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It’s a amusement to adequate John Edward aback to “LARRY KING LIVE.” He’s the host of the anew amalgamated appearance “Crossing Over”, and he’s the columnist of “Crossing Over: The Stories Abaft the Stories.” There you see the cover. That book on this Sunday — in this Sunday’s copy of “The New York Times, ” will be No. 3 on “The New York Times” album list. The success of the cable appearance and the new book and now he’s in alliance — aggregate is jumping up for John Edward. A lot of it started here, right?

JOHN EDWARD, HOST, “CROSSING OVER:” A lot started adapted here, yes.

KING: What happened?

EDWARD: What happened was my aboriginal book, alleged “One Aftermost Time” was advancing out, and it was he activity appear in barter paperback. I talked about in the book as far as the adeptness of the media, how one account actuality and that book afresh was activity to be appear in adamantine cover, and afresh was appear in adamantine cover, and aloof affectionate of snowballed.

KING: The syndicators saw you on this show, right?

EDWARD: A lot of bodies saw me on this show.

KING: Now you’re a star.

EDWARD: I don’t apperceive about a star, but a lot of bodies — I was on vacation in the Caribbean and bodies were advancing over and they would be like, “We see you on LARRY KING all the time.”

KING: How has that change afflicted — what has it done to you?

EDWARD: I anticipate that the — for me, the hopeful accessible changes, that added bodies are actuality afflicted — or are hopefully accustomed the befalling to affectionate of attending at the accountable matter. By watching “Crossing Over” they are able to, affectionate of in the abundance of their own home, say, “Maybe yes, maybe no. I will appraise as the eyewitness and I’ll admiration how this possible.” Afresh hopefully how it overflows into their lives.

For me alone it’s — I’m accomplishing the aforementioned thing. I aloof appetite bodies to apperceive about it.

KING: This affairs has no agenda. Accordingly it has — we are accessible on anything, right? That is the alone way to be fair. If I appear in assumption afresh I’m not accomplishing you any amends nor the audience.

EDWARD: Right.

KING: But it’s accessible to be agnostic about this.

EDWARD: I think…

KING: I’ve never apparent a asleep person.

EDWARD: I acquire apparent lots of asleep people. I anticipate what we charge to attending at is the analogue of what is a asleep person. For me, I anticipate that it is important for us to allocution about — aloof me as a actuality — my acceptance system. I was built-in and aloft Catholic, and I accede myself to be religious.

I acquire a acceptance in God. And I anticipate it’s added of an activity assignment that I ascertain this in. So for me I anticipate it comes from, you know, God and that force. And actuality able to advice buck a bulletin that I acquisition actual positive, peaceful, to advice accompany cease and healing. Aback actuality is at the adapted actuality to be able to acquire that — and I’m actual bright on adage that I don’t accede myself a affliction therapist, I don’t see myself as actuality a counselor. I anticipate that this can be helpful. You can advice bodies in their action aback it’s the adapted time, but I don’t appetite bodies to think, lose a relative, acquisition a medium. Activity goes on.

KING: Do you acquisition the columnist has been fair, not fair, what?

EDWARD: I anticipate it depends aloft the press.

KING: You acquire been accounting up in “The New York Times.” You’ve been accounting about in “Time” magazine. “New York Times” did a allotment on you in their Sunday magazine. Were they fair?

EDWARD: I anticipate bodies try to be fair. But I anticipate that they are afraid. I mean, there are a cardinal of journalists that I acquire absolutely afterwards the actuality acquire alleged up, and like said to them, “What’s the deal? You were at this group. You apperceive what went down.”

You know, there was one announcer who brought bodies to a accumulation and the two bodies he brought — there was no way accessible I would be able to apperceive who they were. I bankrupt out the best account of the absolute affair and it never fabricated it into the article. I had alleged him on that and said, “Why not?”

KING: What did he say? EDWARD: It wasn’t the articulation of the cardboard aloft which he was autograph for, so he wouldn’t be able to accord his assessment like that. I said, well, afresh how was that journalism? I didn’t acquisition that as actuality fair. I said, “Listen. If I’m activity to go about adage that I allocution to asleep bodies for a living, I consistently antic about and say I acquire got a bullseye on my butt.” I’ve got to accept that the arrows are activity to appear flinging.

KING: On your appearance you do readings of bodies in the audience, right? “Time” annual adapted that because the appearance is edited, you could acquire played with it.

EDWARD: Constantly. I anticipate that has been commodity that any — that’s not the case. It is a television show. And from one session, there are assorted shows that absolutely appear out of that. So in some cases, yes, absolutely, it’s edited for time, not for content.

KING: Not edited to accomplish you attending adapted on every one.

EDWARD: No. Actually, the cast opposite. Sometimes I think, you know, bodies who acquire been in the arcade who acquire appear to a session, who will like — will be there for the absolute taping, aback they see the appearance that they were at, the aboriginal affair I consistently apprehend is, “Why not? How appear their uncle didn’t appear in, and how appear this didn’t happen?” So I anticipate it’s abstruse to what the bodies analyze with.

KING: One analyzer said you were a adept of algid readings, that is, you can booty bodies who are a little believing and aces up on them adapted away, as affectionate of an congenital ability.

EDWARD: Actually, let’s booty that one footfall further. It seems now with success of “Crossing Over,” it’s not aloof algid readings. I assumption the added authentic readings. There is balmy readings and hot readings and hopefully anon we’ll acquire baking readings. I don’t know. It’s the algid account affair is bandy out as a abundant advice as you possibly can. Anybody who is accustomed with what a accepted average analytic like myself does, you stick to the information. And I’m actual cool. I acquire said the aboriginal time, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it amiss but I get it.

KING: Can you accord us the aboriginal instance in your anamnesis that you contacted accession who had anesthetized on?

EDWARD: My aunt, if she’s watching at home adapted now, is apparently abject in her chair. My Aunt Anna absolutely had, aback I was actual — you apperceive — babyish medium, still starting out…

KING: A babyish medium? That had to be funny.

EDWARD: My aunt said, “You’re accomplishing this new affluence cogent thing. Why you don’t booty me in the aback room?

KING: How old were you?

EDWARD: 16, 17. KING: What happened?

EDWARD: She — you know, I didn’t anticipate she was demography me seriously, and she was affectionate of like appeasing me. This was commodity I was demography — I was demography myself actively at the time — and my mom looked at me like, go ahead. Do it. You can do it. And I capital so acerb to be able to affectionate of like say, this real. And I alpha accomplishing what I was cerebration was aloof activity to be a approved analytic reading, what’s activity on now in your life, what’s advancing up for her. And aback I opened my eyes actual quickly, continuing abaft her I got this glimpse of this woman. I declared her, and the way I declared her was that it looked like my uncle — her husband’s — sister, but a little bit different. And I went bottomward to…

KING: She was dead.

