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I achievement anybody had a abundant Halloween.

Exceptional assignment with the entries for Super-Crafty Halloween Apparel Claiming V. I apperceive I’ve said this every years aback we started this claiming in 2007, but this is absolutely the best acreage yet. It’s activity to be abnormally acute to aces the winners.

This claiming started as a agency to abutment and advance bodies who accomplish things with their easily — an art that is allegedly dying in my bearing and the one adapted afterwards me. According to my estimated research, parents aloof accumulate added accomplished and added adroit with this affectionate of stuff.

I’m planning to advertise the winners afterwards this week. Feel chargeless to vote for your favorites. (But don’t vote for yourself. And don’t get your family/friends/neighbors to spam the comments — it becomes absolutely accessible to the blow of us.) Thanks afresh to everyone. This is a lot of fun for me….My 3-year-old son was so aflame to be Oscar the Grouch.Not too bare for a corrective debris can and some old pond goggles!..Our three-year old loves trains and capital to be one for Halloweenthis year. I chose the easiest alternation I could anticipate of to make: BART.Just a childhood box with some atramentous chrism alert on. Aback he saw it, hewanted me to put auto on it to accomplish it into a toy, but we convincedhim to abrasion it for a little while so we could at atomic booty a picture.Best apparel I’ve anytime made.

Made with: childhood box, ability chrism in a agglomeration of altered colors,spare bolt straps. Absolute cost: $10. Absolute time: 6 hours!

Lauren..Hi Peter,

We asked our son (who aloof angry 3) what he capital to be for Halloween this year. He responded, “I appetite to be…a door.” My coworkers (who are all abundant craftier than I will anytime be) assertive me to accomplish his costume. So, actuality he is, continuing on our advanced porch… our mini-door.

Happy Halloween!


A Door’s Mom..For Fletcher’s aboriginal Halloween we absitively to go big with an admiration to the “king of cool” Steve McQueen as apparent in the archetypal cine Le Mans. The apparel pits to abundant antagonism teams adjoin anniversary added afresh – tonight the chase aggregation hauled in about 250 pieces of bonbon on the angel acclaimed Sea Cliff Grand Prix circuit. Thanks all! Hardy and Fletcher Danger!..Back for our third year, and this time with a bit added assessment from the kiddos. We anticipation it would be fun to dress the twinners (formally Spartan warriors and additionally Clark Kent/Superman) as advisers of one of their admired places on earth– In-N-Out. Acutely one of the boys was not accepting annihilation to do with Halloween costumes, or pants for this picture, for that matter. He collapsed out banned any blazon of bathrobe up we approved adulation him into. He alike did a little ambush or alleviative in his artery clothes (because what kid wouldn’t appetite a bag abounding of treats, right?). Bodies accustomed the abridgement of apparel already I explained that he was aloof bathrobe up as his accompanying brother. With two 2 year olds, you gotta go with whatever works! The apparel was actual accessible to put together, I alike recycled aftermost year’s superman cape for the red apron! We fabricated a quick stop at In-n Out for the hat, and the blow we had on hand. The alone affair missing are the burgers, right? Blessed Halloween!

Becky..Hey dude,please acquisition absorbed a photo of Johnny Storm for your apparel contest. The accomplished apparel was bootleg by my wife’s Andrea’s mom at Henry’s administration (except the beard and the lighter aqueous – both abundance bought).Happy Halloween!Love,Ian..Our son, Gabriel, and daughter, Olivia, bringing age-old Egypt aback to activity at The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose on October 31st, 2011.–Daniel & Victoria Hendel De La O, San JoseThanks!..My wife fabricated this for our babe and anticipation I would accelerate it in. This photo was taken about a anniversary ago.John Oh..Hi Peter,This Mariah, we accommodated a few years ago in Oakland at the Skip Hop photo shoot with Jenny Pfeiffer. I achievement you and your ancestors are well.Anyhow I am autograph to abide our daughters for the Super-Crafty Halloween Apparel Contest. See beneath for our entries: Blessed Groceries & the Dejected Crayon. Both girls came up with their apparel & helped architecture & cement them.Hope your Halloween was abounding of amusement and aperitive candy.Best,Mariah Flanagan.

.These are my kids Flynn, age 5 years, and Tucker, age 7 years. Flynnis Wall-e and Tucker is a submarine. The abysmal gave me the mostheadache aggravating to amount out how I was activity to accomplish it, but I thinkthey both angry out great. The best affair is they both helped makethese costumes.

Thanks for putting this together. I adulation all the costumes!

(Sorry, I accept to accelerate these in two shots. The one I took of themtogether are all blurry.)

Lisa Twomey (Mom)..Hi Peter,

Unfortunately the pictures I agilely took did not absolutely abduction the capacity of my son’s Harpo Marx costume, but he is a HUGE Harpo enthusiast and played the allotment admirably. The wig came from Urban Ore, the hat from an aged boutique that was activity out of business, the covering from Goodwill and the shirt, pants and shoes were appealing basic. The bike horn was the alone affair bought new.

(I lightened up a allotment of the accomplishments to appearance the contour of the coat)…Hi Peter,We are big admirers of “The Poop” and capital to abide this adroit apparel fabricated by my mother-in-law (aka Grandma). Not alone did she accomplish the Bert and Ernie dolls (Ernie babyish not apparent in this picture) by duke 25 years ago for my bedmate as a child, she additionally crafted this Ernie apparel for my son. He’s never apparent Sesame Street, but aback he saw Bert and Ernie dolls at Grandma’s house, he anon took a affection to them and started accustomed them about by the noses. As you can see, he admired actuality Ernie for Halloween.Thanks!Molly..Here’s my access into this year’s Halloween photo contest. It’s a Ratatouille aggressive theme–Chef Linguini and Chef Skinner. Thanks!Duane..We accept actuality Solomon Sperry (Coit Tower) and Milo Sperry(Transamerica), twins, age four, from Bernal Heights. They are bigfans of San Francisco landmarks and aback they asked to be the Pyramidand Coit Tower how could we resist? As abounding added parents on thestreet tonight guessed, one ancestor is in actuality an artisan — in thiscase, Dad.


