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The Dow (DJIA) jumped 545 credibility (2.1%) in Wednesday’s post-midterms trading. The S&P 500’s 2.1% acceleration was overshadowed by the Nasdaq Comp’s 2.6% and the Nasdaq 100’s 3.1% advances. Healthcare stocks surged, with the S&P 500 Healthcare Abject up 2.9% (Healthcare Supplies abject jumping 4.5%). Led by Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) 6.9% (113 points!) surge, the S&P Internet Retail Abject acquired 6.1%. From October 29th trading lows to Thursday’s highs, the S&P 500 rallied 8.1% and the Nasdaq 100 jumped 9.6%.

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The post-election bullish activity cry was a adamant “back to fundamentals!” With the bazaar surging, analysts were proclaiming “reduced uncertainty” and “the best accessible aftereffect for the markets.” The Admiral and Nancy Pelosi both adopted aseptic tones and batten of efforts to abet on important bipartisan legislation. Affairs for a market-pleasing basement spending bill accept improved. What’s more, a absolute circuit was put on the acknowledgment of Washington gridlock. Beneath Treasury arising would abutment lower bazaar yields generally, ensuring the U.S. bread-and-butter amplification maintains abounding allowance to run. The weaker post-election dollar was said to be able for all-around liquidity.

The EEM arising bazaar ETF rose 1.9% Wednesday, accusation the assemblage from October 29th lows to 11.0%. The South African rand and Indonesian rupiah acquired 1.5%, as best EM currencies briefly benefited from the weaker dollar.

Wednesday provided a acceptable archetype of account and assay afterward bazaar direction. Stocks were up, so acclamation after-effects charge accept been positive. I would tend to see Wednesday trading as heavily impacted by the disentangle of hedges – and yet addition abbreviate squeeze. Afterwards trading as aerial as 20.6 in Tuesday trading, the VIX (equities volatility) abject concluded Wednesday’s affair at 16.36, an about one-month low.

Market weakness in the weeks arch up to the midterms created an abnormal backdrop. A cardinal acclamation accumulated with a accessible bazaar accomplishments ensured a double-dose of ambiguity activity branch into Tuesday. And with the acclamation accepting abhorred “tail risk” outcomes (blue beachcomber with Democratic ascendancy of both houses, or Republicans advancement abounding control), post-election trading saw a cogent changeabout of accident hedges and bearish speculations.

It did not, however, booty connected for the blithesome “gridlock is good” assemblage to face a absoluteness check. The President’s tweet: “If the Democrats anticipate they are activity to decay Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, afresh we will additionally be afflicted to accede investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and abundant else, at the Senate level. Two can comedy that game!” NYT: “Jeff Sessions is Afflicted Out as Attorney General as Trump Installs Loyalist.” And afresh came Friday’s (post-election) barbs from the administrator of the White House’s National Barter Council:

November 9 – Bloomberg (Andrew Mayeda and Shawn Donnan): “White House barter adviser Peter Navarro warned Wall Street bankers and hedge-fund managers to aback bottomward from their beforehand for Admiral Donald Trump to bang a quick barter accord with China’s Xi Jinping. ‘As allotment of a Chinese government admission operation, these globalist billionaires are putting a full-court columnist on the White House in beforehand of the G-20 in Argentina,’ Navarro said… Their mission is to ‘pressure this Admiral into some affectionate of deal’ but instead they’re abrasion his negotiating position and ‘no acceptable can appear of this.’ Navarro said investors should be re-directing their ‘billions’ of dollars into allowance clean areas hit by accomplishment job losses. ‘Wall Street, get out of those negotiations. Bring your Goldman Sachs money to Dayton, Ohio, and advance in America.'”

As addition amazing bazaar anniversary came to its conclusion, the bulls’ “Back to Fundamentals” mantra from Wednesday was actuality hijacked by the buck camp. From my analytic perspective, the aftereffect of the midterms wasn’t activity to materially adapt the Bursting All-around Balloon Thesis. All-around cyberbanking altitude abide to tighten. Actual austere issues associated with China’s aged balloon abide unresolved. Italy’s political, cyberbanking and bread-and-butter problems won’t be disentangled anytime soon. And the midterms weren’t activity to break the added acute issues in the U.S., absolutely including aggrandized asset and abstract bubbles and a Federal Reserve bent to break on a activity normalization course.

November 8 – Wall Street Journal (Justin Lahart): “Anybody who apprehension the Federal Reserve adeptness calibration aback its affairs for approaching amount increases afterwards all the contempo agitation in the banal bazaar has to be disappointed. The Fed on Thursday larboard absorption ante unchanged, and it didn’t change abundant else. The account it put out afterward its two-day affair independent alone accessory tweaks from its September statement. It acclaimed that the unemployment amount had beneath aback its September affair (as adjoin to ‘stayed low’), and that business advance has ‘moderated from its accelerated blow beforehand in the year’ (rather than ‘grown strongly’). The two things about account anniversary added and both accept been bright from the data.”

WSJ: “Treasury Band Bargain Draws Weakest Appeal in About a Decade.” Thursday’s 30-year bargain incited angry name calling: “weak,” “sloppy,” and “nasty.” It’s account acquainted that 10-year Treasury yields traded to 3.25% acclamation night, the aerial activity aback to April 2011. Criterion MBS yields concluded Thursday at 4.10%, additionally a aerial aback 2011. Ten-year Treasuries enjoyed a little abatement backward in the anniversary as equities antipodal lower, catastrophe Friday at 3.18% (3 bps lower for the week).

Dollar post-election weakness antipodal acutely into week’s end. Afterwards trading bottomward to 95.678 Wednesday, the U.S. dollar abject surpassed 97 on Friday afore closing the anniversary up 0.4% to 96.901. Afterwards closing at 41.63 on Wednesday, arising bazaar equities (EEM) sank about 5% to abutting the anniversary at 39.80.

Perhaps added noteworthy from a all-around clamminess and “risk off” perspective, EM bonds came beneath renewed burden this week. Brazilian 10-year (local currency) band yields jumped 27 bps (to 10.41%). Russian yields surged 31 bps (8.91%) and Mexican yields 23 bps to a multiyear aerial (8.85%). Ominously, Mexico’s 10-year (peso) yields are up about 100 bps in six weeks. Brazil, Russia and Mexico dollar-denominated band yields additionally angry higher, acutely catastrophe eight weeks of about band bazaar calm.

After a contempo bashful pullback, Italian 10-year yields jumped eight bps this anniversary to 3.40% (Italian CDS up 11 to 270 bps). With German bund yields crumbling two bps (0.41%), the Italian to German 10-year absolute advance widened 10 bps to 299 bps. European ambit bonds conspicuously underperformed, with spreads to bunds addition 11 bps in Greece, eight bps in Portugal and bristles bps for Spain.

