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For Andy Greenwald’s breakdown of aftermost night’s Emmy Awards, bang here.

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Mini #Papasan chair for pets…its a #Petasan This is our popular … – Mini Papasan Chair | Mini Papasan Chair

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Emily Yoshida: There is no acumen for anyone to be mad about Breaking Bad’s final ambit of the Emmys. For one thing, I anticipate best of us can accede that Breaking Bad was a appealing abundant television show. For addition thing, the Emmys acquire a appealing abbreviate shelf activity in the accessible alertness — for proof, try to name bristles Outstanding Ball Alternation winners from the aftermost 20 years. You’re apparently bigger off aloof aggravating to bethink the shows all your accompany were talking about.

Sure, Breaking Bad’s run aftermost night was predictable, but we’ll never see Vince and his aggregation up on that date in that ambience afresh (unlike our now-proud ceremony attitude of onstage Avant-garde Family reunions), so I’ll acquiesce it. We’re all beholden for the accomplished bristles seasons while attractive advanced to the future, whether it’s Battle Creek or Betsy Brandt on Masters of Sex. Well, all of us except Aaron Paul.

Forget, for a second, that Paul won this accolade for a actualization who about ventured alfresco Landry’s Nazi Meth Cage in those final eight episodes. We’re all molecules and the Emmys beggarly nothing, remember? But I’m still ambuscade beneath my papasan armchair in annoyance over Paul’s speech. Aback reminiscing about a memorable time in one’s activity — whether it’s summer camp, or aerial school, or college, or a accord with the guy/girl you apperceive you’re never activity to do any bigger than, goddammit, how did you fuck that up, how could you let her go, will anyone anytime adulation you that way afresh — there’s a assertive arrangement of acknowledgment against afraid that should not be agape off balance. You can acquaint the antithesis has been agitated aback you acquisition yourself apperception the reminiscer accomplishing any anatomy of scrapbooking whatsoever.

Luckily, Emmy law states that this was the aftermost night it was acknowledged for Paul to be emotionally afraid up on his Breaking Bad tenure, and to use the chat “bitch” as an exclamation. I’m slightly surprised he didn’t booty advantage of the latter, but maybe we all grew up a little aftermost night afterwards all.

[protected-iframe id=”acf04abac12f2bcd07229453054686b0-60203239-57838107″ info=”//instagram.com/p/sIj_CgOIB3/embed/” width=”540″ height=”626″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Aw, who am I kidding. This went appropriate aback about to ambrosial again.

Shea Serrano: Woody Harrelson is amazing.

I am consistently blessed and aflame to see him on my television, which is how I am able to acquaint that he is a 18-carat Hollywood brilliant admitting his odd, miniature teeth and consistently sun-kissed face. (Has his face anytime been aloof one color? It’s like a absolute acute Hypercolor T-shirt.) His aboriginal abundant role was, duh, in TV’s Cheers, but kids didn’t watch Cheers aback they didn’t acquire to, so I didn’t abatement in adulation with him until 1992, aback he costarred with Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump, the best basketball cine that’s anytime been made.

Harrelson was abnormally circuitous in WMCJ, an awfully agreeable life-loser with a canon’s account of aplomb (on the basketball cloister and additionally in conversations about chase and basketball) and crisis (re: his accord with his cine girlfriend, Gloria). It’s a accomplishment — folding the affecting spectrum over assimilate itself — that he’s managed to backpack for the continuance of his career, application it to accumulate himself afloat in alike the best backbreaking of roles. (The Crazy Forest Man in 2012 is the aboriginal that comes to mind.) In Accustomed Born Killers, he was so awful and atramentous that it became a absolute awe-inspiring adaptation of charming. In Kingpin, he channelled his superheroic adeptness to lose in the best alluring way accessible (similar to how he did it in WMCJ, alone about 1,000 times added desperately), such that he angry a absolute goofily conceived actualization (he plays an earth-beaten bowler with a elastic hand) into aerial art. In No Country for Old Men, his accuracy was so bendable and attenuate that it was absolute about deafening. And so on and so on and so on.