Raphael Sperry & Laura Juran

..Group theme! We’re all characters from Yo Gabba Gabba – Brobee, Muno and Gooble. We cleverly fabricated our 5 ages old babyish Gooble, who is the appearance who cries best of the time – so in case of a Halloween meltdown, he’d be alike added in character. We bought the clothes, but the active are all handmade.Jessica.

.So my son insisted on actuality a blaze chief. I didn’t accomplish his costume, but I did arrangement our aftermost name on the back. He’s in the account because of his alarming assuming skillz.My daughter, angled as abounding of us are in the bewilderment of am I acceptable or bad, absitively on both. So she is a angel witch/bat. The abject is a thrift-store acquisition leotard with hand-made embellishments. The best detail (that doesn’t apprehend in the pic) is the mini bats I sewed into her veil.Happy Halloween, Poopists!

xohel..Nothing in these apparel is abundance bought, and I assumption it shows 🙂

My earlier daughter, Manonmani, is a atramentous cat. The atramentous shirt andblack pants are approved clothes. The aerial are architecture agenda gluedon a chaplet and painted. The appendage is one of those velcro “selfsticking” camping accessories, captivated about a brace of atramentous pants.The coil at the end, which my babe insisted on, is how the velcrothingy is originally awash 🙂

My adolescent daughter, Jayalakshmi, is a blush butterfly fairy. The pinktutu was from the dress up closet at her preschool; we took them homeduring an anniversary purge. The flowers in her beard are a graduation lei,doubled over and put on as a crown. The baton is a stick from thebackyard, and the tip is two pieces of paper, coloured and gluedaround it.

The butterfly wings are the best part, and are reused from aftermost years’butterfly apparel for my earlier daughter. Aftermost year, we spent threedays painting autocrat wings (fairly authentic, based on photos fromthe internet) on architecture paper, but we were able to reclaim thewings this year.

This year, our apparel were accumulated in one afternoon. Yay!

Thanks,Shankari..Hi Peter,Thanks for continuing the Super-Crafty Halloween Apparel Contest! I adulation all the amazing entries, and it has absolutely aggressive me to accomplish my kids’ apparel for the aftermost few years.This year my bristles year-old babe absitively that she capital to be a baldheaded hawkeye for Halloween. Honestly I am not abiding if she thinks it is still on the endangered/threatened list, from an anachronous library book, or if she aloof thinks it’s a air-conditioned bird. Either way I adulation that she chose such a different and hardly badass costume. At academy the added day, a few bodies told her her apparel was cute, and she replied that it was not declared to be cute, that she was a bird of prey! Adulation her, adulation bolt glue, and adulation the nice woman on etsy who custom-built the mask.Happy Halloween!Mary..20 account backward and smells like poop!..Hi Peter,We fabricated this apparel for our son Chance who loves the Curious George stories; in case it’s not obvious, he’s the man with the chicken hat. The abracadabra of felt!Sam & Alex Woolf..

Hi!Here is our acquiescence for the subcategory of accumulation costumes.  We absitively to dress up as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Our babe Esme is the lion, obviously.  My witch apparel consists of a double-lamb rug, the changeable of my bells dress, a baton ancient from a lath dowel, aluminum antithesis and argent Christmas ornament, and a kids’ adornment with “icicles” fabricated from white aqueduct cleaners.  My bedmate Byron is the wardrobe, which we fabricated with an Amazon aircraft box with absolute handles absorbed application added aqueduct cleaners.  We took this account at home in Glen Park over the weekend.Liza.

.Our 3 year old babe asked to be a amethyst amuse monster. All duke fabricated except the tights!..Hi Peter,Here is Max as The Grave Digger Monster Truck…a agenda box, brazier lids, acrylic stirrers, pie plates, aerosol paint, tap lights, and a printer is all it takes!Thanks so much, the claiming is so fun!Christine..Who doesn’t adulation Richard Scarry’s Busy Angel and the adventures of Lowly Worm and all his friends? the admired children’s books from the 60’s appear to activity in this bootleg apparel of Lowly Worm by Carol Moline in St. Peter, Minnesota. Fabricated for her grandson, Jahyoo Yamakaze Pak, 2.5 yrs old in Seattle, WA, who is adequate his Central Annex Preschool Halloween party. Lowly Worm, Jahyoo’s toy associate goes with him everywhere, and for this blithe week, Lowly has sightings all over Seattle!

submitted by Amy & Daniel Pak, Seattle, WA…Hello there,Here are my boys as Gnomeo and ‘Shroom. Authoritative these apparel was oneof the highlights of my life.Hope you enjoy!Angela Brandt

..Hi Peter,

My about 5 year old babe capital to be Darth Vader for Halloween, how could I possibly say no? I apperceive every big banker agitated this apparel but it acquainted flimsy, hot and looked like a absolute affliction to put on (not to acknowledgment activity to the bathroom). I advised this apparel about a continued sleeve bodice and leggings so it is article she can put on and off by herself. The accept piece, devices, arm cuffs, and shin guards are all fabricated from pleather. The close and alien cape are fabricated from satin. The lightsaber is from the toy store.

Always attending advanced to this every year.Sharon Nakatani..This is my babe Lily dressed as a tarantula. Anytime aback she heard that spiders backpack their babies on the their backs, this is all she capital to be.

Happy Halloween!

Jill Fitzgibbons.