For me, Aback to Fundamentals agency a acknowledgment of “Periphery to Amount Crisis Dynamics” – ascent yields, addition acclaim spreads, de-risking/deleveraging, aged all-around clamminess and, to be sure, China.

November 9 – Bloomberg: “China aims to addition ample banks’ loans to clandestine companies to at atomic one-third of new accumulated lending, said Guo Shuqing, administrator of the China Cyberbanking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. Shares of lenders retreat on the acreage and in Hong Kong. Guo’s comments are the latest attack by authorities to try to advance allotment admission for China’s non-state companies… It’s the aboriginal time cyberbanking regulators accept accustomed targets on clandestine lending, a absorption that beforehand efforts haven’t triggered the all-important acclaim activity… The ambition for baby and medium-sized banks is higher, at two-thirds of new accumulated loans, Guo said…”

November 9 – Bloomberg (Tian Chen): “Chief economists at Chinese allowance firms should accomplish efforts to adviser bazaar expectations and additionally finer advance and assay government policies, says the arch of the nation’s top balance regulator. Economists should appropriately understand, adapt and advance Admiral Xi Jinping’s animadversion on acknowledging clandestine companies, Liu Shiyu, administrator of the China Balance Regulatory Commission, said at a affair with economists this month. The analysts should admire the acceptability of the industry, advance their adeptness to conduct assay and appropriately use their admission on the public, Liu said…”

Beijing faces the analytical affair of a acutely maladjusted bread-and-butter anatomy that, at this point, requires in the adjacency of $3.5T of anniversary (and sustained) arrangement acclaim advance to accumulate the balloon from deflating. Moreover, the aftermost affair China’s abundantly aggrandized cyberbanking arrangement needs is accelerated advance in chancy late-cycle lending. Bent to rein in non-bank “shadow” lending, Beijing faces no acceptable alternatives. Granted, Chinese admiral accept the accommodation to recapitalize their cyberbanking arrangement bottomward the road. And markets to this point accept been adequate with the absolute Beijing acceding of cyberbanking arrangement clamminess and solvency.

There is, however, a actual austere botheration brewing: Systemic accident expands exponentially during the “Terminal Phase” of excess, as ascent quantities of added chancy loans imperil the absolute cyberbanking system. The accomplished two years accept apparent acutely accelerated (speculative “blow-off”) acclaim advance in two decidedly ambiguous sectors: lending adjoin equities and apartments – both at aggrandized prices. There will appear a point aback the bazaar begins to catechism the authority of Beijing’s cyberbanking arrangement fortification. This blazon of crumbling aplomb could initially apparent in the bill market.

November 7 – Reuters (Kevin Yao and Fang Cheng): “China’s adopted barter affluence fell added than accepted to an 18-month low in October amidst ascent U.S. barter frictions, suggesting authorities may be boring dispatch up interventions to accumulate the yuan from breaking through a key abutment level. Affluence fell by $33.93 billion in October to $3.053 trillion… The bead was the better account abatement aback December 2016, and compared with a abatement of $22.69 billion in September.”

November 9 – Bloomberg: “Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping’s mantra that homes should be for active in is falling on deafened ears, with tens of millions of apartments and houses continuing alone above the country. Soon-to-be-published assay will appearance about 22% of China’s burghal apartment banal is unoccupied, according to Professor Gan Li, who runs the basic civic study. That adds up to added than 50 actor alone homes, he said. The daydream book for activity makers is that owners of alone dwellings blitz to advertise if cracks alpha actualization in the acreage market, causing prices to spiral.”

Contemplating an abridgement with 50 actor alone apartments entangles the mind. Granted, this is not a new issue. For years, a abiding breeze of workers abandonment the countryside for booming burghal centers has provided acutely amaranthine apartment demand. But afterwards a decade (or two) of bargain acclaim and booming mortgage lending growth, China now confronts an assured comeuppance: a celebrated abstract balloon with affairs for crumbling prices, a abstract bust, massive army and an acutely accessible cyberbanking sector.

The Shanghai Composited alone 2.9% this anniversary (down 21.4% y-t-d). China’s CSI Financials abject sank 4.3%, and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Financials fell 2.9%. China’s renminbi alone 0.95% this anniversary vs. the dollar, accretion y-t-d losses to 6.47%. Chestnut sank 4.7%, accretion y-t-d losses to 19%. It’s beauteous how bound awkward and bolt indices asleep what were until afresh adapted 2018 gains. Everywhere, it seems, Perceived Wealth is Vanishing into Thin Air. What is it that Warren Buffett says about “when the advance goes out”?

November 9 – Bloomberg (Saijel Kishan): “After alone barrier armamentarium managers had their affliction ages in seven years, abounding are animating for an industry D-Day: Nov. 15. That’s the borderline for investors to put managers on apprehension to get some – or all – of their money at year end. If history is any guide, the blitz for the exits will be abrupt and accelerate. Audience accept already pulled $11.1 billion alike afore funds fell into the red for the year. The aftermost time the industry careened adjoin anniversary losses was in 2015…The fallout: audience withdrew $77.2 billion amidst the fourth division of that year and the aboriginal division of 2017 – the better withdrawals aback the all-around cyberbanking crisis. Investors can banknote out of best barrier funds anniversary afterwards giving 45 canicule notice.”

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Lift Chairs at Morris Home Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio … – Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio | Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio

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“Hedge Funds Face Reckoning Afterwards Affliction Ages Aback 2011,” was the banderole to the aloft Bloomberg article. Added notable account this anniversary included: MarketWatch: “Hedge Funds Are on Blow for the Affliction Anniversary Year Aback Lehman Brothers.” WSJ: “Quants are Adverse a Crisis of Confidence;” “Quant King D.E. Shaw Finds Stock-Picking Can Be Difficult;” and “Tech Swoon Stings Barrier Funds.” Additionally from Bloomberg: “Hedge Armamentarium ‘Hotels’ Burned Managers Who Sought Refuge in October.” And from the FT: “Hedge Funds Overly Optimistic on Risk, SocGen Finds.”

Odds are ascent that de-risking/deleveraging dynamics attain destabilizing momentum. Abounding barrier funds now accept losses for the year, which armament managers to booty bottomward both accident and advantage in apprehension of anniversary outflows. I accept deleveraging is accepting a growing appulse on exchange clamminess about the apple – and above asset classes. Yields are ascent and spreads are addition throughout all-around fixed-income. Unstable equities markets about the apple are advertence a brittle clamminess backdrop. And this week’s $2.68 (4.3%) bead in WTI has all the appearances of a aloft leveraged apperception association agitation defalcation (portending challenges for the – to this point – airy clutter band market).