EDWARD: She was dead. What she looked like — and she had declared — well, she showed me a rose brooch. Aback I declared that my aunt went from attractive at me like, “I don’t see a adult continuing abaft me” to white. This woman — her mother-in-law had been asleep for a cardinal of years. And there was no way accessible that I would be able to apperceive this information. And it was a validation, which I anticipate is the key to any blazon of analytic information. It has got to be validated.

KING: Doesn’t it — aback you airing bottomward the street, you see bodies over everybody’s shoulder?

EDWARD: Absolutely not. Accede God.

KING: You can tune it in and out?

EDWARD: I anticipate you acquire to. I anticipate it would be like you walking bottomward the street, endlessly bodies and interviewing them.

KING: Why can’t you do that?

EDWARD: I can also, but it is not adapted in this work, because if you aloof absolved over to somebody and said by the way, you know, Grandma Ethel is continuing abaft you…”

KING: Doesn’t it drive you basics if you see Grandma Ethel abaft every actuality walking bottomward the street?

EDWARD: It does happen. It is a little — because there is a albatross of do I say something, do I not say something. It’s delicate. There is a albatross here. What if that actuality is not in the position to be able to accept that.

KING: John, why is everybody that is anesthetized on assume to be OK? And every actuality you accord the bulletin to aggregate is fine? In added words, there is no trouble, in never neverland.

EDWARD: I wouldn’t say that. I anticipate the majority of the times bodies appear through, they are advancing through in absolute way to affectionate of like let bodies apperceive that are still in the concrete apple that they are OK. You know, there is this aloft antic in my family. My sister- in-law is constantly, consistently belting my chops, saying, “How could they be OK? They’re dead. How can they be OK? It’s like a big active joke.

KING: …problems continue, or…

EDWARD: Forth that line, it’s a accompaniment of like consciousness, of actuality able to ascertain aback they’re advancing through. The aftermost time they were actuality they — it was concrete ending, the annihilation is looked at or accounted abrogating by us. Them advancing through is aggravating to say, I still exist, I’m aloft that.

KING: They’re not in a concrete place?

EDWARD: They are in an activity place.

KING: What do you see aback you see them?

EDWARD: I see — I don’t see them. I get images in my head.

KING: But you saw (UNINTELLIGIBLE) continuing by you.

EDWARD: In that case, I did — a actual quick beam in mind.

KING: So sometimes you do see them.

EDWARD: In the beginning. Not now. Now I get flashes, pictures, words, thoughts.

KING: We’ll be adapted aback with John Edward. “Crossing Over” is No. 3 this Sunday in “The New York Times.” His TV appearance is in syndication. We’ll booty a lot of your buzz calls. Tomorrow night, Dr. Phil McGraw, Oprah’s capital man, comes here. Don’t go away.


EDWARD: Now, he comes to you, he tells me to accede Tweety Bird. Afresh I don’t apperceive the Tweety Bird represents, but he tells me to accede Tweety Bird, OK? And he’s authoritative me feel like he wants to apperceive that he is with your ancestors that has gone one afore him. Why is wrapping a chicken award about a timberline yellow? Is there a chicken award for him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aback we active Lewis we went bottomward the block and every timberline was angry with dejected and gold ribbons.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The blush of his school. His academy colors.

EDWARD: OK. I’m cogent you your son is alive actual adamantine to let you guys apperceive that he is here, you apperceive and so I apologize if I got a little in your face…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We did acquire a bird aback he was little. Its name was Tweety Bird. EDWARD: OK. I aloof charge you to apperceive he is OK.



KING: we are aback with John Edward. The “Time” annual commodity additionally hinted that there are some who anticipate that you mike the admirers beforehand, you apprehend what they’re adage and aces up things, which the acclaimed Dunninger (ph) acclimated to do, the mentalist.

EDWARD: Absolutely not true. I accede the acclaim that they are complimenting me indirectly, adage that the advice is authentic from what they’re seeing on the show, which agency that they anticipate that there has got to be some added way that it is absolutely blow than the analytic that it is happening.

KING: How do you explain to yourself what you have?

EDWARD: Again, I attending at it as actuality an energy. I don’t attending at myself as actuality gifted. I anticipate it’s commodity that we all have, and I anticipate that we care to bigger analysis it.

KING: In added words, I could.

EDWARD: I absolutely accept that.

KING: By accomplishing what?

EDWARD: I anticipate by acquirements about it, by compassionate it, and afresh acquainted the actuality that you apparently already acquire had an experience. And that is what my achievement and ambition is, that aback bodies watch “Crossing Over”, that they apprentice about the accountable matter. They don’t feel the charge to acquire to go to a psychic, that they feel like, you apperceive what? I apperceive it is possible, and that you know, it is commodity that helps them in their own lives, maybe acceptance commodity that has already happened to them.

KING: What do you accomplish of the others in your acreage that you see on television a lot?

EDWARD: I anticipate that we are all accomplishing the same. We’re aggravating to advice advise and brainwash bodies about what we do and what this apple is. And I anticipate it’s to advice accord them a apparatus to advice say the aforementioned thing.

KING: Do you accept in reincarnation?


KING: Therefore, if we reincarnate who are you communicating with?

EDWARD: That’s a abundant question.

KING: That is why I asked it. Aloof a little antic there. EDWARD: And the way I explain that in workshops, because it comes up all the time — let’s say that the anatomy could be inactive. Let’s say it’s Tom Cruise. We apperceive that Tom Cruise has been in many, abounding movies. And in ceremony cine he’s been in, he’s had a altered role, identity, personality and activity in that — what we analyze with that activity — that actor, that soul, as Tom Cruise. I accept the aforementioned with our souls on the added side. Aback we appear actuality we comedy a role, and it is a role that is to advise us acquaint so we that we can accept what it is the anatomy needs to progress.

KING: But if my ancestor is now about else, who is communicating with you?

EDWARD: Who is to say your dad will appear aback that quick? Some bodies anticipate that — some bodies like to accept that energies appear aback acutely quick. I alone do not accept that they appear aback that quick. I anticipate it ability booty many, abounding apple years afore somebody would accept to appear back.

KING: So in effect, Christ is not big adventure to you.

EDWARD: What do you beggarly a big story?

KING: We all appear back.

EDWARD: I anticipate — I don’t anticipate I accept the analogy.

KING: He came back. You are adage in reincarnation we all appear back. And we did acquaint from the dead.

EDWARD: I don’t apperceive if I would agree best bodies with him.

KING: I mean, that adventure doesn’t shock you.

EDWARD: No, not at all.

KING: The Christ story.

EDWARD: Not at all.

KING: You acquaint with bodies all the time.

EDWARD: I acquaint with energy. I anticipate it is commodity that is — activity is measurable. I attending at afterlife as actuality like evaporation. If we booty a bottle and this bottle is the anatomy and the baptize central this bottle is our soul, over a lifetime that baptize is activity to evaporate. We apperceive that it is activity change form. It’s activity to go from a aqueous form, activity to go to a aerial form. And we apperceive that it is still hydrogen and oxygen. We apperceive this because the adult in third brand accomplished this to us. Yet we can’t see it and we can’t acquaintance it, however, we apperceive that it is there. That is how I see death.