.Hello Peter, actuality is the Godzilla apparel my bedmate fabricated for our youngest son. I am additionally adhering a articulation to the accessible Facebook anthology I acquaint this morning. Pics were taken at the array at my son’s school.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150375321826460.374441.569936459&type=1&l=7120abcdacThanks!Claudia..Back from an backbreaking night of trick-or-treating in Alameda and managed to get ONE photo of best of the costume, although no face. Eliza was originally activity to be Puck, but the admirable blooming organza border I fabricated for her was fabricated out of fiberglass and acid, and was arbitrarily rejected. I still had her aboriginal Halloween apparel (a Star Trek onesie from ThinkGeek.com) so I ample I could do analogous apparel with babyish sister Gillian.

The border and tights are American Apparel, the leotard is from brawl company, and the acquainted insignia, collar and binding capacity are all me. Attending carefully and you’ll see the apparition of the additional attack at gluing on the insignia. The aboriginal attack was on the aback of the leotard.

Happy Halloween!

—Check out the travails of small-space active at http://rocketcitydigs.com!..My son loves bowling so it was a no brainer, I fabricated these myself from blemish — and yes the bowling brawl is my 37 anniversary bun in the oven.


Attached and pasted beneath is a photo of my two-year old son, Xavier Mangalindan, dressed as a min-Manny Pacquiao (the accepted pound-for-pound battle champ)…Sorry Peter, my aboriginal email was beatific afterwards a description.

This is Sofia, our 5 year old daughter. My wife, Jane blew me abroad with this home fabricated peacock costume. She lucked out and alike got some of the aliment from the Christmas area at Macy’s.

I’m not activity to say how continued she spent authoritative the costume, nor am I activity to busy how abounding devious accoutrement are now amphibian about our flat. Regardless, it was able-bodied account it to accept a 35 year old peacock for a few days.


..Here’s my entry, staring me, my bedmate Colin, and our hapless 4-month-old Kai. Let’s apprehend it for hilariously inappropriate costumes!

jess..This is NOT the Disney adaptation of the Bobcat Baron you are cerebration of!

Mitra (age 4) asked to be a baron this year, but already I fabricated the costume, he alone capital to abrasion it with aftermost year’s (also homemade) bobcat costume. Apparently, some kids at academy were talking about a bobcat king. Mitra has not apparent the movie, but he is appealing abiding he knows what the Bobcat Baron is nevertheless.

Thanks,Sri.My 13 ages year old home fabricated Chucky Costume!.My 13 ages year old home fabricated Chucky Costume!..Hi –Although I apprehend The Poop religiously, I accept never accounted any of our kid apparel air-conditioned abundant to enter… Until now. My son, additionally a Theodore (Teddy), best the one Disney/Pixar appearance that does not accept its own commercially accessible apparel authority — Wall-E. I ambition I could accept had him authority the Chron, but I’m in DC and they’re adamantine to appear by….Thanks,Sarah (long-time lurker)P.S. I taped calm the box and treads and he helped me acrylic it — the buttons are all his. You can’t apprehend the autograph but there’s a “restart,” “play,” and “alarm” on there…Hi Peter,

Here’s my 4-and-1/2-year-old son, Anthony, dressed as Santa Claus for Halloween. He came up with the abstraction aback in August, and I was abiding he’d change his apperception at atomic a dozen times afore today. To his credit, however, he never wavered. My mother fabricated the apparel by hand. This is him aggravating it on for the aboriginal time yesterday.It alone dawned on me today the action abaft allotment a apparel which requires a behemothic bag for trick-or-treating.Thanks for active the contest!Tony P…Hello there Peter,Let me acquaint you to three admirable little hula girls you’d acquisition on your cars’ dashboard!These are my girls – triplets – Mariessa, Viviana (with the hula-tude) and Ruby. They are 2 1/2.The lays are handmade with flowers from Michaels, the skirts purchased, and aggregate abroad (including leotard) from their closet.My hula leash acquired absolutely the awareness aftermost weekend in the Sunset demography Muni to UCSF for their anniversary alliance of abortive accouchement who spent time in the NICU.It was absolutely an “only apparent in SF” moment!Thanks, and adulation your column.Cristina Dirksen.

=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-2485″ />.

Hello Mr. Hartlaub.

I aloof took these pics this morning at my son’s academy yard. Aloof afore the halloween parade. I’ve got a advanced and aback attack aback I get a bang out of seeing the apparel from behind. Wished I’d apprehend the detail about proving the timestamp….

The headless apparel abstraction was all my son’s. He got the abstraction from his book The Encyclopedia of Immaturity – How to Never Grow Up. I couldn’t accomplish that up if I tried. Matteo is in 4th grade. We still charge to amount out how he’s activity to authority his bonbon bag for ambush or treating…. Enjoy! -hitomi..Last Sunday was a accident for my 2 year Sebastien who banned to abrasion a fizz lightyear costume. He asked to be a red car. So we started with agenda boxes and voile (many absent beddy-bye hours later). I included the additional account aloof for the aback of the car 🙂 This is Sebastien in Rockridge bygone for the kids ambush or treating.

Baby Chair Bean Bag Toy Totoro Plush Feeding Chair Children Seat ... - Totoro Bean Bag Chair
Baby Chair Bean Bag Toy Totoro Plush Feeding Chair Children Seat … – Totoro Bean Bag Chair | Totoro Bean Bag Chair

Image Source: alicdn.com

Great blog. Adulation all the pics of the kids in costumes. so abounding artistic parents and kids!!


.Hi Peter,My artfulness for my 2 boys.Son1: Bat Spider Man kinda VigilanteSon2: Iron Chef BabyCheersJennifer..Hi Peter,Here is my access for the 2011 apparel contest. My babe Emily (almost 5)decided that she and her brother Jason (age 2.5) should be Peter Pan andTinkerbell for Halloween this year. I adulation axis them into archetypal fairytale characters so this activity was a lot of fun for me. I fabricated bothcostumes with the barring of the wings and pants. My mom consistently fabricated mycostumes aback I was a kid so I’m blessed to backpack on the attitude of handmadeHalloween costumes.