Bloomberg this anniversary airish a most-pertinent question: “When will allotment squeezes appulse the Fed?” The bazaar continues to focus on architecture amount pressures throughout the money markets, with added affair now that anniversary allotment issues are advancing to the fore. The arrangement is, afterwards all, in its aboriginal alpha disentangle (QT or “quantitative tightening”) of some of the Fed’s QE holdings. Bazaar assay is alone added challenged by the astronomic arising of T-bills all-important to armamentarium ballooning budgetary deficits. Three-month LIBOR added addition two abject credibility this anniversary to a decade aerial 2.61%. The able Fed Funds amount (2.20%) charcoal stubbornly abreast the top of the Fed’s ambition ambit (2-2.25%). There are additionally hints of crumbling clamminess in the mortgage marketplace. Furthermore, abatement adopted appeal at Treasury auctions is an accretion concern.

At this point, accepted assay has yet to agency in the clamminess appulse from abstract deleveraging – in acceding of money bazaar rates, fixed-income yields and the accident markets added generally. The amount to which abstract advantage has accumulated over this connected aeon is the Momentous Unknowable. Indeed, there’s a alarming abridgement of accuracy for article of such basic importance. For the best part, the abreast branch of abstract leveraging operates alfresco of acceptable banking. As such, this affair was aloof too acceptable for the Bernanke Fed and all-around axial bankers to avoid as they burst borrowing costs, abounding the apple with clamminess and committed to bazaar clamminess backstops.

At this point, I actively agnosticism the Fed has a solid butt of the (direct and indirect) sources of the trillions of all-around clamminess that accept abounding into U.S. balance and asset markets over the accomplished decade. I booty them at their chat that they don’t anticipate the amount of advantage that would about announce a bubble. Yet this has been the best aberant of all-around bubbles. I am not assertive the Fed knows area to attending for the advantage best germane to today’s all-around bubble. And, I’m accountable to add, the accomplished apple seems oblivious. Abstract deleveraging is not on the Fed’s radar, and this is a botheration for the markets.

The S&P 500 acquired 2.1% (up 4.0% y-t-d), and the Dow rose 2.8% (up 5.1%). The Utilities acquired 2.7% (up 3.3%). The Banks added 1.8% (down 5.2%), and the Broker/Dealers rose 2.0% (up 1.3%). The Transports acquired 1.5% (down 0.9%). The S&P 400 Midcaps added 1.1% (down 0.9%), while the baby cap Russell 2000 was little afflicted (up 0.9%). The Nasdaq 100 avant-garde 1.1% (up 10.0%). The Semiconductors beneath 0.8% (down 1.9%). The Biotechs alone 2.4% (up 11.0%). With banknote bottomward $23, the HUI gold abject fell 4.0% (down 25.4%).

Three-month Treasury bill ante concluded the anniversary at 2.30%. Two-year government yields added two bps to 2.93% (up 104 bps y-t-d). Five-year T-note yields were banausic at 3.04% (up 83 bps). Ten-year Treasury yields beneath three bps to 3.18% (up 78 bps). Connected band yields fell seven bps to 3.39% (up 64 bps). Criterion Fannie Mae MBS yields slipped two bps to 4.06% (up 107 bps).

Greek 10-year yields jumped nine bps to 4.36% (up 29 bps y-t-d). Ten-year Portuguese yields rose six bps to 1.94% (unchanged). Italian 10-year yields jumped eight bps to 3.40% (up 139 bps). Spain’s 10-year yields added three bps to 1.60% (up 3 bps). German bund yields beneath two bps to 0.41% (down 2 bps). French yields were banausic at 0.79% (unchanged). The French to German 10-year band advance widened two to 38 bps. U.K. 10-year bizarre yields were banausic at 1.49% (up 30 bps). U.K.’s FTSE equities abject added 0.2% (down 7.6%).

Japan’s Nikkei 225 equities abject was little afflicted (down 2.3% y-t-d). Japanese 10-year “JGB” yields slipped about a abject point to 0.12% (up 8 bps). France’s CAC40 was about banausic (down 3.9%). The German DAX equities abject was little afflicted (down 10.7%). Spain’s IBEX 35 equities abject rallied 1.6% (down 9.1%). Italy’s FTSE MIB abject beneath 0.7% (down 11.9%). EM equities were mostly lower. Brazil’s Bovespa abject fell 3.1% (up 12.1%), and Mexico’s Bolsa alone 2.6% (down 10.3%). South Korea’s Kospi abject beneath 0.5% (down 15.5%). India’s Sensex equities abject added 0.4% (up 3.2%). China’s Shanghai Barter sank 2.9% (down 21.4%). Turkey’s Borsa Istanbul National 100 abject fell 1.4% (down 19.5%). Russia’s MICEX equities abject acquired 1.1% (up 13.9%).

Investment-grade band funds saw inflows of $1.849 billion, and clutter band funds acquaint inflows of $1.040 billion (from Lipper).

Freddie Mac 30-year anchored mortgage ante jumped 11 bps to 4.94% (up 104 bps y-o-y). Fifteen-year ante jumped 10 bps to 4.33% (up 109 bps). Five-year amalgam ARM ante rose 10 bps to 4.14% (up 92 bps). Bankrate’s assay of colossal mortgage borrowing costs had 30-yr anchored ante up four bps to 4.83% (up 73 bps).

Federal Reserve Acclaim aftermost anniversary beneath $19.2B to $4.102T. Over the accomplished year, Fed Acclaim apprenticed $316B, or 7.2%. Fed Acclaim aggrandized $1.291T, or 43%, over the accomplished 314 weeks. Elsewhere, Fed backing for adopted owners of Treasury, Agency Debt added $0.6B aftermost anniversary to $3.415T. “Custody holdings” were up $42B y-o-y, or 1.2%.

M2 (narrow) “money” accumulation added $6.2B aftermost anniversary to a almanac $14.293T. “Narrow money” acquired $548B, or 4.0%, over the accomplished year. For the week, Bill added $1.2B. Total Checkable Deposits fell $30.2B, while Savings Deposits rose $25.7B. Baby Time Deposits added $4.8B. Retail Money Funds acquired $4.8B.

Total money bazaar armamentarium assets jumped $23.2B to $2.908T. Money Funds acquired $167B y-o-y, or 6.1%.

Total Commercial Paper slipped $3.4B to $1.084T. CP acquired $32B y-o-y, or 3.1%.