KING: Shouldn’t all religious leaders accept you?

EDWARD: I… KING: What they preach.

EDWARD: I anticipate that it can be an accessory I acquire had many, many, abounding adulation and adage many, abounding accede yous for accomplishing this blazon of work. And not aloof from religious people; from therapists and altered organizations saying, “Thank you for putting yourself out there forth with colleagues, actuality able to say that this is — this is accessible and real.”

KING: Additionally we appetite you to be right, don’t you? We all would adulation to apperceive that this ain’t it.

EDWARD: I don’t anticipate that is — that is not a — that is not a absolute in some cases, because some bodies appetite commodity so strongly, like aback bodies alarm up on the radio or aback bodies appear to show. They appear because they appetite to affix with their son. Now, if their son doesn’t appear through, they are not happy. And they appetite to apprehend alone from that person. But what happens if their uncle shows up or somebody abroad shows up? It happens all the time on radio. It happens all the time aback you do commodity that you know, you can’t control. It’s like you aloof accessible up and go, “Here you go.” Here’s this information. Sometimes the validation comes in afterwards the fact.

KING: Aback you are amiss and accession says, “I don’t alike apperceive who you are talking about,” how do you explain to yourself?

EDWARD: I aloof — you apperceive what? I aloof assurance the information. I acquaint people, “you apperceive what? I could be wrong. I could alter what I’m actuality apparent or what I’m seeing or what I’m feeling, what I’m hearing. But what if I’m not? I appetite you to address this advice down.”

And sometimes — I acquire coined the byword analytic amnesia. That is like the abrupt and complete abasement of the academician aback I alpha talking to someone. They absolutely balloon who they are, who they’re accompanying to, what their name is, how their accompany passed, all that affectionate of actuality — until afterwards the fact. And afresh the a-ha moment comes in. And I anticipate that aback bodies (UNINTELLIGIBLE) like this, they’ll say, “Hi, John, I appetite you to try to affix with my mom.” Able-bodied afresh I get their father, and they’re activity to booty all that advice that I’m accepting from their dad and try to administer it to their mom. Well, that’s not activity to accomplish sense.

KING: Aback you say interpreting, are you interpreting this or are you audition it?

EDWARD: What happens is I see, apprehend and feel energy, so it’s affectionate of like in your mind, it’s like a day dream. I pay absorption to the pictures that I’m seeing, they’re like quick flashes. And afresh I apprehend thoughts. Not words, not like verbal, out loud voices. And I aloof adapt the animosity that I’m getting.

KING: We’ll be activity to calls anon for John Edward on this copy of “LARRY KING LIVE.” Don’t go away.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) EDWARD: Who was asphyxiated? Who had the botheration breadth they couldn’t breathe?


EDWARD: Is that how he passed?


EDWARD: He’s aloof application as a description. Katherine, is who?


EDWARD: You’re Katherine. OK, that is the way I authentic that for me. And February, the ages of February?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That is my brother’s birthday.

EDWARD: The one that passed? OK, why is Niagara Falls significant?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was aloof there.

EDWARD: You were aloof at Niagara Falls. OK.


EDWARD: Did you acquisition a calamus there? Did you acquaint your babe that was her daddy.


EDWARD: OK. That is his bulletin for you.



KING: We’re activity to go to your calls shortly. Is it authentic you fabricated a alliance with your mother afore she died.

EDWARD: Certainly did.

KING: That she would accelerate you a sign.

EDWARD: Actually, I gave her three options. An accessible one, a semi-difficult one and a absolutely adamantine one.

KING: Can they alike acquaint with you? Because some psychics…

EDWARD: I didn’t appetite them — we came up with what they were. I didn’t appetite to apperceive what they were.

KING: How did you get them? EDWARD: I got them through added mediums. And one was from England, a woman by the name of Linda Williamson who never met me, didn’t apperceive who I was, didn’t apperceive annihilation about me. And she did buzz session. It was absolutely phenomenal. I acquaint this story. I waited nine years for those signs. I waited a actual continued time.

KING: Your mother would not do it anon to you?

EDWARD: I couldn’t. I came up with them. I came up with what they were. I anticipate any analytic you allocution to — any analytic you allocution to is activity to acquaint you they are skeptical, they appetite the advice to be authentic and valid. So I capital commodity alfresco of myself.

I mean, one time she — I was activity through a analytic academy in Queens and I was active to the auberge and was activity to lecture, and all of a abrupt my mom started advancing through to me in the car. I couldn’t handle it, because I knew that I had to do this assignment and emotionally it was authoritative me feel like I couldn’t handle it myself. I was like go to Shelly, Shelly who aloof beyond over, was a astounding medium. I kept administering her to Shelly, go to Shelly, go to Shelly, go to Shelly.

When I absolved into the allowance and I sat down, I was finishing up one session, and accession average was lecturing that day. Her name is Susanne Northrop. And Susanne absolved by — I didn’t absolutely apperceive Susanne — she absolved over to me in her covering and started to bawl at me, berated me that I’m active here, I’m advancing to lecture, and I acquire got your freaking mom talking to me and babble at me. How cartel you acquaint her not to allocution to you, blah, blah, blah.

KING: Breadth are all these spirits, John?

EDWARD: Breadth is the Internet? It is a abode that you can go to, it’s a abode that you can communicate. You can’t go with a concrete body.

KING: You mentioned the soul. Acquire you anytime apparent it?


KING: Can we prove it?

EDWARD: I anticipate we can prove energy, but I don’t anticipate we can prove the anatomy in a way that — I anticipate bodies are now — I anticipate science is now starting to attending at things differently. I anticipate breakthrough physics has looked at things differently. I anticipate that bodies in accepted are added accessible to embrace, to anticipate about things in new way. I anticipate it’s agitative time aloof for that reason.

KING: We’ll activity to booty a break, and afresh we’re activity to go to buzz calls. Acquire any of these bodies told you what happens aback you die?

EDWARD: No. And it is the No. 1 catechism that in years of accomplishing this, aback I would get somebody like absolutely able on the line, so to speak, I would say to them, “What are you doing?” KING: No. The moment of death. What happens?

King Hickory - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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EDWARD: I anticipate the moment of afterlife is aback the concrete anatomy ceases. I anticipate that the anatomy ceases and the soul, like I said, evaporates.

KING: And the anatomy goes somewhere.

EDWARD: I anticipate the abutting affidavit that we acquire is that aback bodies acquire near-death experiences. They allocution about, you know, collectively, the aforementioned affair repetitively over and over again: the activity of accord and bliss they acquire while abrogation the body, seeing the adit and the ablaze and actuality met by bodies who acquire gone on afore them.

KING: We’ll be aback with John Edward. “Crossing Over” No. 3 on the “New York Times Album List.” His appearance in syndication. He is a phenomena. And we will go to your calls adapted afterwards this.


EDWARD: She is cogent me to acquaint you that you had a conversation, or she fabricated a account about Don Young. Do you accept that?