But so aback Woody and Matthew McConaughey absolved out to present the accolade for Best Lead Actor in a Cine Alternation or Movie, it took all of a scattering of abnormal — or, three words, to be absolute — afore Harrelson began arising his accustomed agreeableness all over everything:

[protected-iframe id=”bae2c00f109963ad2b02448bccb81968-60203239-57838107″ info=”http://video.vulture.com/video/Matthew-McConaughey-and-Woody-H/player?layout=compact&read_more=1″ width=”540″ height=”417″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

He talked about stuff, and he took a admirable bash at the True Detective appropriation accusations, and he laughed, and he gave that admirable open-mouth smile.

Woody Harrelson is amazing, man.

John Lopez: Back tonight was about Breaking Bad’s achievement lap, let’s booty one added adventitious to captivate over and analyze the best acutely banal capacity of Bryan Cranston’s appearance, namely his Sneaky Pete–stache. In a word: Why?

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Popuson Chair Mini Kids Chair Honey Papasan Chair Base Diy Papasan … – Mini Papasan Chair | Mini Papasan Chair

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• Theory 1: That devilish Julia Louis-Dreyfus kiss was hardly spur-of-the-moment. Cranston knew JLD would win Best Ball Actress afresh for Veep. In fact, he orchestrated that little “oh, she forgot who I was” bit aback they presented as a acrimonious admonition of some age-old slight from the Seinfeld canicule aback he was a cipher and she was already a ball goddess. Who knows what the slight was — allurement him to aback her an Evian, mistaking him for Clark Gregg, yada yada–ing him? But the animus was altogether planned: a full-on makeout affair with the pencil-stache. No one crosses Heisenberg afterwards at atomic some upper-lip irritation.

• Theory 2: It’s for Cranston’s abutting role. How do you top Walter White’s corruption to arduous meth lord? By breaking good, acutely — i.e., in archetype the redemptive arc of Sneaky Pete, Sinister Tier-Down of Innocent Maidens to Train Tracks, on the accessible HBO alternation of the aforementioned name. How can we anytime basis for a man with a mustache that creepy? Cranston will actualization us how and accomplish it rain Emmys.

• Theory 3: He absent a bet with Aaron Paul. If Jesse Pinkman survived the series, Cranston would acquire his aftermost Emmy with a Pinkman-esque pencil-stache. Touché, Pinkman.

Katie Baker: “They’re the everyman they’ve anytime been and the accomplished they’re anytime gonna be,” said Sarah Silverman about her 43-year-old breasts to E!’s Giuliana Rancic on the Emmy Awards’ red carpet. “Maya Angelou!” she deadpanned in attribution. This came afterwards Silverman had alleged out Rancic, the Ahmad Rashad of the ball world, for afraid a microphone in her face afterwards allurement annihilation akin a catechism — and afore she let Rancic dig through the capacity of her clamp on alive TV in the best memorable account of the night.

Those Us Weekly spreads in which they abandoned out celebrity purses acquire consistently been continued on adorned PR-planted skin-care articles but abbreviate on the array of things begin in approved folks’ totes, like crumpled-up fast-food receipts and sand. But in this case, the Brilliant was way added Aloof Like Us. “That’s my pot,” Silverman said as she pulled out a little aerosol pen. “It’s legal!”

[protected-iframe id=”d5ba0d616c8e0c13b8490fb4e69b3ba1-60203239-57838107″ info=”http://video.vulture.com/video/Sarah-Silverman-Was-High-At-the/player?layout=compact&read_more=1″ width=”540″ height=”417″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

On an atramentous that sometimes acquainted like déjà vu — Julia Louis-Dreyfus won again, Avant-garde Family won again, Jim Parsons won again, Breaking Bad won afresh — Silverman was acceptable for some abrupt delights. She ran barefoot to the stage, thanked “my Jews at CAA,” and reminded the army that we’re all aloof a agglomeration of molecules hurtling through space. Dorm-room stoner allocution on the surface, but it was absolutely absolutely in befitting with the affectionate and intricate hour-long HBO ball special, We Are Miracles, that becoming her the Emmy in the aboriginal place. “We were all diminutive specks,” she says at one point in the special. “There was a time aback you could fit a actor of me on the arch of a pin. There was a time area I lived in my dad’s balls.” (I won’t transcribe the band that follows.)

In her backstage winner’s interview, she reminded me of Serena Williams in a agnate bearings — a little bored, a little flighty, but additionally decumbent to amusing bouts of candor, as aback she explained how she clinched her role on Masters of Sex — “fucking the brilliant caked it.” (Her admirer is Michael Sheen, who plays Masters.) She blanked on questions and fabricated a antic about Pinocchio and Nazis, and aback asked about some contempo TV dishabille went aback to her beforehand line. “They’re aloof boobs,” she said. “They’re as low as they’ve been, but they’re as aerial as they’ll anytime be.” Must be some vape.

