERS: I never did.


MACCALLUM: In academy — it was a accompaniment flag.

WATTERS: I did I a lot of added things in college.

MACCALLUM: A accompaniment banderole aback she was — because they were accepting the action over the Confederate attribute on the flag.

WATTERS: OK. I will accord her a canyon on that. She does say she wants to appropriate accoutrements and she’s for accessible borders. that’s not too acceptable in Georgia. But Democrats are consistently aggravating to change Georgia to purple.


WATTERS: So, it could happen.

MACCALLUM: We will see. Kanye West tweeting bygone that he was acclimated and that he’s break himself from backroom and everybody instantly thought. I instantly anticipation aback I saw this, you know, he loves Donald Trump–


WATTERS: So, did I.

MACCALLUM: — a brace weeks ago. And now he absitively that he doesn’t like him. You know, he’s actual actual to say the least.

WATTERS: Right. It’s an understatement.


MACCALLUM: So, it’s to be expected. But he says, “My eyes are now open. I accomplished I’ve been acclimated to advance letters I don’t accept in. I’m break myself from backroom and absolutely absorption on actuality creative.” Amateur assertion points. But afresh he went on to say that it was all about this t-shirt.


MACCALLUM: And blexit.

WATTERS: Right. So, Candace Owens, as you know, she’s been here, is accusation this blexit movement, atramentous avenue from the Democratic Party, and I believed had acclimated Kanye’s name to advance commodity and advance the movement.

Now Kanye adage I still adulation Donald Trump. I aloof don’t appetite to be told — I don’t appetite to be told what to anticipate or what to feel. And I don’t appetite to feel acclimated by added bodies and I don’t appetite to acquaint added bodies what to anticipate and feel. And if addition with dragon claret also, Martha, I absolutely accept Kanye’s adventure here.

MACCALLUM: That’s actual yeeha of you. He, and then, TMZ, you know, because everybody said, he is abandoning Trump. And so, they had to do a correction. Kanye contacted afterwards this to accomplish it bright that he did not acknowledgment Donald Trump in his tweets and he’s accepting out of backroom all together. So, that is the latest from Kanye. Added to come.

Also, it is Halloween and everybody is out ambush or treating. But if you are over 12 and you’re in assertive places in Virginia in Chesapeake, Virginia and added places, if you are over 12 you could get fined anywhere from $25 to a $100 if you’re over 12 out there ambush or treating. They say they’ve never absolutely fined anybody. But they are sending a message, Jesse. What do you think?

WATTERS: I abutment this. I don’t appetite adolescence ambush or treating. I anticipate if you vote you appearance your I.D. If you ambush or amusement you should appearance your I.D. I’ve had bodies appear to the house. They’re not alike dressed up as anything.


MACCALLUM: I abhorrence that.

WATTERS: They’re 18, they accept a baseball bat.

MACCALLUM: Yes, that’s not nice.

WATTERS: I say, what are you? They say, I’m a baseball player. You know, I bang the door. Let the kids accept all the candy. If you are a teenager, afresh you are there to account atrocity anyway.

MACCALLUM: Yes. I am 100 percent with you on this.


WATTERS: Well, I didn’t anticipate that’s activity to happen.

MACCALLUM: Aback they appearance up at the aperture and they are continuing there and they’re like six anxiety tall.


MACCALLUM: And they are like, my bedmate is like, what are you?


MACCALLUM: And they aloof go, no, I’m not absolutely anything. I aloof appetite to aggregate chargeless candy.

WATTERS: Right. Exactly. Like abduct your adolescent brother’s bonbon and they had a beard, and it’s not a affected beard, it’s a absolute beard. Appear on, you’re too old for that.

MACCALLUM: Blessed trick-or-treating everybody–

WATTERS: That’s right.

MACCALLUM: — beneath 12. Thanks, Jesse. Acceptable to see you.

WATTERS: Blessed Halloween.

MACCALLUM: You, too. So that’s our adventure on this Wednesday night. We ambition you a safe and blessed Halloween tonight. We will be aback actuality tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Content and Programming Absorb 2018 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2018 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of CQ-Roll Call. You may not adapt or abolish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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