Cindy Rose..This is my son Jonathan, 8 years old.We were aggravating for a zoo keeper, but he looksmore like a hunter in Africa.(he’s aggravating to attending scared, because of the cobra)He’ll accept to afar the giraffe to absolutely go beat or treating.Leigh Hunt..Hello Peter,

Here is my son’s Ewok apparel for the claiming entry. I bought a teddy buck apparel and fabricated the added genitalia from an old amber bodice and cossack laces. The added was fabricated carved from an old Lowes acrylic stick and a timberline branch.


..Hi there,I fabricated this owl apparel for my 2 year old son. I took his Halloween apparel I fabricated aftermost year & alert acquainted “feathers” to it. And he had to abrasion his owl eye affectation on his arch – like mommy wears her sunglasses!And afresh for the fun of it I fabricated an owl apparel for myself to bout his…Rita..This is a account of my daughter, and our ancestors dog. She’s had this blow bee apparel aback she was two, and her grandmother adjusts it every year. She will accept this apparel for at atomic two added years, until she outgrows it.

Happy Halloween!

Claudia Jimenez..Here is our access for this year’s contest. Our sons, Rowan (age 11) and Duncan (age 4,) are dressed as ATLAS and P-body, the two robots from the accepted video bold Portal 2. We accept absorbed two pictures so you can see the advanced and aback of anniversary costume. Our accouchement are bedeviled with Portal 2 alike admitting we don’t alike own a archetype of the game, and we anticipation that the congenital acme aberration amid the robots ill-fitted the boys perfectly. Thanks!..Hi Peter,

My son Miles absitively a ages ago that he capital to be a bubble for Halloween. Over the advance of a few weeks, he ample out that he could abrasion his bubble tie-dye that he fabricated with his grandmother. I begin some bubble pants at Target to accompaniment the look, and afresh my mom donated a bubble wig to accomplishment it all off. He afresh ample out it’d be abundant to accept a pot of gold, so we got him a little pot and he busy it with sparkly stickers and we abounding it with amber coins. I adulation his adroitness and that he aloof absolutely absolutely capital to be a bubble and was activity to accomplish it appear no amount what! He’s pictured actuality with his sister, who didn’t appetite to put her deer/ballet actuality apparel on for the photo!


..We are the dormouse, white aerial and Mad Hatter! Thanks!Leslie..

Hi Peter,Thanks for allotment such a air-conditioned claiming again. Adulation the entries so far!Here are my kiddos entries:Alex (the turtle from a few years back) capital to be Don the Pteranodon from Dinosaur Train. He loves the apparel and was a big advice in putting it together. He helped papier mache and acrylic the arch and I put the wings on the shirt. He has already spent absolutely a bit of time in the apparel and his amusement is the payoff, indeed.His new little sister, Julia is a butterfly. Her wings are fabricated from acquainted and attach on with some ribbon. She’s absolutely the blessed butterfly.Janelle..8 year old Caroline capital to be article BEATLES, so Mom adapted the Chicken Submarine. I congenital it with a Microwave Box, Concrete anatomy tube for posts, a animation ball, a lot of aqueduct tape, 2 chrism basin noodles and a agglomeration of fabric. She weighs about 70lbs and the apparel is at atomic 35. So I had to put in Padded accept straps and a weight acknowledging belt! We plan to adhere it from her beam as a adornment afterwards Halloween. It took 3 canicule to anatomy it. The adviser absolutely moves aback and alternating via a alien ascendancy aeroplane adviser control.

Stephen Gallagher.

.Hello! Absorbed is our access pic — as we abominably did not get a account of the babyish by herself, it will accept to be submitted for the subcategory aimed at accumulation themes. We are Mr. and Mrs. Juan Valdez, with our sack of Colombian coffee beans. Mr. Valdez’ accouterments is absolutely home-made. The hat is an accurate Colombian sombrero (given to my bedmate by my ancestors on our bells date), his bandage additionally Colombian. The cossack and khakis he is cutting were appealing easy. For our babyish Catalina’s costume, our acceptable acquaintance Zorah Braithwaite (who has an etsy store) fabricated it for us from scratch. She took burlap, lined it with fleece, fabricated velcro straps to fit over the babyish bjorn, and fabricated the hat with red coffee bean on top. You’ll apprehension the arrangement says “50% Colombian Coffee” – absorption that our babe is, in fact, alone 50% Colombian (I’m a Colombian American). Her dad is from Texas (lest you anticipation his mustache was real). Blessed Halloween!

..Hi Peter,Keeping with the construction/safety affair from aftermost year (the boys were the backhoe and assurance cone), this year Jack, 5 1/2, and Teddy, 2, are cartage barricades. At first, Jack absitively he capital to be a windmill and he came up with the cartage barricade abstraction for Teddy. Dragging my anxiety on accession out how to accomplish a alive windmill apparel (as requested), I tackled Teddy’s apparel first. Aback Jack saw it he anticipation it was so air-conditioned that he capital one too. With some chrism board, a little attention band and a accomplished lotta hot cement — I present: accompanying barricades. Thanks so abundant for the contest, I attending advanced to seeing all the added adroit entries. Gotta get started planning for abutting year…Best,Johanna.

.I cut up the sweatshirt and her grandmother affiliate the leg warmers. Aggregate abroad is abundance bought or we had, but the aggregate of elements absolutely makes the outfit. She’s been a big hit..

.I’m entering these apparel in your claiming for my husband. He fabricated both apparel out of boxes! Our 3-year-old pilot doesn’t apperception that his aeroplane is a bit big to backpack around, and has had a lot of fun arena in it. The one-year-old doesn’t adulation his costume, but will abide it for awhile:) And no, these apparel aren’t accompanying in theme, but aren’t they admirable calm anyway??:)


.This is our blockhead (my son Teague age: 10) He is a blockhead bank and a best activated one at that.

Christine Stander.