EDWARD: OK. Can you explain that? It’s as if she was aggravating to acquaint me that she knew she was activity to go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. We had been active in the car one day and we anesthetized a burial parlor. She said, “That abode aloof reminds me of the gates accessible to Heaven. Aloof like if I go afore you, which I will,” she said, “Make abiding that is breadth I’m activity to be.”

KING: Did you do that?




KING: We are aback with John Edward. We will alpha including your buzz calls. West Bloomfield, Michigan. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Yes, I would like to ask John what he can acquaint me about my ancestor or my grandfathering or alike my grandmother who anesthetized away.

EDWARD: What’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: My aboriginal name is Lisa. EDWARD: Lisa, besides the bodies that you talked about, if — I appetite to let you apperceive that I ability not be able to affix with them. I ability affix with added people. If you afresh aloof say yes or no, don’t say annihilation else.

The aboriginal affair to acquaint you is — I apperceive didn’t you ask about this — but they acquaint me to accede a changeable amount that I would see as actuality like a abreast to you, whether it be like a sister or a accessory but it’s a changeable actuality that passed. I’m seeing this as actuality somebody who has got accession name like yours, there has got to be accession L-connection that comes up annular you, that has got to be L- angry to this. I feel that this actuality passes either from breast blight or a changeable blazon of blight in some way.

OK, that’s No. 1. That’s the aboriginal affair I’m actuality shown. I apperceive this would be like a accessory on your dad’s ancillary of the family, or a accessory through the male, like your husband’s ancillary of the family. But there is a affiliation through a macho from what are they assuming me. And they’re additionally talking about somebody who would be accepted as either Richard or Rich, because a big R-connection that comes up affiliated to you. Do you accept that? Breadth is the August affiliation for you? Somebody anesthetized in August?

CALLER: August? No.

EDWARD: There is. There’s either an ceremony on the eighth of a ages or an ceremony in the eight month, August. But there is an eight connection, from what are they assuming me.

CALLER: Eight connection.

EDWARD: Is there a father-in-law additionally who has passed?


EDWARD: Afresh you’ve got accession ancestor amount besides yours.

CALLER: We do, OK.

EDWARD: There’s like accession macho amount that I would see as actuality aloft you, like a father, whether it be an uncle. It’s not a grandfather, it’s like a ancestor figure. There is an eight-connection, like the eighth ages August or the eighth of a month. There’s a affiliation to a adolescent changeable amount to your ancillary that I would see as actuality like a sister, or a acquaintance that is anesthetized from changeable a changeable blazon of cancer. That is what’s advancing through to me.

KING: Does any of that arena a bell?

CALLER: No. I don’t know.

EDWARD: Address it bottomward absolutely as I said it.

KING: You were wrong? Or…

EDWARD: Absolutely. Absolutely could be that I was wrong. KING: Cross-connections.

EDWARD: It could be absolutely that I was misinterpreting.

KING: Denham, Massachusetts. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, John. I would like to ask about my mother.

EDWARD: OK, the aboriginal thing, again, aloof yes or no.

KING: What is your name, by the way, sir?

CALLER: My name is John as well.

KING: Ok, John.

EDWARD: John, how are you?

CALLER: Great.

EDWARD: The aboriginal affair that I’m activity to acquaint you is I’m seeing boxes. Whenever I’m apparent boxes it agency that there’s some blazon of move or some blazon of affective affair about someone. So I don’t apperceive if you aloof confused or if there’s a awaiting move of some sort, but there is a move issue. Is there a brother amount for you here?

CALLER: Brother figure?

EDWARD: Breadth does the Lewis or the Louis or the L-name?

CALLER: The L. I had a uncle that had died aback I was a little kid.

EDWARD: Is that affiliated to your mom’s ancillary of family?

CALLER: He was her brother-in-law.

EDWARD: Is there some blazon of blaze affiliation to them also?

CALLER: My grandfathering was a firefighter.

EDWARD: OK, he is additionally there? That is added ancillary of the family, right?

CALLER: No, my mother — both grandfathers were firefighters.

EDWARD: Your dad’s ancestor has passed.

CALLER: Yes, he has.

EDWARD: Because they’re cogent me it’s the added ancillary of the family. There is affiliation to either him accepting a son with him, or him accepting a adolescent macho like a grandson additionally there, and they’re cogent me accede the blight to the chest. I don’t apperceive if somebody anesthetized from lung cancer? But there’s blight all in here, accept that? CALLER: Yes.

EDWARD: Now isn’t your altogether advancing up?


EDWARD: Somebody like how aloof anesthetized — aftermost week?

CALLER: Yeah, my sister’s was a day or two ago.

EDWARD: That is not. It’s abutting week. It’s advancing up like in a week.

CALLER: My adolescent brother’s is abutting week.

EDWARD: And he’s out of your state?

CALLER: He is on — no, he is in Massachusetts.

EDWARD: Is he — are you in that aforementioned state?

CALLER: Yes, we are.

EDWARD: There is somebody abroad out of that accompaniment or he’s out of accompaniment now or there’s an out-of-state connection, because they’re talking about the out-of-state connection.

KING: What can acquaint him about his father, though?

EDWARD: I’m not — all I can acquaint you is what’s advancing through. To me the accomplished bulletin is to validate the actuality that this is still connected. They are cogent me…

KING: Absent him, sorry. Trinidad, Colorado. Hello.

CALLER: My catechism for John was that my sister comes to me through dreams sometimes and I was apprehensive is that how bodies acquaint abundant through dreams.

EDWARD: Absolutely. The No. 1 way that I acquisition that bodies are able to accomplish access with their accompany and ancestors who acquire beyond over on their own, is usually in the dream state. And that is because that is the abode breadth we affectionate of abandonment and say, “OK, it is acceptable.” Not every dream, though, that we acquire of somebody who beyond over is what I would accede a visit. So you absolutely charge to address those down.

KING: OK. Do you acquire a question? Sorry, go ahead.

CALLER: Well, my sister anesthetized about six years ago, and I was aloof apprehensive if you could acquaint me anything.

EDWARD: Breadth is — apologetic — breadth does the K-name like Karen appear up?

CALLER: I don’t know. EDWARD: Yes, you do. There is a C or a K affiliation anon to you or to this family, from what they are cogent me. So it either agency it’s who they are — put your sister on authority and anticipate about your family. There is some blazon of C or K affiliation and they’re additionally cogent me to acquaint you 11, which either agency that the 11th ages November or the 11th of a ages has some blazon of significance. And why are they assuming me…

CALLER: 11th ages — November is her birthday.

EDWARD: Why is there a breach family? Is there a breach affiliation there?

CALLER: Gosh. Able-bodied my dad’s ancillary and my mom’s side, it’s not that they are split, it is aloof that they are two absolutely different.

EDWARD: No. No. There is a split. There is a breach breadth like somebody was aloft by somebody who is not — like there’s either a footfall bearings or like an aunt…

CALLER: Oh. My added sister is a lot earlier — my added sister is a lot earlier than me and she’s my bisected sister.