Wesley Morris: Absolute famous, absolute acclaimed stars win Emmys all the time. They alike go to the commemoration to aces them up. So some bafflement is in adjustment over the production’s bliss at the bald actuality of Julia Roberts at aftermost night’s show. Roberts is such a admirable brilliant that she wore a minidress that had burst out in bogie boils and absolutely got abroad with it. All night, she appeared to be adequate herself. There Roberts was arise up at Jimmy Kimmel’s apartment of Matthew McConaughey jokes and bouncing with blitheness afterwards Allison Janney’s sixth win. Aback the HBO cine she starred in and helped produce, The Accustomed Heart, won the TV-movie Emmy, she captivated Jim Parsons’s duke on the way to the date and glowed with beatitude abreast Mark Ruffalo and a breakable but indomitably attired Larry Kramer.

Before one bartering break, though, article happened that baffled Roberts herself. The woman who does the announcement for the actualization warned that the class for which Roberts was nominated (Supporting Actress in a Cine or Miniseries) was up next. As an appetizer, there were clips of Julia as the polio-afflicted doctor in The Accustomed Heart, in which she fire-breathes with best Roberts righteousness. It didn’t booty continued for her to amount out what was activity on. Already she did, she fabricated this face:

At about the aforementioned time, her adolescent nominees got wind of what was happening. Alone the woman who’d never advanced been nominated for annihilation this important seemed charmed to be slotted in a box abreast Roberts. Angela Bassett tried, but it was the atomic acceptable achievement I’ve apparent her give.

That achievement alone circuitous the ache of seeing Roberts lose to Kathy Bates, one of American Horror Story: Coven’s 34 nominees in that category. Roberts approved not to attending stunned, but (1) why set her up like that? and (2) this is absolutely what happened in 1991!

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Furniture: Accent Gray Star White Mini Papasan Chair Ideas For Kids … – Mini Papasan Chair | Mini Papasan Chair

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[protected-iframe id=”11d61b153df8bc2abe5b9f6e8fac979b-60203239-57838107″ info=”http://oscar.go.com/embed/VDKA0_2g7za3rk” width=”540″ height=”304″ frameborder=”0″]

Amos Barshad: “All right, all right, all right” is a affair Matthew McConaughey says a lot. He says it in interviews and allocution actualization appearances; he said it aback he won the Oscar. Would it acquire been awe-inspiring if he hadn’t said it aftermost night, if he’d won the Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy, as it was broadly predicted he would? Yes, yes, it would acquire been weird. Except that Julia Roberts, announcement McConaughey’s name in the category, WENT AHEAD AND SAID “ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT” BEFORE HE EVER HAD THE CHANCE TO. If he had won, what would acquire happened? Would he acquire had to change his accent on the fly, bumbling his way into awkwardness? Would he acquire gone advanced and said it afresh anyway, arch to the world’s better accompanying affectionate eye-roll? Acknowledge the heavens, we never had to acquisition out. And acknowledge you, Emmy voters, for not voting for Matthew McConaughey and giving Bryan Cranston his 7 billionth Emmy instead. You helped us abstain a alarming bifold “all right, all right, all right” situation.



Jason Concepcion: This freaking guy.

Here is A Song of Ice and Fire columnist George R.R. Martin, acid a ablaze belong alloyed from mithril, captivation a typewriter that was handed to him by Andy Samberg, who was dressed as King Joffrey. Martin is authoritative a face like he aloof stumbled beyond a Rule 34 subreddit focused on the succubi from Apple of Warcraft. This happened against the end of Awe-inspiring Al’s assortment of assorted television affair songs, as the lyrics “Type, George / Fast as arrows can fly” were sung. It was at this moment that I accomplished that George R.R. Martin has accomplished article absolutely incredible. (1) He is a biographer who is acclaimed during his own lifetime, and (2) he has fabricated dabbling a brand. This is every writer’s dream.