.Hi Peter,This is a account of my babe as Jesse the Cowgirl, from Toy Story. You’ll apprehension this is not Jesse’s acceptable outfit. I fabricated the aberration of analytic eBay for apparel with my babe watching over my shoulder, and we came beyond a hand-made Jesse-inspired dress. She fell in adulation with the costume, and of advance I was outbid at the aftermost accessible moment. I accept some basal bed-making ability and absitively it couldn’t possibly be that adamantine to recreate. (Right?) So I adopted a bed-making machine, apparent the admiration of a Joann’s ability store, and set out on my aboriginal abandoned bed-making project. Although I had to rip afar and accommodate the sleeves TWICE, I anticipate it came calm appealing well. Hat and boots were purchased at the Disney store, for a blow of authenticity.

Aimee (nocalgirl615)

p.s. Thanks for the contest! I attending advanced to it every year!.

.….most improved?….after sending my adolescent to academy in the apparition costume, I accept been aggravating to redeem myself. As always, my apparel attack to be absolutely what they ask for: “a amplitude air-conditioned hero” and a “fairy.” Although this AM, he said that he is “Saturn Boy” which fits….and alien to our daughter, she is his “minion.”(Full disclosure, the wings are abundance bought, but aggregate abroad is homemade.)

Mother of Ghost..

.Hi, Peter – “super-crafty” may not absolutely cut it, my my two earlier kids’ apparel are abounding of homemade, er…. charm! We had a ton of fun authoritative these, no amount how air-conditioned they concluded up.

My babe in the middle, age 5.5, is a vampire. I bought a agglomeration of atramentous fabric, took a dress of chastening and cut about it as a pattern, afresh bound sewed a dress for her. Aloof for added excitement, my bed-making apparatus refuses to backstitch, so her dress accept seams began to break during the this weekend! Her vampire blind is a agglomeration of fabric, assurance affianced like crazy to break on her dress (and acknowledge advantage for the assurance pins, because we bare them to save her from the apparel malfunction she was experiencing at her PIANO RECITAL this weekend). I had visions of the alpine arty Dracula collar, so I begin some agenda from a Costco run and alert bolt forth it – afresh (attempted to) angle it and – yet added assurance pins! – absorbed it to her cloak.

My son, age 4.5, capital to be a vampire bat. I bought atramentous bleed and aboriginal approved a poncho-style set of bat wings. Didn’t assume right, so I cut out the wings and afresh absitively to attach them to this accoutrements with ties. The accomplished appulse reminds me a bit of Eddie Murphy accusatory about his mother’s bootleg hamburgers with the blooming peppers abashed out. This is the Halloween apparel agnate of that hamburger, I’m afraid. He LOVED the “bat mask” I fabricated for him admitting – what a abundant sport! He didn’t alike aberration out that I acclimated blush & dejected barrettes from his sisters to attach his bat ears.

My little one, age 2.5 on the left, is cutting a recycled & storebought apparel from her big sister.

Thanks for so abundant fun!

– Jeni (catmom0607)..

Hi Peter,

Here’s our acquainted and hot cement Darth Vader. It was hasty how few elements you charge to advance Vader. This is the aboriginal year my son chose his apparel and he’s got so abundant enthusiasm!


.Hi Peter,

This year my son was aggressive by a cruise to the Academy of Sciences and absitively to be a red squid for Halloween. At aboriginal I was activity to go the cut-up-a-sweatshirt route, but my cement gun and bed-making tendencies got the best of me. We searched about for pictures on the Internet and saw this apparel (http://www.flickr.com/photos/47443904@N00/sets/72157625083034273/with/5101190166/) and this is how he capital it to look. I advised the photos by zooming in and ample out the architecture on my own, which took about a three weeks of bed-making and two obscenely shaped squid active to get it right.Best,Amanda (albeit).

.Little Red Riding Awning cousins, Maia (1.5 years-old) and Siri (3-years-old). Maia’s mom (Siri’s dad’s sister) affiliated two dresses that were already beat by her and her adolescent sister — both dresses were purchased by the cousins’ great-grandmother about 1975. We absitively the cousins bare analogous capes, and Maia’s mom fabricated them for the costumes.

– Diana (Siri’s mom).


Our 3 year old, Soren, has admired demography out the debris every anniversary for the aftermost year or so (he alike insists on demography out our neighbor’s garbage). For Halloween, my husband, Sean, fabricated him the debris can out of agenda and copse and afresh we begin the reflector belong online at a assurance store. The best allotment about the apparel is that it has become one of his admired toys–he is consistently arena “garbageman” and “the dump” about the house, wheeling his debris can from allowance to room.Catrine.

.Little brother still can’t acquaint us what he wants to be, but aback anyone says the chat “dinosaur” he starts roaring and grinning. Actual arduous to get him to abrasion the arch part.Big brother capital “real” wings and claws – the wings accessory because they’re fabricated of an old adumbration covering affair with flexy metal bits, and the claws fit over his fingers for added browbeating factor. The blow is aerosol paint, arctic bleed , and old felt, additional an eviscerated old pillow for appendage stuffing. All fabricated sunday and Monday aftermost week, while kids got to watch movies on a altogether nice brilliant day…


.Hi Peter,

Here are two pictures of our son Ezra the Matador, he turns 2 on tuesday. The apparel is a mix of abecedarian sewing, advanced use of cement gun and bolt glue, and store-bought items, actuality is a breakdown:

hat: fabricated from a toddler baseball cap with the border cut off, styrofoam eggs with ends cut off alert to the sides, and covered with bolt via cement guncape: homemadejacket: originally a toddler hoodie, cut off the hood, attachment and adaptable edging, and activated gold trim with bolt glueleggings: store-bought, replaced agleam buttons with gold buttons and activated analogous gold trim bottomward legscumberbun/belt: bootleg with bolt that matches hat (doesn’t appearance up able-bodied in pics)shirt with corrective tie: begin on ebaystuffed bull: store-bought of course, but a admirable prop!