The U.S. dollar abject added 0.4% to 96.901 (up 5.2% y-t-d). For the anniversary on the upside, the New Zealand dollar added 1.1% and the Australian dollar acquired 0.5%. For the anniversary on the downside, the Brazilian absolute beneath 0.8%, the Norwegian krone 0.8%, the Canadian dollar 0.8%, the Mexican peso 0.6%, the South Korean won 0.6%, the Japanese yen 0.6%, the euro 0.5%, the South African rand 0.4%, the Singapore dollar 0.3%, the Swiss franc 0.2% and the Swedish krona 0.2%. The Chinese renminbi beneath 0.95% adjoin the dollar this anniversary (down 6.47% y-t-d).

November 6 – Wall Street Journal (Amrith Ramkumar and David Hodari): “A abiding aeon of underinvestment by article producers is ambience the date for ample amount increases in raw-materials markets, say bullish investors who focus on the metals and activity industries. Prices of copper, nickel and aluminum could arise accomplished above-mentioned records-more than 40% aloft accepted levels-in the advancing years, say the portfolio managers. Such a development would acceptable transform markets apparent in contempo years by bendable prices and apathetic broker interest. All-around miners are spending a third of what they did bristles years ago on new projects. They’re on clue to advance about $40 billion for the third beeline year-down from added than $120 billion bristles years ago and $80 billion about a decade ago, according to… Wood Mackenzie.”

The Goldman Sachs Bolt Abject fell 1.7% (up 0.2% y-t-d). Spot Gold alone 1.9% to $1,210 (down 7.2%). Silver fell 4.1% to $14.14 (down 18%). Awkward sank addition $2.68 to $60.19 (little changed). Gasoline sank 4.8% (down 10%), while Natural Gas surged 12.9% (up 26%). Chestnut alone 4.7% (down 19%). Wheat beneath 1.3% (up 18%). Corn slipped 0.4% (up 5%).

November 7 – Bloomberg (Trevor Hunnicutt): “U.S. armamentarium investors fled bonds at the fastest blow aback 2013 in the final anniversary of October, afraid about ascent absorption ante and abbreviating budgetary policy, Advance Company Institute (ICI) abstracts showed… Added than $18.5 billion of alternate armamentarium and exchange-traded armamentarium assets flowed out the debt bazaar during the anniversary concluded Oct. 31, the best aback the ‘Taper Tantrum’ agitation of June 2013, aback markets afraid about the U.S. Federal Reserve planning to stop affairs bonds.”

November 6 – Wall Street Journal (Jon Sindreu): “Risk-parity funds are one of Wall Street’s admired boogeymen during banal selloffs like the contempo one. In this case, though, the anguish should be in bonds, not stocks. The S&P 500 was bottomward 6.9% in October, its affliction ages aback September 2011. Abounding investors were borderline why and abhorrent funds that chase adamant rules acute them to advertise into a downturn. Unlike in the February selloff, though, risk-parity funds didn’t accept abounding stocks to sell. Instead, it is their ample backing of bonds that investors should fear. Risk-parity funds accept developed to administer about $175 billion aback their birth in 1996… Unlike acceptable investors who put a anchored allocation to stocks or bonds, they abject allocations on the animation of anniversary asset class, generally appliance debt to acclimatize risk. Aback bonds are statistically beneath risky, that is area adopted money is put to added use.”

November 8 – CNBC (Thomas Franck): “The banal market’s better affairs force is on clue to column a celebrated November as corporations resume a accelerated blow of allotment buybacks afterwards third-quarter balance announcements. ‘November is abstraction up to be the arch acknowledgment ages on record,’ J.P. Morgan quantitative architect Marko Kolanovic wrote… In the accomplished four weeks as balance announcements anguish down, buybacks accept averaged $3.3 billion daily, with the cardinal of announcements active at the fastest blow in the accomplished three years, according to TrimTabs…”

November 5 – Reuters (Steve Holland): “U.S. Admiral Donald Trump said… that China has aching the United States economically but was accessible to accomplish a accord on barter and he was accessible to a fair agreement. ‘We’ve tariffed $250 billion, burdened them, of their artefact advancing into the United States and we accept affluence added to go, but they appetence to accomplish a accord and if we can accomplish the adapted deal, a accord that’s fair, we’ll do that. Otherwise we won’t do it,’ Trump said…”

Lift Chairs Dayton - Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio
Lift Chairs Dayton – Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio | Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio

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November 7 – Wall Street Journal (Chester Dawson): “The Democratic Party’s success in capturing the House of Representatives is accepted to complicate Admiral Trump’s beforehand to accommodate new barter deals and cut adjustment for industries such as autos and energy, activity analysts and bazaar strategists say. ‘You’re not activity to see any added aloft aldermanic changes. There’s not activity to be addition tax cut and no aloft activity revisions for business,’ said Terry Haines, arch political architect at… Evercore ISI. ‘But at the aforementioned time, annihilation anesthetized beneath Trump gets formed back.’ The GOP will additionally face new hurdles on tax-cutting initiatives set in motion aftermost year that accept additional business profits and helped to lift customer confidence. House Democrats are acceptable to beforehand for tax increases-including possibly adopting the accumulated tax amount as allotment of a account deal-and block Republican efforts to accomplish abiding new alone assets tax cuts anesthetized aftermost year, economists and activity analysts say.”

November 9 – Wall Street Journal (Richard Rubin): “Democrats will aim to about-face tax cuts for advantageous households aback they booty the House majority, ambience up a affray with Republicans that will blush budgetary debates over the abutting two years, including affairs for a bipartisan accord to advance the nation’s infrastructure. Both carelessness accept signaled they appetence a spending affairs to advance the nation’s roads, bridges, tunnels and added accessible works, but disagree on how to armamentarium it. Aftermost year, Senate Democrats proposed a $1 abundance basement plan, financed abundantly by rolling aback cuts in the accumulated and top alone tax rates. Republicans are abiding to adios that idea.”

November 4 – Cyberbanking Times (Steven Scheer): “A abhorrence of abrogating absorption ante kept the Federal Reserve from adopting ante beforehand than some policymakers had hoped, aloft Fed carnality administrator Stanley Fischer said… ‘The achievability of accepting a abrogating absorption amount abashed the heck out of everybody who had to set the absorption rate,’ Fischer, who served as carnality armchair for 3-1/2 years until aftermost October, told a adieu conference…”

November 7 – Wall Street Journal (Reid J. Epstein and Janet Hook): “The midterm elections brought to a arch a decadelong alteration of the U.S.’s aloft political parties, with Democrats acceptable contests in and about aloft cities while Republicans agitated rural and alone America. The result-Democrats acquired 27 GOP-held House seats to booty the majority, with 17 contest still ambivalent as of Wednesday evening, while Republicans added two seats to their Senate majority, with three still unsettled-was beneath a beachcomber than the assiduity of a apathetic bedrock breeze that began afterward Barack Obama’s acclamation in 2008. Aloof as rural white voters fled the Democratic Affair afterwards Mr. Obama took office, accomplished suburbanites alone the GOP afterwards Admiral Trump’s election. Those trends connected Tuesday, and will not alone adapt the administering coalitions in Washington but additionally will change how and area candidates appoint with the American electorate.”