And, you apperceive what? He deserves it. He is 65 years old. Otherwise accustomed bodies adulation cogent him that he’s activity to die in the arrogant achievement that this will accomplish him assignment faster. He’s been autograph professionally — to capricious degrees of ballyhoo — for basically his absolute life. And now, in, statistically speaking, the after ambit of years that accomplish up a animal life, he’s improbably become acclaimed for autograph a dense, abundantly detailed, multivolume alarmist account about incest, adolescent elves, and dragons, which has become the ascendant pop ability abnormality of this generation. The guy can’t alike airing bottomward the artery in Edinburgh anymore. You know, cipher was anytime like, “Oh, shit, I anticipate that’s Tom Clancy.” These aftermost few years acquire been Martin’s achievement lap; let the man adore it.

[protected-iframe id=”3bde30340a66fc5f0a047952c5cfba3c-60203239-57838107″ info=”http://www.funnyordie.com/embed/40b5dd047f” width=”540″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=””]

Zach Dionne: Go advanced and scream your “BILLY FOR NEXT YEAR’S HOST!”s and “BILLY FOR PRESIDENT!”s. I’ll be over actuality re-re-re-re-replaying this continued blow of the alone actuality on television who makes me beam out loud every distinct time, agilely amusement in the actuality that Mr. Eichner got to abduct alike a sliver of the Emmys advertisement from a apple that’s alike sillier than he is. Bodies acquire been adage that “his picture’s in the concordance beneath the analogue of ____” applesauce for centuries; Billy is actually, truly, absolutely activity in abutting year’s OED abutting to the chat “scream” abutting time. It’s his, the absolute apriorism of speaking with a aloft voice. Billy Eichner, people.

Kevork Djansezian/NBC

Molly Lambert: I acclimated to be the array of actuality who religiously watched the red carpeting at awards shows, and afresh pored through the Ball Weekly appearance roundups the abutting week. But ancient in the abreast accomplished I got austere out on the accomplished routine. Maybe it’s because there’s no lag time anymore amid seeing a attending for the aboriginal time and actuality able to acquire it as a concrete (digital) image. Or maybe I aloof don’t affliction as abundant about awards-show appearance as I already did.

But it turns out I am still absorbed in awards actualization looks, abnormally those on the men in attendance. Men, who acquire been commonly bedfast to a black-tie tux, acquire been aberration out via their hairstyles. Jared Leto’s accomplished ombré was the allocution of Oscar night. Jared’s hairstylist had Leto beddy-bye with artefact in his beard to get the absolute grunge-bedhead attending for the big win. At the Emmys tonight, unfairly hot True Detective administrator Cary Fukunaga wore circling French bogie braids, absolutely the affectionate Lauren Conrad would abrasion to a big event. The genitalia of Twitter who were not yet acquainted that Cary Fukunaga is a admirable man became absolute vocally agog aback they abstruse the truth. The takeaway? Continued beard is absolutely cool, as continued as it’s on an acutely artlessly handsome guy. Hopefully this agency Jon Hamm will actualization up with his Sergio beard to aggregate his Emmys abutting year for Mad Men’s final season.

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Puppy in a Papasan (I wish I knew where this person got this mini … – Mini Papasan Chair | Mini Papasan Chair

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Juliet Litman: Either they are massive Avant-garde Family admirers or they are lobbying for a last-minute change to accomplish True Detective Division 2 about accompanying brothers.

Alex Pappademas: Props to the Emmys abode DJ for befitting it mad ambagious on the orchestra belfry all night long! I couldn’t see his face or acquisition his absolute DJ name on the Internet, but every distinct time he bankrupt out the ill tweak-scratch for a presenter’s walk-on, I acquainted like I did at the end of Mr. Holland’s Opus aback they approved to actualization you how chichi Mr. Holland’s symphony was by acid to the two guys in the ensemble arena electric guitars — affectionate of touched, and ashamed for anybody involved. Overall, I enjoyed the orchestra’s alertness to get blatant with it aftermost night, but putting a DJ on that podium, huge attending admitting it was for the Additional Pillar of Hip-Hop, aloof acquainted a little Carsenio to me. Plus it was a appealing adventurous “Yo This Shiznit Ain’t Your Mom’s Awards Telecast” account by the producers of a advertisement on which Jay Leno gives out awards to Avant-garde Family.

Was there some acumen this of all years was the year the Emmys absitively they could no best avoid the art of turntablism? Was it a buried address to the 30th ceremony of Graffiti Rock? And was it me, or did the walk-ons get acutely added wickity-wickity whenever it was time to advertise the accession of a atramentous person? I anticipation that was in ambiguous taste, as if Kerry Washington wouldn’t feel at home up there afterwards a Def Ball Jam intro. But it was absolutely worse than that, because Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine got the abounding adventures-on-the-wheels-of-steel treatment, too — by virtue, I guess, of accepting aloof been on the VMAs, in whose bathed blatant hormonal deathwatch this year’s Emmys had to follow.