Totoro Beanbag Pillow Case for round Lounge Chair | Etsy - Totoro Bean Bag Chair
Totoro Beanbag Pillow Case for round Lounge Chair | Etsy – Totoro Bean Bag Chair | Totoro Bean Bag Chair

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Thanks, Blessed Halloween!


.Aloha from Hawaii, Peter!After adequate all of your contests over the years, and alike authoritative my sons’ Halloween apparel 4 years out of the aftermost 5, I’m assuredly accessible to abide one of my creations-mostly because I’m aloof appreciative of myself for managing to accomplish a apparel with a bairn at home.I can’t booty abundant credit, because the abstraction was Martha Stewart’s and the alone accoutrement I acclimated was a brace of scissors and a cement gun, but I anticipate it’s an adapted best of apparel for both actuality in Hawaii and my built-in Bay Area.So, presenting my 6-week old son, Kea, as an ebi roll, served accurately with wasabi and amber (and alike the adorning grass!).Hope the Bay is alleviative you able-bodied and attractive advanced to seeing all of this year’s entrants!<3, Courtney.

.My twins

The bogie and her brother the scuba diver


.Here is Everett Lee Dolton as a dragon. He is about bristles and loves to be annihilation that roars. I ample he’d be cutting this out a absolute of four times (including Halloween night) so it had to be athletic and awesome, simultaneously. I put my cerebration cap on for this one. Scrim and batting accumulate the spikes cocked on the top, and close chrism in the tail. We begin the reptilian agleam bolt locally. Ev chose red. The top spikes are absorbed to a sweatshirt, the appendage spikes to sweatpants. He can get in and out if it in a beam and he says it is adequate (go mommy!).

Ellen Gobler.

.Our son, Lucas actuality a Beastie Boy.Unfortunately my son has outgrown this (it was done two years ago), but I couldn’t abide sending it.


I advised and duke affiliate the hat, fabricated abiding it had a blush alteration LED ablaze for the asperous bit. Afresh we duke panted a onesie to go with the hat.


.I apperceive I can’t access the alarming contest, but we’re absolutely appreciative of our apparel this year, which acutely didn’t crave any hot cement gun at all!

Jill Tucker

ed. note: Jill Tucker is a Chronicle apprenticeship anchorman and a common The Poop contributor.This cavalcade includes some of her antecedent ancestors costumes…My 10 year old son Reed asked to be an Angry Bird for Halloween this year. I approved to allocution him into a Zombie or Mummy (much easier to make) but he insisted. So this accomplished Satuday I put it all calm with 3 yards of red felt, some adroit foam, channelled card accompaniment and hot glue. The bill opens and his trick-or-treating bag is absorbed inside.

Chris Campbell.

.Hi! My son is beguiled with annihilation accepting to do with Thomas the Alternation and he capital to be Gordon this year! You accept to be a Thomas aficionado to apperceive the aberration amid Thomas and Gordon, admitting they are both the aforementioned blush – Gordon is #4 and absolutely ample with 10 wheels. It took my bedmate over a ages to accomplish this from scratch, application boxes, biscuit box, cardboard, bootleg agenda mache for the face – acclimated old straps from a car bench with the padding. All Corrective by hand… Came out appealing amazing and my son is ecstatic!

Liz Polk.

.Just accomplished the apparel aftermost night. The R2-D2 helmet is advised and sewn calm by me (Mom) application a flannel-like actual that is acclimated aback authoritative potholders (??), acquainted and wire to accord it shape. The Bodice illustrations are fatigued on by my babe application bolt pens. Claire is 13, the abstraction was appealing abundant hers, (with the advice of some browsing). Anticipation it was appealing clever.Edie Olson


.Here’s a attack I took of my neighbors. Achievement you enjoy!Thanks, Hugh Stickney


.The headlights alike work! This is the alone account so far of him not arrant absurdly while cutting it… 🙂Love your cavalcade – Shannon Renckens Keegan’s Mom


Hello Peter!Someone referred me to your anniversary Halloween apparel contest, and I couldn’t abide to booty a attack and accelerate in the apparel I’ve fabricated my babe these accomplished two years. I fabricated a cupcake and a chanel purse apparel (she will abrasion afresh this year).For added capacity and accomplishments on them, actuality are my blog posts on the costumes:Cupcake:http://theresejacintodesign.blogspot.com/2010/08/fall-fun-diy-cupcake-costume.htmlChanel purse:http://theresejacintodesign.blogspot.com/2010/11/natalies-custom-chanel-costume.htmlThank you! Attractive advanced to seeing all of this year’s picks! 🙂Sincerely,Therese.


This is my cousin, Nickolas. He’s 10 and absitively that he capital to go adjoin the atom this year and abrasion article unique. We crafted this apparel from scratch. Aggregate you see is homemade. He loves Jamba Juice and it seemed appropriate. Achievement ya like it!..This is Jake the “escargot”! He loves, snails and he’s bisected French from Burgundy! He got a bit shy on his aboriginal ambush or amusement outing, but his smile came aback anon afterwards the account was taken. By the way this was taken 2 years ago..

.Our accouchement adulation the afraid tanks at aquariums.  Disappointed they could not accept a catchbasin at home, they absitively to be afraid instead.  We acclimated an old Mexican hat that had been sitting in our closet for the abject of one hat and a witch hat from a dollar abundance for the other. Throw in some bolt and voila. The absolute amount for anniversary hat is about $10.Happy Halloween,Sachiko Rosenfeld.

.This is my aboriginal try authoritative a apparel for our daughter, who is bristles months old. I acclimated hot glue, felt, and cardboard. We afresh added the affair apparel for ourselves; I bought the angle costume, and my husband’s co-workers helped him accomplish the box. The macaroni and cheese affair is because my bedmate collects Mac and Cheese boxes… he’s been on the Aliment Network and Jimmy Kimmel live! (Here’s the Kimmel appearance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-uGnliqQic)

We alive in the Richmond Annex and our names are Ian, Monique, and Mina.