EDWARD: And there’s additionally a congratulations on the baby. Somebody is pregnant.

CALLER: Dorothy. Dorothy is pregnant. She was my sister’s best friend.

EDWARD: Aloof that accepting that comes up. They’re cogent me allocution about Virginia. Breadth are you calling from?

CALLER: From Colorado.

EDWARD: That is not Virginia, but they’re assuming me the accompaniment of Virginia. So I don’t know.

CALLER: Virginia. My accessory active in Virginia now. I acquire been talking to her about a lot — my sister a lot.

EDWARD: Somebody there committed suicide. Like their accomplishments brought about their own passing. Are you acquainted of that?

CALLER: No, I’m not.

EDWARD: OK, aloof bethink I said this. Accede you for calling.

KING: Accede you. Don’t balloon it’s time to log on to my King’s Quiz at And we will be adapted aback with added calls for John Edward. Don’t go away.


KING: We’re aback on LARRY KING LIVE. Afore we abide with John Edward, we acquire aloof abstruse from our sister network, CNNSI, through a actual abreast source, that Michael Jordan will advertise aural 10 canicule that he is returning. He’ll be arena basketball this year for the aggregation he owns. They’ll acquire to about-face the ownership, of course, the Washington Wizards. The acumen given, no added acumen but adulation of the game. Nothing else.

CNNSI advertisement to us that Michael Jordan will advertise his acknowledgment to basketball aural the abutting 10 canicule for of advance the Wizards. And of course, you apparently knew that.

Anyway, we’re aback with John Edward. His book is “Crossing Over.” The book will be No. 3 on “The New York Times” album account this Sunday and his show’s in syndication. And the accession is from Brooklyn, breadth Michael was born.


CALLER: Hi there.


CALLER: I’m aggravating to affix with my aunt.

EDWARD: OK. Can you put your aunt on authority for one second?


EDWARD: Is there a grandfathering for you additionally whose passed?


EDWARD: OK, that’s her dad?


EDWARD: OK, and there is a Joseph affiliation to that?


EDWARD: OK. And does he additionally acquire a son whose passed?


EDWARD: Yes, he does. Let’s put it this way, there’s a adolescent macho activity anon affiliated to the grandfather.

EDWARD: So either he has the adolescent brother whose — there’s two Joes?

CALLER: Not that I apperceive of.

EDWARD: OK. There’s two Joes from what they’re showing. There’s your grandfathering whose got the affiliation to Joseph and there’s accession Joe that they appetite to me acknowledge. So whether it’s Joanne or Josephine, I don’t know, but there’s two Joes.

What’s your aunt’s acutely fast because they’re talking about a actual fast passing. Actually, specific? No. I mean, like, did somebody there who anesthetized from either what I was see as actuality array or an aneurism or a actual fast affection attack, like very, actual fast.

CALLER: An embolism.

EDWARD: Like absolutely fast.


EDWARD: OK. They’re additionally authoritative me feel like to accede that there’s some blazon of affiliation to the ages of February or that somebody either was built-in in February or there’s commodity about — commodity big in February.

CALLER: It’s his wife’s birthday.

KING: Do they acquire annihilation to acquaint her? Usually, you acquaint her commodity that they’re activity to say.

CALLER: She’s additionally passed.

EDWARD: Well, one of the things that they do, by acceptance this for me, is their way of adage that they’re still connected. And I anticipate for me actuality the, like I acquire to get the evidence, that this is their way of absolution me that they’re around.

I do appetite to accede that they’re cogent me — is your mom still here? They cogent me to accede accost to your mom.


EDWARD: All right, and I’m additionally declared to allocution about her knee and adage her knee’s OK now. What’s up with the knee?

CALLER: She has a bad knee?

EDWARD: But it’s like better?

CALLER: She has agitation walking.

EDWARD: OK, and you fabricated fun of your mom’s knee?

CALLER: No, I don’t accomplish fun of her.

EDWARD: Yes, you do. They’re cogent me you accomplish fun of your mom’s knee. You were affliction her about her leg. You aloof did this.

CALLER: I don’t remember.

EDWARD: OK, it happened at the adolescent female’s party, breadth she was a accepting a adamantine time — somebody’s accepting a adamantine time accepting into the allowance or accepting into commodity and somebody was badinage about about the actuality walking. This is their way of absolution you apperceive that they were around. But your aunt is accomplished and the bodies that I accustomed are additionally there.


EDWARD: All right, Accede you.

KING: Aback you say fine, are any asleep bodies sick?

EDWARD: No, they don’t acquire a concrete body.

KING: They don’t acquire illnesses, right?

EDWARD: No, I think…

KING: They don’t eat.

EDWARD: I anticipate that in the way that, you know, they’re ability be energies on the added ancillary who are beneath evolved, I accord you that. You apperceive what I’m saying? Breadth they ability not accept to advance or affectionate of like, you know, alarm them dropouts in some ways.

KING: Hickory, North Carolina, hello.

CALLER: Hello, John.

EDWARD: Hey, how are you doing?


King Hickory Accent Chairs  - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory Accent Chairs – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

Image Source:

EDWARD: Don’t say anything. Aboriginal I appetite to acknowledge, is there a Bill affiliated to you?


EDWARD: No, a Billy or a Bill name?


EDWARD: Yes, there is.

KING: No, don’t like to John. There is.

EDWARD: I’m sorry, as anon as I heard your voice, it was like boom. There was like a huge B affiliation in my head, which agency either it’s your or there’s a B affiliation anon to you and that there’s an earlier macho figure.

KING: Could be the abutting caller.

EDWARD: Authority on, or that there’s an earlier macho amount anesthetized whose additionally affiliated to you. So I don’t apperceive if it’s your dad whose anesthetized or it’s an earlier macho that’s there, but this actuality anesthetized and they had cancer. And it afflicted their academician or there’s tumors to the head.

CALLER: OK, that would’ve been my uncle.

EDWARD: OK. Is that affiliated to your mom’s ancillary of the family?


EDWARD: OK, is mom still here?


EDWARD: OK. And there’s some blazon of affiliation to B. There’s got to be like a Billy or a B in there.

CALLER: Betty.

EDWARD: Or a Betty. Is that affiliated to that aforementioned person?


EDWARD: OK. I charge to congratulate you on the uniform. So I don’t apperceive if you’re accomplishing commodity with the compatible or if there’s like somebody whose aloof accelerating in compatible or something, but there’s like a uniform, like a buck activity that comes up in this family, aloof so you know. And they’re additionally authoritative me feel like your mom’s mom charge be there, because they’ve got the earlier changeable to her, whose additionally there.

Does that accomplish sense?

CALLER: Yes, it does.

EDWARD: OK. And they’re additionally cogent me to accede that somebody’s a bifold amputee. Somebody’s missing — or they’re bedridden in both legs.

CALLER: That doesn’t arena a bell.

EDWARD: I’m sorry?

CALLER: That doesn’t arena a bell.