November 8 – Reuters (John Kemp): “The U.S. government’s affairs are on an unsustainable aisle and are acceptable to aggravate added afterwards the mid-term elections… The U.S. federal government’s outlays exceeded its receipts by $779 billion in Budgetary Year 2018… The account arrears would accept been alike worse at $823 billion if assertive outlays had not been brought advanced and recorded in the antecedent cyberbanking year because the aboriginal day of Budgetary 2018 fell on a weekend. Alike so, the arrears added to 3.8% of gross calm product, up from 3.5% the antecedent year, and the accomplished aback Budgetary 2013, aback the abridgement was still convalescent from the all-around cyberbanking crisis. Government receipts added by aloof $14 billion (less than 1%) while outlays rose by $127 billion (around 3%), deepening the arrears by $113 billion compared with the antecedent year.”

November 4 – Wall Street Journal (Theo Francis): “U.S. companies said they are about-face the furnishings of ascent tariffs with China through amount increases or changes to their accumulation chains, but they acquaint investors that the account could aggravate abutting year. Tariffs accept slowed U.S. balk and atom exports, aloft the amount of alien clothes hangers and heavy-equipment materials, and aeroembolism accumulation margins for computer dent and apparatus makers, amidst added effects, according to an assay of after-effects and comments from the about 75% of S&P 500 companies that accept appear third-quarter earnings. ‘The abrogating appulse is appealing boundless above the S&P 500,’ said Binky Chadha, arch U.S. disinterestedness and all-around architect at Deutsche Bank. Still, he said, the all-embracing aftereffect so far is mostly modest.”

November 9 – Reuters (Jason Lange): “U.S. ambassador prices rose added than accepted in October and at their fastest blow in six years but measures of basal amount burden cooled… Prices paid by producers rose 0.6% in October, the better accretion aback September 2012, with abundant of the admission fueled by a jump in costs for activity and barter services… Ambassador prices alfresco food, activity and barter casework rose 0.2% in October, bottomward from a 0.4% accretion in September. Compared to a year earlier, these amount prices were up 2.8%…”

November 4 – Wall Street Journal (Corrie Driebusch and Maureen Farrell): “Tech entrepreneurs who for years were afraid to attack into the accessible banal bazaar accept been jumping in afresh with both feet. As their shares outperform, anew accessible tech companies accept been abiding to the bazaar to advertise added banal at a about aberrant clip. About 44% of the alleged follow-on banal offerings from U.S.-listed technology companies in the aboriginal 10 months of the year accept appear aural 180 canicule of an antecedent accessible offering. That would be the second-highest anniversary allotment aback Dealogic began accession abstracts in 1995. In a assurance of the big ancestor tech companies accept appear to expect, they are affairs aloof 17% of themselves on boilerplate in IPOs this year, the aboriginal admeasurement on record. Technology shares that debuted on U.S. exchanges this year are up 22% on boilerplate through the end of October… Overall, gain from allotment sales this year by already-public tech companies are the accomplished they accept been aback 2000.”

November 7 – CNBC (Diana Olick): “Rising absorption ante are now acutely demography their assessment on abeyant homebuyers. Total mortgage appliance aggregate fell 4% aftermost anniversary from a anniversary beforehand and plunged 16% from a year ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association… Mortgage applications to acquirement a home led the aggregate lower, falling 5% for the anniversary to the everyman akin in two years. Acquirement applications were 0.2% lower than a year ago.”

November 6 – Bloomberg Businessweek (Heather Perlberg): “The Taube twins, Seth and Brook, accomplish money the old-school bankers’ way: They accommodate it. But the Taubes don’t run a bank. What they run are business development companies, firms that ply the booming barter of clandestine loans. BDCs accept been about aback the 1990s. Similar to closed- end alternate funds or absolute acreage advance trusts, they usually barter as stocks, but anniversary one is about a portfolio of investments. In the case of BDCs, the investments are loans to companies. Lately, they’ve advance like kudzu as investors’ appetence for clandestine lending has grown. About 90 of them now sit aloft a accumulated $97 billion. That’s added than bifold their assets bristles years ago. The angle for clandestine debt is simple. Abounding banks accept been affairs aback on loans, while alimony funds, endowments, barrier funds, and the like accept affluence of money to comedy with. So why not accept investors accommodate money to businesses directly?”

November 4 – CNBC (Stephanie Landsman): “David Stockman warns a 40% banal bazaar attempt is closing in on Wall Street. Stockman, who served as Admiral Reagan’s Appointment of Management and Account director, has connected warned of a abysmal abatement that would agitate Wall Street’s best bullish investors. He believes the aboriginal rumblings of that ballsy abatement are assuredly here. It comes as the S&P 500 Abject tries to backlash from its affliction ages aback 2011. ‘No one has banned recessions. We’re aural a year or two of one, he said… He added that: ‘fair amount of the S&P activity into the abutting recession is able-bodied beneath 2000, 1500 – way beneath area we are today.'”

November 4 – Bloomberg: “If Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping is accepting accessible to accomplish big concessions to the U.S., his abundant advancing accent at a Shanghai barter fair didn’t appearance it. Xi hit aback adjoin Admiral Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies… with some of his best acicular accent yet, accusatory ‘law of the jungle’ and ‘beggar-thy-neighbor’ barter practices. At the aforementioned time, he didn’t outline any new proposals that would advance he was able to accommodated Trump’s demands, such as awkward afflicted technology transfers or rolling aback abutment for state-owned enterprises… ‘All countries should strive to advance their business ambiance and break their own problems,’ Xi told the countdown China International Import Expo, which featured added than 3,600 companies from 172 countries, regions and organizations. ‘They shouldn’t consistently blanch themselves and accusation others, or act like a flashlight that alone exposes others, but not themselves.'”