I accept you can’t accusation an academy that angry 65 aftermost year for actuality a little afraid about its edge, but acquire we abstruse annihilation from the absolute history of giving awards out on TV? Gestures advised to accomplish an awards actualization assume Bottomward With What the Kids Are Hashtagging consistently date the fastest. Time is a collapsed circle, and today’s Chris Hardwick riff about “Internet trolls” is tomorrow’s “Ann B. Davis account a antic about Pet Rocks off a teleprompter.” If the Emmys absolutely capital to prove their adulation for hip-hop, they would acquire let the DJ do a few tasteful, aloof cuts abaft Sara Bareilles during the “In Memoriam” montage — Smile, admitting your affection is br-br-breakin’ — or put him in allegation of arena bodies off.

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Chris Ryan: Oh, Nurse Carol. To digest Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, she is big, it’s the television shows that got shorter. Julianna Margulies is hardly cooped up in the TV agnate of Desmond’s corrupt Hollywood mansion. The Acceptable Wife is arguably the best alarmingly acclaimed and cognoscenti-approved actualization on arrangement television. And this accomplished spring, in its fifth season, the actualization pulled off a moment that fabricated it, anecdotally, the best talked-about arrangement actualization back Lost. That The Acceptable Wife’s big artifice acquainted very, well, cable, should not be overlooked. It absolutely wasn’t by Margulies.

During her accepting speech, the additional she’s accustomed for arena Alicia Florrick, Margulies complimented The Acceptable Wife’s writers, suggesting the assignment they did over the advance of 22 arduous episodes was about added absorbing than the short-order affable done on these new limited-run mini seasons. Actuality was one of the iconic television stars of the aftermost 20 years (Margulies appeared in 135 episodes of ER and was one bisected of one of the added admired avant-garde television romances) … continuing up for little old arrangement TV and its aged means of accomplishing things.

It was a affair of the night. Seth Meyers joked about it, and voters grappled with it while aggravating to actuate whether Orange Is the New Atramentous was a ball or if True Detective was a ball series. What is television, anymore?

With all the anarchy — the streaming, the DVR numbers, the eight-episode runs, the cine stars abolition the baby awning — and with shows, alike her own, resorting to acutely acute anecdotal measures to drive the all-important and absurd to quantify “conversation,” I looked at Margulies and anticipation of addition Desmond band from Sunset: “There already was a time in this business aback I had the eyes of the accomplished world.” She appropriately won an Emmy aftermost night. But those canicule are gone.

[WARNING: You’re entering a addle-brain area if you’re not up to date with The Acceptable Wife.]

Mark Davis/NBC

Juliet Litman: You’re apparently cerebration that we’ve apparent the aftermost of Josh Charles at the Emmys. That’s a analytic thought, back Will Gardner was dead off of The Acceptable Wife to board Charles’s admiration to leave the show. Barring Alicia accepting some absolutely hot dream about him (which isn’t unprecedented), it’s absurd we’ll be seeing the actualization again. Yet, I don’t anticipate we’re absolutely done with Josh Charles. He seems readily available, which is accepted by a quick browse of his IMDb page. He’s got a brace indie films advancing up, but he accepted tonight that he’s a absolute accommodating actor in an awards actualization gag. For starters, whenever the camera angry to Julianna Margulies, you could see him agreeably bedlam appropriate abaft her. He bass it bottomward during her accepting speech, but maintained a warm-yet-earnest smile that conveyed affluence of TV-ready pathos. His big abandoned moment came about the 55th minute, aback he provided the bite band to Andre Braugher’s bit of the admirers Q&A segment. He stood up from his bench (a little too spryly) to acknowledge he had the “bathroom key.” He played the antic a little too hard, as if he has no best but to be the beeline man. It’s as if he was so bent to ensure an allure to abutting year’s show, admitting no best actuality absorbed to a alarmingly acclaimed job, that he about forgot there was amusement involved. I acquire a activity he’d be accommodating to comedy the bite band to any joke, because appropriate now his agenda is a little too advanced open. Hopefully, addition in a position of ability noticed.

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