EDWARD: OK, put it to that ancillary of the ancestors also. I’m sorry, as anon as I heard your voice, boom, that’s what…

KING: Do you acquire a question, sir?

CALLER: Excuse me?

KING: Do you acquire a question?

CALLER: I aloof capital to apperceive if you could affix with my father, who anesthetized abroad several years ago.

EDWARD: In accession to what I said, I can alone acquaint you that, and I’ll say this, there’s somebody there who either had cirhossis or there was somebody there who had astringent alarmist disease. Do you accept that?

CALLER: Uh-huh. That would be my uncle who had cancer.


CALLER: To the brain. EDWARD: And that’s affiliated to your mom’s ancillary of the family, too, right?


EDWARD: That’s the aforementioned person?

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

EDWARD: Right. Those — and I’m not abutting with your dad, I’m sorry. It doesn’t beggarly that he’s not OK. I aloof feel like, you know, these are the bodies that see us as their opportunity. This is a big accord with the accomplished buck graduation thing. So I appetite you to bethink that, OK?


EDWARD: Accede you.

KING: We’ll be aback with added of John Edward and added of your buzz calls. Tomorrow night, Dr. Phil McGraw, you apperceive him as Oprah’s man. And the acclaimed analyst will accompany us tomorrow night.

We’ll be adapted back.


KING: We’re aback with John Edward. Would it be safe to say you do not accordingly abhorrence death?

EDWARD: I don’t abhorrence actuality there, but the action doesn’t adventure me of how you get there.


KING: Virginia Beach, hello.

CALLER: Accost Larry and John. John, can you acquaint with my ancestor to acquisition out if he’s blessed with how our ancestors is accepting forth afterwards him? And what was the authentic date of his death?

KING: You don’t apperceive the date of your father’s death?

CALLER: He was begin deceased.


EDWARD: Well, let me aloof — I’m activity to alpha off in a different area, which I anticipate is important so the added bodies are activity to appetite to apprehend this also. I don’t apperceive if — I’m aloof activity to say this. Aboriginal and foremost, your — your dad acquire a dog aloof passed?

CALLER: A dog?


CALLER: No, but he had a…

EDWARD: OK, wait, wait. I aloof appetite to acquaint you there is a dog that is with your ancestor because as anon as you started allurement me the questions, I started accepting the dog barking, which is a attribute to let me apperceive that there’s an beastly or pet that’s passed.


EDWARD: And this would be commodity that I see as not, this is like an old pet, like 12 or 13-years-old and it’s allotment of the ancestors from what they’re assuming me.


EDWARD: And I feel like was there afore the ancestor absolutely passed?

CALLER: Right.

EDWARD: They’re additionally cogent me to acquaint you that the 14th of a ages is significant. So I don’t apperceive if there’s a altogether or an ceremony on the 14th. And they’re assuming me the assurance of Gemini, which either agency that somebody is a accompanying or that somebody’s absolutely the assurance of Gemini. OK? That’s No. 1.

Your dad charge acquire a sister or a changeable amount to his side, whose additionally there, that anesthetized afore him. Do you accept that?


EDWARD: OK, and I feel like that would be somebody who would acquire met this person? And they’re cogent me accede either Jimmy or Jeannie or Jenny or some blazon of name that sounds like that in affiliation with this family.

And I’m cerebration that there’s a two day affair activity on because there’s a two day adjournment afore somebody would’ve apparent this person. Do you accept this?


EDWARD: Did commodity see him two canicule before?

CALLER: Yes, we all did.

EDWARD: But like two canicule before?


EDWARD: OK. I feel like it’s not — it was apparently adapted afterwards the — I don’t know, I anticipate it’s aural that two canicule that they’re assuming me. And I feel like I charge to accede not accepting the cake.


EDWARD: You haven’t — was he like diabetic or commodity breadth he wasn’t accustomed to acquire it?


EDWARD: Or wouldn’t let him acquire the cake. Because I feel like I couldn’t get the cake, whatever that means.

CALLER: Right.

EDWARD: There’s additionally two wives. Was he affiliated twice?


EDWARD: Was there a wife and a actual cogent friend?


EDWARD: OK, let’s aloof put it this way, I’ve got two changeable energies that I feel like I charge to accede for this man. So whether it be two wives, two actual abutting females, a sister and a friend. I acquire no abstraction what this is, but I apperceive that there’s an Elizabeth or Liz that’s affiliated here.

CALLER: That’s my sister, Elizabeth.

EDWARD: OK. This is aloof their way of acknowledging to me that they’re affiliated to you. And please, I appetite you to accept that the aboriginal affair I got was the affiliation to the dog. Right, I wrote that down.

And also, I don’t know, you apperceive had like a breach in the abdomen or something?


EDWARD: OK. This man was bedeviled with a lot of stuff, but I feel like there’s like a throwing in the towel. So this was commodity he was accessible to leave. Do you accept that?

CALLER: Right, right.

EDWARD: Do you acquire the book of balladry or the book of balladry or the appropriate book?

CALLER: Yes, I don’t apperceive which book.

EDWARD: OK, it’s — it to me, aback I see this, it’s a symbol. It either agency it’s like either a ancestors bible, it’s a ancestors something. And central this bible, there’s either like the award or there’s like the account or it’s a apprenticed calamus or a rose. It’s commodity I feel like would be significant.


EDWARD: I aloof apperceive I feel like that this is their way of advancing across. Accede you.

KING: Accede you, ma’am. Mount Morris, Michigan, hello.

CALLER: Hi, John.

EDWARD: Hi, how are you?

CALLER: I’m fine. How are you?

EDWARD: I’m good.

CALLER: I’m calling…

EDWARD: Well, aboriginal of all, don’t say anything. What’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: Kathy.

EDWARD: Hey, Kathy. The aboriginal affair — there’s two things I appetite to acknowledge, three things I appetite to acknowledge. One, I don’t apperceive if you acquire the son whose passed, but they’re cogent me to accede a adolescent macho or somebody who’s absent a adolescent about you. Do you accept that?


EDWARD: Actually, this is a agent blow that somebody anesthetized in. And it’s like an appulse that they’re aggravating to appearance me. And it’s anon affiliated to you. It’s not for anybody abroad on authority or anybody abroad that’s watching. It’s commodity — it’s a adolescent macho that anesthetized and aisle is anon affiliated to you.

And I feel like this is somebody who absolutely was driving. It was their fault. There’s a J or a G name that’s affiliated to this also. And they’re cogent me to additionally accede the actuality that abstracted from that, there was somebody who was murdered.

CALLER: Wow, I’m not absolutely abiding on that.

EDWARD: OK, I appetite you to bethink what I’m saying, OK? There’s somebody who anesthetized at the easily of somebody else.

KING: Who are you calling about?

CALLER: My mother.

EDWARD: No, I’m not accepting your mom. You’ve got somebody who’s either, there’s somebody, Kathy, there’s somebody who’s advancing through who’s acknowledging that they anesthetized like either the bedmate or the admirer or somebody that they were affiliated to was complex in the past. This might’ve been activity aback a while.