November 7 – Reuters (Ben Blanchard and Philip Wen): “China wants to boldness problems with the United States through talks but it charge account China’s best of development aisle and interests, Admiral Xi Jinping said… advanced of a affair with the U.S. baton in Argentina… China and the United States should accurately adjudicator anniversary other’s cardinal intentions, and while China basic to boldness problems via talks, the United States should account China’s best of development aisle and accepted interests, Xi added. Xi said absorption should be paid to ‘the admission in abrogating choir accompanying to China in the United States’, afterwards elaborating.”

November 6 – Bloomberg (David Tweed, Enda Curran and Alfred Cang): “A top Chinese official’s activity of barter talks with the U.S… did little to allay apropos that the world’s two better economies were headed for a battle that could agitate the all-around order. Chinese Carnality Admiral Wang Qishan – a adept accessory of Admiral Xi Jinping – told Bloomberg’s New Abridgement Forum in Singapore that Beijing remained accessible to altercate solutions to its barter war with the U.S. But Wang additionally warned that China wouldn’t afresh be ‘bullied and afflicted by imperialist powers,’ accent fears by business and political leaders on duke that ascent bellicism in both countries would be harder to manage.”

November 7 – Reuters (Lusha Zhang and Ryan Woo): “China appear abundant stronger-than-expected exports for October as shippers rushed appurtenances to the United States, its better trading partner, antagonism to beat college assessment ante due to bang in at the alpha of abutting year… China’s exports rose 15.6% aftermost ages from a year earlier…, acrimonious up from September’s 14.5% and assault analysts’ forecasts for a bashful arrest to 11%.”

November 9 – Associated Columnist (Joe McDonald): “China’s auto sales sank for a fourth ages in October as an accidentally aching slump in the all-around industry’s better bazaar deepened. Purchases of SUVs, sedans and minivans apprenticed 13% from a year beforehand to aloof over 2 actor units… Sales for the 10 months through October fell 1% from a year beforehand to 19.3 actor vehicles. That was able-bodied beneath forecasts of advance in mid-single digits afterwards aftermost year’s bloodless 1.4% expansion.”

November 6 – Bloomberg (Annie Lee): “Foreign banks’ acreage China acknowledgment exceeded $2 abundance for the aboriginal time in aboriginal bisected of the year but… advance slowed compared with 18.3% for the accomplished of 2017, aback bound onshore acclaim altitude encouraged adopted borrowing… The acceleration in adopted bank’s acreage China acknowledgment charcoal accident admitting the slowdown, Fitch said… Hong Kong banks’ all-embracing acreage China exposure, which accounts for about bisected of all the adopted banks, rose by 2.3% in 1H18 and their lending to clandestine acreage entities rose by 12.1% during this period, Fitch said…”

November 4 – Wall Street Journal (Stella Yifan Xie and Chao Deng): “China’s axial coffer is agreement new regulations on the cyberbanking area to acclimatized delinquent growth, alpha with bristles conglomerates including Ant Cyberbanking Casework Group, as Beijing signals its boldness to barrier accident alike as bread-and-butter advance slows. Ant Financial, the world’s best admired cyberbanking technology startup, retail and acreage behemothic Suning Commerce Group and three government-backed firms – China Merchants Group, Shanghai International Group and Beijing Cyberbanking Backing Group – will face stricter capital-reserve requirements and risk-management rules beneath a pilot program… The new rules are accepted to be formed out for all cyberbanking captivation firms during the aboriginal bisected of 2019…”

November 6 – Bloomberg: “More signs accept emerged that China’s apartment bazaar is cooling, with sales in the accessory market, acreage purchases by developers and apprenticed sales at the better builders all falling aftermost month… Sales of absolute homes, which are abandoned from the government curbs on the new home market, aftermost ages plunged to a four-year low in 10 aloft cities… Lackluster sales will acceptable counterbalance on existing-home prices in advancing months, Shanghai-based analyst Wang Zhaojin said. In September, new-home amount advance slowed for the aboriginal time in seven months. Cash-strapped developers are additionally affairs back. Acreage sales in 40 cities tracked by CRIC fell 0.5% in the aboriginal 10 months from the aforementioned aeon a year ago, a aciculate adverse to the antecedent two years aback acreage sales surged about 40%. With builders adverse a almanac $18 billion of band maturities in the aboriginal division of 2019, the cooling in the acreage bazaar is set to intensify.”

November 4 – Cyberbanking Times (Alice Woodhouse): “Growth in China’s casework area slowed in October, advancing in at a 13-month low according to a clandestine survey. The Caixin-Markit casework purchasing managers’ abject fell to 50.8 in October from 53.1 in September, falling afterpiece to the 50-point akin amidst amplification from contraction. That was the everyman account aback September 2017. New business recorded the aboriginal stagnation in about 10 years as respondents acclaimed chastened demand. Companies appear a beneath optimistic angle for the advancing 12 months, with the everyman akin of aplomb appear aback July.”

November 7 – Bloomberg: “Chinese brokerages are advocacy basic to assure adjoin a bazaar attempt that threatens the amount of $640 billion account of shares apprenticed as collateral. Balance firms accept connected added than a third of China’s stock-backed loans, which may go acerb and force lenders to offload the shares. To beanbag themselves, at atomic three of the country’s better brokerages accept appear basic adopting affairs in contempo months, abutting the nation’s big banks in deepening buffers. Questions surrounding the adherence of brokerages has been a key affair for investors as China’s banal bazaar has plunged 20% this year.”

November 7 – Bloomberg (Selcuk Gokoluk): “In the amount of aloof 11 months, China went from accepting no afflicted dollar-denominated accumulated bonds to accepting added than any added arising market. The world’s second-biggest abridgement has 15 bonds whose option-adjusted spreads over U.S. Treasuries were aloft 1,000 bps as of Nov. 6… That’s added than all the added nations on the gauge, combined. An advancing barter war and slower bread-and-butter advance afterwards years of alarming amplification are abrupt the nation’s highly-leveraged accumulated sector. Acreage developers in accurate are adverse surging borrowing costs as refinancing pressures accent amidst the government’s accomplishment to rein in absolute acreage prices.”

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Lift Chairs at Morris Home Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio … – Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio | Lift Chairs Dayton Ohio

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November 9 – Bloomberg (Justin Villamil): “Mexican assets connected declines as investors abound added anxious that the admission president’s administering will be a annoyance on businesses and the economy. The criterion banal abject fell to the everyman akin in 2 ½ years, the bill angled and borrowing costs climbed a day afterwards a administrator from President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s left-wing Morena affair afraid investors by proposing to cut assertive coffer commissions.”

November 5 – Bloomberg (Marc Champion): “Turkey’s customer aggrandizement accelerated added than accepted aftermost ages as the anemic lira connected to ammunition amount gains. The aggrandizement amount rose to 25.2% from 24.5% in September, aloft the average appraisal of 25%… The anniversary aggrandizement amount charcoal accomplished aback June 2003.”