Happy Halloween!Mo.

.Here’s my access for this year.

I was afraid I didn’t see added of these.  I was abiding this was goingto be a “Zeitgeist” apparel for this year.

Happy Halloween!

Brent..Hello Peter —

This little boy is a acquaintance on my mother’s street. Aback I heard what he was activity as for Halloween this year, I aloof had to accelerate it in to you for your Poop contest. They didn’t apperceive about the contest, but agreed to let me accelerate in his account (I took it yesterday).

Marcello absolutely got the abstraction for this himself, accept it or not, because his mother Nicole was watching a YouTube blow from “The Thomas Acme Affair,” and he aloof admired this painting, which is featured in the movie. Here’s the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0KK0msnLhw&feature=fvsr

They went to a apparel abundance and begin a bowler hat, and bought the red tie at a administration store. A acquaintance cut a affected angel in bisected and alert it to the hat. He additionally gave them the anatomy (he affairs to backpack the anatomy aperture to aperture on Halloween night, but may accept a bag for bonbon absorbed to it …). His mother pulled a annex off a backcountry in the advanced backyard for the photo. He already had the clothing and shirt. (I angry the tie!).

Marcello is the adolescent brother of 9-year-old twins Isabella (who affairs to go as Marie Antoinette) and Aidan (who is activity as The Joker). As you can see, Marcello has a apperception of his own. All three kids go to St. Catherine of Siena Academy in Burlingame.

— Shirley-Anne..Okay…I bankrupt the one photo rule…Here is Harrison (last year’s beholden asleep dancing bear) and our newest accession Emilia aka “Emi”I had a boxy time brainstorming this year…how do you attempt with the VW bus?! Do we extend the bus? Accomplish Harrison Jerry?I acclimatized on a goldfish (with a apathetic eye) and a mermaid. There was alone a hot cement gun and a few duke stitches acclimated to assemble the costumes.  Emi started abdomen bedlam as anon as she was dressed in her costume…and afresh she ripped her wig off…Enjoy! 🙂-Jillian.

.Hi Peter!Ever aback she dressed up as Spike from Rob Scotton’s book “Scaredy Cat, Splat” for aftermost Halloween, my four-year-old babe has been adage she capital to dress as Spike’s friend, Plank, in 2012. I had ample all forth that she’d change her apperception over the advance of a year, but actuality she is in her Plank apparel tonight.On a ancillary note, I emailed a photo of her in her apparel aftermost year to the author, who was nice abundant to email aback his appreciation. What a air-conditioned guy!Her sister’s apparition helpmate apparel took all of ten account to put together, and amount beneath than $10. Abundant easier than the Loch Ness monster apparel she had originally requested. I’m a mother who enjoys a acceptable Air-conditioned Adroit Apparel challenge, but I can’t say I wasn’t a bit adequate aback she afflicted her apperception about what she capital to be…-Victoria.

.My son James as “Steve” from Minecraft.Thanks,Adrienne..My 4 year old son Anthony absitively he capital to be a ghostbuster this year. Fabricated him a proton backpack from a shoebox, corrective hoses, old allotment of pump corrupt from pond, and aflame necklaces as able-bodied as cilia optic things all over to accord it the ablaze up affect.— Jennifer Rigo. Acknowledge you..Hi Peter!So, this is the aboriginal year Keely (age 3) had an opinion, so our affair had to go from there. She has capital to be Snoopy aback about August, which was accomplished by me. Then, of course, she afflicted her apperception about a thousand times to “princess,” fairy,” and “queen,” but I aloof said it was too backward and I had already started Snoopy (a absolute lie until about October 20th, but I aloof couldn’t do the princess/fairy affair (yet)). She looks appealing happy, though. June (16 months) got relegated to Woodstock, who, already you absorb some time attractive at him (but afterwards you accept purchased ablaze chicken continued underwear), is basically 8 pencil curve and about absurd to cede in three dimensions. So yeah. June’s apparel is all cement gun, but I absolutely did some bed-making on Keely’s, and I accept to accord Dad acclaim for the accomplished Charles Schulz book on Snoopy’s bowl.Thanks so abundant for continuing to do this, it’s my admired allotment of Halloween!See you at the abutting Meet-up!Esme Shaller.

.Pirates, Evelyn & Sophia Perez, 2 1/2 years

Pirate vests and sashes created and sewn by my Mom and I.

Striped shirts, atramentous leggings, hats, and boots are store-bought.


Katy Perez..Here is the Milesbot 1.0.  Completely homemade, including the shoe box ability backpack on the aback (Miles is acquisitive I get it to assignment by Halloween).

Not shown, gold corrective shoes and we will delay to covering the garden gloves. The emergency lights on the breastplate beam and the anatomy is fabricated of an old artificial trashcan. The best allotment is he can run and sit and ascend stairs in it and it’s bulletproof (ok, not really).

Miles(bot) Maldonado Sciutti:  Brand 1  Coleman Elementary, San Rafael.

Since it is about absurd to abduction a account of two boys underthe age of three (most of the photos of them appearance Robin “helping”Batman), I fabricated a collage of my boys’ apparel for our submission. Ican accelerate the photos alone if you prefer.

Totoro bean bag chair (MUST MAKE for X-mas) | All things Ghibli ... - Totoro Bean Bag Chair
Totoro bean bag chair (MUST MAKE for X-mas) | All things Ghibli … – Totoro Bean Bag Chair | Totoro Bean Bag Chair

Image Source: pinimg.com

The earlier one, Milo, capital to go as Robin, which opened the aperture forthe adolescent one, Pablo to dress as Batman. I fabricated the apparel fromold t-shirts they had and alert on acquainted cut-outs to actualize the Batmanand Robin logos and belts. I fabricated the capes from some bolt and hotglue, and they are absorbed to the t-shirts. I absolute an old shirt ofMilo’s and some leggings to actualize the blow of his costume. Theyzipped about the abode all weekend in these…crossing my fingersthey aftermost until Halloween!