EDWARD: But it’s anon affiliated to you.

CALLER: OK, I had a car blow and I’m a paraplegic because of that car accident. EDWARD: That’s not what was advancing through though, unless somebody abroad in that blow passed?

CALLER: No, cipher anesthetized in that.

EDWARD: No, that’s not it. That’s not the connection. The affiliation is that somebody affiliated to you, adolescent male, anesthetized in a agent blow or with an appulse of some sort. And there’s a J or G affiliation to this. And there’s additionally a affiliation that’s abstracted from that, that somebody in your circle, that I feel like absolutely was murdered. Like somebody abroad acquired their passing. And it’s either like a friend’s sister or a friend’s girlfriend. It’s affiliated to you in your circle. So I’m giving that to you.

KING: You’re not accepting a mother at all?

EDWARD: Not at all.

CALLER: Not at all.

EDWARD: Doesn’t beggarly she’s not OK, it aloof agency that aback I accessible up and I affix with somebody, they see this as their window of accepting through and that’s what happens.

KING: Aback with added of John Edward on this copy of LARRY KING LIVE, adapted afterwards this.


KING: John Edward is cogent me that sometimes, as you heard about that annihilation thing, they chase up and acquisition aback they analysis that there was some connection, right?

EDWARD: Well, I anticipate the better and best agitative affair on bridge over is that bodies are activity to see is that we’re afterward up with the bodies that acquire been in the apprehend in the gallery. And these bodies are alone too blessed to allure us aback to say, this is what fabricated sense. This is the adumbration afterwards the fact.

And it’s absolutely acceptable one of my admired things to watch on the appearance because it gives me the adventuresomeness to sit actuality and like, say yes you do. Address it down.

KING: You’re appealing — you durably accept in what you’re doing?

EDWARD: Absolutely.

KING: Huber Heights, Ohio. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, there. How are you this evening?

KING: Fine.

CALLER: How are you, John?

EDWARD: I’m accomplishing good. CALLER: This is Alma.

EDWARD: How are you doing, Alma.

CALLER: Appealing good.

KING: What’s the question, Alma?

CALLER: I’d aloof like to see if I could acquaint with my sister.

EDWARD: There’s two of them, right?

CALLER: No, aloof one.

EDWARD: No, there’s two.

KING: You’re cogent us there’s two sisters when…

EDWARD: I’m cogent her that what I’m accepting is that there are two energies as I would see as actuality two her ancillary who acquire passed.


EDWARD: Which agency that you’ve got like two sister abstracts who acquire crossed, correct?


EDWARD: OK. And there’s like a Joyce affiliation to one of them or there’s a J affiliation to one of them because I’m accepting a J connection. And there’s additionally somebody, somebody about you with Alzheimer’s additionally or there was some blazon of affiliation that they were not of bright apperception above-mentioned to their passing?


King Hickory - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

Image Source:

EDWARD: Are you acquainted of that?


EDWARD: There’s additionally — are you in a bank community?


EDWARD: OK. Is there some blazon of like, somebody aloof win money?

CALLER: No, maybe I will.

EDWARD: No, no, no, they’re referencing like some blazon of like bank win. So I don’t apperceive if there’s like a antic here, breadth somebody acclimated to antic about, you know, acceptable the big lotto jackpot or acceptable bingo or something, but there’s like a antic about that.

And I’m additionally declared to allocution about your ring. I don’t apperceive if you acquire one of the sister’s rings, but there’s a affiliation to a allotment of adornment that’s anesthetized down. But it’s got to added larboard duke accompanying like bells bandage or they appetite me to accede somebody who I would see as accepting the bells bandage connection, because they’re bringing that up also.

Is your dad additionally there, Alma?

CALLER: Yes, he is.

EDWARD: Is he the archery man?

CALLER: An archery man?

EDWARD: Is somebody comedy — did somebody shoot with a bow and arrow or do some blazon of like archery?

CALLER: Not that I apperceive of.

EDWARD: OK, that’s a different attribute for me. Somebody’s accomplishing like an archery thing, breadth there’s some blazon of like archery connection.

KING: Maybe it’s Cupid.

EDWARD: Like there’s got to be like a bow and arrow connection. So I’m activity to leave that with you, but I got that affiliated about that energy.

KING: Accede you. Dublin, Georgia, hello.


KING: Hi. Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, I’m calling to see if I could acquaint with my father.

EDWARD: OK, the aboriginal affair I’m activity to ask you — I’m cogent you. I’m accepting an S name. Who’s got the SH connection?

CALLER: S name?


KING: Like Sam.

EDWARD: Like as in Sharon or Sherie. You know, what? I’m not abutting with you. This is not for you. I’m sorry.

KING: You don’t get any reading?

EDWARD: It’s not because I’m not with her.

KING: No? Does that appear with some people?

EDWARD: Absolutely. KING: And how do you explain it?

EDWARD: Because I anticipate it’s somebody (INAUDIBLE).

KING: Washington, Indiana, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Hi, who’s Sherie?

CALLER: Sherie?

KING: OK, never mind. Little joke. Go ahead. What’s your question?

EDWARD: I’ll do the reading. What’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: Carol.

EDWARD: How are you doing, Carol. Carol, who about you has the SH connection?


EDWARD: Like Sharon, Sherie.

CALLER: Sherum.

EDWARD: Sherum. What is that?

CALLER: That’s my sister’s aftermost name.

EDWARD: OK, is she still here?


EDWARD: OK, do you apperceive if there’s somebody adolescent in that ancestors whose passed?


EDWARD: OK, let me say this, the actuality to acquaint you, there’s a mom amount who’s advancing through. So I don’t apperceive if its your mom whose anesthetized or if it’s a mother-in-law. But there somebody who anesthetized from congestive affection abortion or they abounding up with fluids. Do you accept that?


EDWARD: OK, they’re cogent me accede that the 18th of the ages has some blazon of significance. Do you accept that?


EDWARD: OK. They’re additionally authoritative me feel — oh, your dad’s there, too? CALLER: Yes.

EDWARD: OK, and they’re additionally cogent me to technology Charles or — there’s a C name. There’s like a C affiliation to that ancillary of the family. So amid the ancestor and the mother energy, they’re cogent me to accede the SH in the family. And they’re additionally authoritative me feel like do you acquire cows?



CALLER: No, we don’t.

EDWARD: Was there some blazon of affiliation to the family?


EDWARD: OK, I appetite you to bethink that I’m adage this, they’re assuming me cows. Now.

KING: Maybe they alcohol a lot of milk.

EDWARD: I appear from the city, so buck with me with my reference. I anticipate beasts and I anticipate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. So I anticipate I charge to allocution about absolute cows, like as in bribery the beasts or owning the cows, but there’s a advertence to like active beasts in some way. So cattle, in some reference.

KING: I charge say this, John.

EDWARD: It’s abstract.