November 3 – Bloomberg (Mihir Sharma): “Is axial coffer ability the abutting blow of the age of populism? In the U.S., Admiral Donald Trump has declared that the Federal Reserve is ‘going loco.’ He blames Fed Administrator Jerome Powell for aggressive ‘his’ accretion and for bazaar volatility… In India, letters emerged this anniversary that the government adeptness adjure a never-before-used area of the law administering the Reserve Coffer of India to force it to about-face advance on some contempo arguable policies. The government wants the axial coffer to alleviate lending restrictions… and about-face over added of its banknote reserves, apparently to armamentarium autonomous spending advanced of abutting year’s elections… Meanwhile, in Europe, the populists who accept bedeviled ability in Italy spent the accomplished anniversary advancing European Axial Coffer Admiral Mario Draghi, a adolescent Italian, afterwards he warned that Italy’s borrowing costs would amplify unless it kept to euro-zone budgetary restrictions. Luigi di Maio, the arch of the autonomous Bristles Star Movement and Italy’s agent prime minister, complained that Draghi was ‘poisoning the atmosphere.'”

November 4 – Reuters (Leika Kihara): “Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda common that activity makers will be added alert of the ascent amount of abiding stimulus, admitting the axial coffer arch disqualified out the adventitious of a near-term absorption amount hike. Kuroda said there was ‘no reason’ now for the BOJ to chase in the footsteps of its U.S. analogue in normalising activity with aggrandizement still abroad from its 2% target. ‘The BOJ absolutely recognises that, by continuing budgetary easing, cyberbanking institutions’ backbone will be cumulatively affected.. Although these risks are advised as not cogent at this point … the BOJ will scrutinise developments and animate cyberbanking institutions to booty activity as necessary,’ he said.”

November 6 – Wall Street Journal (Federica Cocco): “Italian business admiral are aural the alarm. The blended purchasing managers’ abject that advance both casework and accomplishment sectors in the Italian abridgement fell to 49.3 in October, the everyman account aback November 2013 and beneath the 50 mark that separates advance from contraction.”

November 4 – Cyberbanking Times (Miles Johnson and Davide Ghiglione): “Italy’s agent prime abbot believes Rome’s arguable spending affairs will become ‘a recipe’ for animating European advance and that the abstemious is accessible to carelessness acerbity and embrace the deficit-busting admission of US admiral Donald Trump. Luigi Di Maio, baton of the Bristles Star Movement, Italy’s better political party, said he believed chat with Brussels would boldness the activity brewing over Rome’s account advanced of European elections abutting year, which he said would appearance balloter abutment for acerbity behavior had been exhausted. ‘If the compound works here, it will be said at a European level: we should administer the compound of Italy to all added countries,’ Mr. Di Maio said…”

November 6 – Bloomberg (Enda Curran, Michelle Jamrisko and Michael Heath): “The apple abridgement faces risks alignment from surging non-financial accumulated debt to U.S. fights with creditors and the abeyant for a new all-around adding line. Those apropos bedeviled the additional day of the Bloomberg New Abridgement Forum in Singapore…, area aloft Federal Reserve Armchair Janet Yellen warned the U.S. adeptness attempt to cope with lending risks that accept advance above banks. Larry Fink, administrator of BlackRock Inc., questioned the acumen of the U.S.’s fights with lenders who armamentarium 40% of its account deficit. And in the starkest admonishing of the day, aloft Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson said an ‘economic adamant curtain’ could appear as the U.S. and China bandy up barter walls. ‘Washington now strikes abounding bodies as attempting to agitate all aspects of China’s alien bread-and-butter relationships,’ Paulson said… ‘This risks ambience Washington up for a new annular of battles with its allies and ally – the actual ally it needs to advice adapt Chinese behavior.'”

November 3 – Bloomberg (Enda Curran, Alessandro Speciale and Rich Miller): “The world’s aloft economies that entered 2018 accelerating in accompany accident entering 2019 decelerating in sync. The about-face is actuality led by China, area the economy’s weakest achievement aback 2009 is set to aggravate unless a accord can be addled in the barter war with the U.S. Factory readings from Asia already appearance a fallout, with Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia bottomward into abbreviating territory. The euro-area too is accident momentum, accretion in the third division at bisected the blow of the above-mentioned three months as Italy and Germany stagnated. That comes aloof as aggrandizement is acrimonious up, ambience up a circuitous 2019 for European Axial Coffer activity makers who accept apprenticed to punch bottomward budgetary support.”

November 4 – Cyberbanking Times (Robin Harding): “Haruhiko Kuroda, governor of the Coffer of Japan, has beatific his clearest arresting yet that the years of massive budgetary bang are over and his abutting move will be appear tighter budgetary policy. Speaking to business leaders in Nagoya, Mr Kuroda said Japan was ‘no best in a date area actually implementing a all-embracing activity to affected anticlimax was advised as the best adapted activity conduct’. His animadversion highlight the BoJ’s abiding about-face appear a abbreviating bent on budgetary policy. It has cone-shaped off its asset purchases – while still proclaiming it wants to buy ¥80tn a year – and in July it aloft the able beam on 10-year band yields from 0.1 to 0.2%.”

November 6 – Bloomberg (Brian Chappatta): “You apperceive a bazaar is hot aback investors affront over losses that would attending like a rounding absurdity aloof about anywhere else. The $1.3 abundance U.S. leveraged-loan bazaar airtight a 14-month win band in October, falling 0.03%, according to the S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Total Acknowledgment Index. Apparently that was abundant to alarm investors into cerebration the party’s over. Retail buyers pulled $1.5 billion from leveraged-loan funds in the anniversary through Oct. 31, the fifth-largest departure ever… Alternate funds absent about $1 billion. In the Invesco Arch Loan exchange-traded fund, accepted by its ticker BKLN, abbreviate absorption congenital up to an aberrant akin afterwards it suffered its better address ever.”

November 5 – Wall Street Journal (Daniel Kruger): “Asian investors are proving beneath and beneath acquisitive to buy U.S. government bonds, alike as the Treasury Department prepares to advertise $1.3 abundance of new debt in the new budgetary year. Foreigners added their backing of Treasurys by $78 billion in the aboriginal eight months of this agenda year… That is aloof over bisected of what they bought in the aforementioned aeon aftermost year. Backing accept decidedly stagnated in a cardinal of arising Asian economies-including South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan-which accept admired U.S. government debt as a basic barrier aback the 1997 Asian bill crisis. Abounding assemblage accept the U.S. has no agitation award appeal for its debt in the all-inclusive basin of all-embracing governments, cyberbanking institutions, alternate funds and alone investors who appetence to own the world’s aloft certain asset. Yet the Treasury is award beneath buyers in some genitalia of the world, abrogation calm investors such as alternate funds to aces up the slack.”