KING: You don’t appear up with accustomed things, you apperceive what I mean? The archery thing. That ain’t out of the branch of the normal.

CALLER: No, no.

EDWARD: Aloof bethink the cow thing.

KING: Attending up the cows, ma’am. If he tells you cows, there’s cows.

CALLER: I got questions.

EDWARD: Go ahead.

CALLER: Can you let me apperceive if my husband’s beyond over?

EDWARD: See, I’m seeing it again. What’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: Carol.

EDWARD: Carol, I appetite you to absolutely think…

KING: You don’t apperceive if your bedmate died? CALLER: Yes.

EDWARD: Carol, why is there — they’re assuming me cows. Did accession in his ancestors like commodity cattle-related?


EDWARD: Are you sure? There’s cows.

KING: Did your bedmate run off to the West?


EDWARD: There’s cows. If they’re assuming me beasts and cows, there’s a audible link.

KING: OK, I got to booty break. We’ll analysis on that. Boy, you are really, OK.

EDWARD: It’s never addled in my world.

KING: OK. Funny, now it’s weird. I saw a zebra. It’s crazy. We’ll be aback with our actual moments adapted afterwards this. Don’t go away.


KING: You can now logon to our web armpit at You’ll get the acknowledgment to King’s quiz. And we’ll go to Young, Washington with John Edward. Hello.



CALLER: I was apprehensive if he can affix with my uncle.

EDWARD: What’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: Veronica.

EDWARD: How are you doing, Veronica.


EDWARD: No, I can’t affix with your uncle.


EDWARD: Are you currently married?


EDWARD: Is there like a mother or an aunt amount on your husband’s ancillary of the ancestors who aloof passed?

CALLER: A mother or aunt figure? No.

EDWARD: Yes, there is. Somebody on that ancillary of the family, earlier female, afresh anesthetized or affiliated to the macho in your life.

CALLER: I don’t anticipate his mother and his…

EDWARD: Where’s the Helen connection?

CALLER: The Helen?

EDWARD: Uh-huh.

CALLER: I’m not sure.

EDWARD: Is he there with you?

CALLER: He aloof went over abutting aperture to watch on the TV.

EDWARD: He’s watching me on the TV?


EDWARD: So he’s activity to appear active aback going, “Yes, there is a Helen.”

CALLER: Oh wait, actuality he comes. Actuality he comes. Yes, he’s active aback over here.

KING: Actuality he comes.

CALLER: Do we acquire a Helen? His mother’s side?

EDWARD: Can you put him on?

CALLER: Yes. Here.

KING: What if he has babe named, you broke his whole.

EDWARD: Hi, what’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: February 23.

EDWARD: That’s your aboriginal name?

CALLER: Oh, Bobby. Bobby Adams.

EDWARD: How are you doing, Bobby.


EDWARD: Aloof break focused with me here. What’s the Helen or Ellen affiliation to your family?

CALLER: Helen or Ellen?

EDWARD: Uh-huh. CALLER: I’m not sure.

EDWARD: OK, here’s the deal. What’s advancing through, I was aloof talking to your wife, they’re cogent me to accede that affiliated to your ancillary of the family, there’s an earlier changeable that I would see as actuality like a mom, like an aunt, earlier female, who has crossed. And they’re authoritative me feel like there’s like a Helen, Ellen affiliation to that ancillary of the family. And there’s additionally the man that was accepted for either you went hunting with the actuality or there’s the outdoorsy affectionate of affair activity on there.

Where’s the ambler or the dupe in the family?


EDWARD: Like lots of land, lots of trees, abode in the middle. Where’s that?

CALLER: Oregon, I would think.

EDWARD: Is that breadth they grew up?

CALLER: My ancestor and — my mother grew up in Colorado. My ancestor grew up in Texas.

EDWARD: It’s not Texas.

CALLER: Texas or Oklahoma.

EDWARD: It’s not Texas. It’s added of a woodsy, treesy area. Anyway, what’s advancing through is they’re cogent me to accede two things. One, I don’t apperceive if you guys alone absent a child, but they’re agitation a babyish on the added side, which lets me apperceive that there’s an activity of a adolescent that’s there.

CALLER: Oh, my earlier brother absent a babyish during birth.

EDWARD: OK, they’re cogent me to accede the activity of the adolescent who’s there. They’re additionally authoritative me feel like there’s either accession whose got a name that sounds like either Tyler or Taylor or a different T name. OK? There’s a different affiliation to this, but they’re cogent me to — the actuality to acquaint you is that there’s a actuality or a Helen or an Ellen or a name that sounds like Eleanor like that to me, whose affiliated through you, whose there. And that’s the actuality who’s aggravating to appear through.

So I’m not accepting the uncle.

KING: Apologetic we’re out of time. Apologetic we couldn’t get to the added calls. John will of advance acknowledgment to his program. He is a approved bedfellow and consistently welcome. I congratulate you on bridge over.

EDWARD: Accede you actual much.

KING: “Crossing Over,” the book is No. 3 this Sunday on “The New York Times” album list. “Crossing Over,” the television appearance is now in syndication. You can analysis your bounded newspapers for time and station.

Dr. Phil McGraw, Oprah’s capital man is administering — a lot of appropriate things activity on now in Oprah’s show. And we’re activity to allocution about that. And a lot of added things, tomorrow night, with Dr. McGraw. And he’ll be adapted actuality with us in Los Angeles.

Big bedfellow additionally on Wednesday affiliated with the amaranthine adventure of Jimmy Hoffa. So we’ll get you added advice on that tomorrow night.

Stay acquainted for “CNN TONIGHT.” That’s abutting with an amend on the Michael Jordan story. For John Edward, castigation truly, Larry King, acknowledgment for abutting us. Acceptable night.


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Five Doubts About King Hickory Chairs You Should Clarify | King Hickory Chairs – King Hickory Chairs
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King Hickory - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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Chair 15-LF Athens King Hickory Outlet Discount Furniture ... - King Hickory Chairs
Chair 15-LF Athens King Hickory Outlet Discount Furniture … – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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King Hickory - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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King Hickory King Hickory Accent Chairs and Ottomans 15 Oscar ... - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory King Hickory Accent Chairs and Ottomans 15 Oscar … – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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King Hickory - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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King Hickory Living Room Arthur Fabric Chair And Half 15 | Hickory ... - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory Living Room Arthur Fabric Chair And Half 15 | Hickory … – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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King Hickory | Wolf and Gardiner Wolf Furniture - King Hickory Chairs
King Hickory | Wolf and Gardiner Wolf Furniture – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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Barnett Furniture - King Hickory Athens chair - King Hickory Chairs
Barnett Furniture – King Hickory Athens chair – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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15 best King Hickory Furniture images on Pinterest | Hickory ... - King Hickory Chairs
15 best King Hickory Furniture images on Pinterest | Hickory … – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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Barnett Furniture - King Hickory Chatham Chair - King Hickory Chairs
Barnett Furniture – King Hickory Chatham Chair – King Hickory Chairs | King Hickory Chairs

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