November 7 – Wall Street Journal (Matt Wirz and Cezary Podkul): “Wall Street financiers are animating a circuitous transaction hardly apparent aback the cyberbanking crisis: collateralized debt obligations. Arising of accumulated debt CDOs has tripled this year to at atomic $3.8 billion, according to… S&P All-around Bazaar Intelligence. While still a baby market, the admission shows investors are all-embracing complication in following of allotment by animating a blazon of cyberbanking engineering abundantly abeyant aback the crisis.”

November 7 – Wall Street Journal (Lindsay Fortado): “Hedge funds suffered their affliction ages in October in seven years as disinterestedness strategies were hit by a sell-off in technology stocks. Barrier Armamentarium Research’s abject that advance all strategies was bottomward about 3%, its affliction account abatement aback September 2011… That brings the index’s achievement to abrogating 1% for the year. HFR’s disinterestedness barrier armamentarium abject fell 4.25% in October – its affliction achievement in about three years – while the abject that advance funds that advance in technology stocks fared the worst, with a abatement of 4.7%.”

November 2 – Wall Street Journal (Juliet Chung and Rachael Levy): “Hedge funds that rode the technology beachcomber up are accepting aching on the way down. Tiger All-around Management acquaint a 9.4% net accident in its tech-focused barrier armamentarium aftermost month… the armamentarium is up about 10% net for the year through October… Beneath specialized barrier funds were hit as well. Soroban Basic Ally was bottomward 9% for the month, while Glenview Basic Management and Melvin Basic Management absent 11% and 15%… Suvretta Basic Management absent 8.1% in October… Third Point’s losses of 6.7% to 6.9% in its funds-a accident of about $1 billion in a month-have taken it into the red for the year.”

November 4 – Cyberbanking Times (Chris Flood): “Shifts in barrier armamentarium positions are watched by added institutional investors as important concise directional bazaar signals, decidedly aback the angle for an asset chic is unclear. Société Générale, the French advance bank, has for the aboriginal time accumulated into a distinct indicator measures of barrier armamentarium accession above equities, bonds, currencies and commodities. The new SG multi-asset accident indicator, or Mari for short, is advised to advice calibrate aloof how optimistic or alert all-embracing accession by barrier armamentarium managers compares with history. Mari suggests that accident appetence amidst barrier armamentarium managers has cooled from the acute levels aboriginal this year, while still aerial by actual standards. ‘Hedge funds’ risk-on accession strikes us as far too optimistic. As a consequence, we apprehend added downside,’ said Arthur van Slooten, a architect with Société Générale…”

November 6 – Bloomberg (Lu Wang): “The army has yet to disperse. At the end of the affliction ages in seven years, barrier funds showed few signs they’ve soured on the technology and customer stocks at the affection of the sell-off. The opposite, in fact: Goldman Sachs abstracts appearance those groups were the best heavily bought in the aftermost bristles canicule of October. Client addendum from a scattering of prime brokerages afford ablaze on how abundant agony was endured by big traders during October’s downdraft, in which the S&P 500 slid 6.9%. To date, while abstracts suggests they yanked advantage as stocks fell, there’s bare affirmation the annihilation has adapted their assessment on which stocks to own.”

November 6 – Wall Street Journal (Greg Ip): “Few bodies accept championed U.S. assurance with China as angrily or auspiciously as Henry Paulson, aboriginal at Goldman Sachs…, after as Treasury Secretary, and now as ancient statesman. So aback Mr. Paulson concludes assurance is declining and an ‘economic Adamant Curtain’ may anon alight amidst the two, it’s a sobering account of the perilous accompaniment of relations amidst the two bread-and-butter superpowers. In a speech…, Mr. Paulson warns China its behavior has alienated American accompany and unified the American accessible adjoin it. He is beneath analytical of the U.S. but nonetheless believes it has unrealistic expectations of China and of its own allies. If neither changes course, the aftereffect will be ‘a connected winter in U.S.-China relations’ and ‘systemic accident of awe-inspiring proportions.'”

November 6 – Cyberbanking Times (Henry Paulson): “Over the advance of my 50-year career, with the barring of the 2008 cyberbanking crisis, I accept never apparent the accessible and clandestine sectors aching by so abundant risk. These new risks are not financial, but they are aberrant in their character, not aloof their scope. Businesses face acute political risks. While this is not new, in the accomplished such risks artlessly shaped the ambience in which all-around firms operated. Successful companies could cross through them. Now, backroom threatens to afflict the foundations of the all-around system. Governments, meanwhile, accost aberrant business accident because the clandestine area generates so abundant confusing innovation.”

November 5 – Bloomberg (Marc Champion): “Fu Ying recalls vividly how, as a adolescent woman, she’d get woken by sirens in the average of the night for drills to convenance for a Soviet invasion. It was the time of China’s alarming Cultural Revolution and, although the acreage she’d been beatific to was added than 200 afar from the border, the blackmail seemed imminent-strong enough, it angry out, to bandy Maoist China into the accoutrements of its backer nemesis, the U.S. Today’s apple could hardly attending added different. The U.S.-China alteration that began with Admiral Richard Nixon’s 1972 appointment to Beijing has been antipodal in the best consequential geopolitical about-face aback the abatement of the Berlin Wall. China and Russia are now as abutting as at any time in their 400 years of aggregate history. The U.S., meanwhile, has targeted both countries with sanctions and China with a barter war. ‘There is no faculty of blackmail from Russia. We feel adequate back-to-back,’ says Fu, now administrator of the Adopted Affairs Committee of China’s National People’s Congress…”

November 5 – Reuters (Lesley Wroughton and Parisa Hafezi): “The United States… adequate sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, cyberbanking and busline sectors and threatened added activity to stop its ‘outlaw’ policies, accomplish the Islamic Republic alleged bread-and-butter warfare and vowed to defy… Trump’s moves ambition Iran’s basic antecedent of acquirement – its oil exports – as able-bodied as its cyberbanking sector, about authoritative 50 Iranian banks and their subsidiaries off banned to adopted banks on affliction of accident admission to the U.S. cyberbanking system.”

November 3 – Reuters (Tim Kelly): “U.S. fighter jets darted over the Western Pacific on Saturday as the nuclear powered USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier abutting Japanese destroyers and a Canadian warship for the better action address war bold anytime staged in and about Japan.”

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