Looking advanced to seeing this year’s accumulation of adroit costumes!

Thank you,Michelle Smith..Pictures accommodate both advanced and aback of costume

Thank you!..Hi Peter,Meet Graeme the Rocket Man.Made (and signed) by him and his Dad…in a barn in Palo Alto, no less!Rudimentary but anatomic design…it hangs over his amateur from the advanced with some angled affairs captivated in aqueduct tape..

.So these apparel concluded up actuality the “night before” projects, as ours consistently are. At midnight we begin ourselves in a “discussion” about whether or not the skeleton easily appropriate alone phalanges. The duke won out. And the tiger concluded up with little cuff sacks for hands. Kept him from actuality able to advertise in the bonbon absolutely so it was brilliant!.


My son, Griffin. Age :2 1/2Clark Kent… The glasses are old 3D’s with the lenses popped out. The blow is ours!.


This is my babe Nell, age 11, as an owl–her idea.  I crochetedthe hat/headpiece and the scarf; she fabricated the wings at a kids’ sewing/refashioning accident at the ReDiscover Center in Culver City a coupleweeks ago, from fleece, genitalia of a boa, and the sleeves from one ofher outgrown tshirts.  (The photo is taken at the ReDiscover Center.)

– Penny Richards, Redondo Beach CA.


For the aboriginal time, my 5 year-old son capital a home fabricated costume.  He capital to be Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba.  This oughta be easy, I thought.  How adamantine could it be?

I started with bedding of chrism elastic to accomplish the body, until I kept authoritative mistakes and approved to application holes up with debris and hot glue.  That’s aback I abstruse that chrism elastic is porous, soaks up aqueous hot glue, and is… uh… not actual blaze retardant.  As I assignment in Blaze Prevention, I’d be ambience a bad archetype if my son got anywhere abreast an accessible flame.

Then I approved creating Plex’s legs my aggravating to sew calm some pants with argent lamé fabric.  The aftereffect was a cantankerous amid Jed Clampett meets the Jetsons.  It went in the debris bin afore I could booty accurate evidence.

And as you can see from the inset photo, my revised Plex “vest” with chicken bolt didn’t book able-bodied either.  I couldn’t get it over his head.

The final architecture worked.  I created a about-face belong that opened with Velcro in the back.  A annular hat box fabricated the head, with chicken aerosol acrylic that splattered EVERYWHERE on the attic and on my hands.  I had to acquisition the adapted red acrylic for the antenna brawl that didn’t deliquesce Styrofoam.  The “ear” tubes are foil-covered toilet agenda rolls I scavenged from the trash.  I had no atramentous paint, so I acclimated a Sharpie pen to blush in the antennae.

Joey had a bang “helping” amoroso by arena with the bolt scraps, so we all had a acceptable time.


..Benjamin the Rooster. Fabricated out of a sweatshirt and a calamus boa. Air-conditioned accessible and comfortable.



I’ve absorbed pictures of my boys’ apparel for this year.  Ayden, age 7, is a French artisan and Camden, age 4, is his painting.

We accept consistently done “theme” apparel with our boys.

They accept been:

Curious George and the Man in the Chicken Hat

A Mouse and Grandfather Clock (Hickory Dickory Dock)

Bee and Beekeeper

And this year’s artisan and painting

Rachelle HodgesCarrollton, VA.

.Hi Peter,

Attached is our 2011 Halloween apparel for our daughter, Kira. She uses a wheelchair, so best apparel would affectionate of carelessness beneath her straps and tray.

So, we fabricated her armchair the apparel this year. She’s a Dalek, and if you haven’t apparent Dr. Who, this will accomplish NO faculty at all.

Craftyness: I adored applesauce cups for months for the blush bobbles about the base. The top consists of two added applesauce cups, a pediasure container, a cannibalized charlatan hat from the dollar store, and a brace of upside bottomward baskets from the austerity store. A few yards of argent fabric, blush yarn, carboard boxes as the frame, argent and blush aerosol paint, and lots of appearance tape, and voila! Blush Dalek. And it was my aboriginal time application a hot cement gun….yeowch!

The abject slides over her tray, and the top is appearance taped to the advance handle for her chair. She doesn’t ambush or amusement (she doesn’t chew) but we capital to do article fun. She acceptable this continued abundant for a few pictures for mommy.


Christina Hooke, mom of Kira the Dalek



Here is my ancestors in our Totoro costumes. While my husband’s shirt is abundance bought, the blow of our shirts were corrective by my husband. As you can see some were added “complicated” afresh others. My poor 18 ages old kinda got stiffed. We did add aerial to my bedmate and my costumes. The aerial were no go with the kids. Sadly, alone one actuality at the Halloween affair knew what we were declared to be.StephanieOakland.

.My babe Zoey as a boilerplate ice chrism cone! Chosen by her, advised by me (her mother) and sewn by her grandmother.

My babe Carrington dressed as a cupcake.

Courtney L. Henry


.My daughter, Sidney, was arrive to a Harry-Potter-themed altogether affair a brace of weeks ago. The affair started at 10:30 a.m.. At 10:10 a.m, she tearfully abreast me that the affair was a apparel party, and she bare a costume. Some quick internet analysis appear that Dobby the Abode Elf was my alone hope. I affective a pillow case, a brace of scissors, some twine, a few blockhead pins, a sock, and some architecture agenda and came up with this. She got to the affair by 10:35. There may accept been some babble involved.

Noël Plummer.


Hello Peter!Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your apparel analysis from the accomplished claiming years…whatingenuity in those costumes!

I capital to accelerate you abundance for this Halloween: Sushi Baby!My son is 2 1/2…year one he was a squirrel, Year two he was Godzilla. I absent too manyhours of beddy-bye on those and broiled my duke through hawkeye nights. This yearI vowed to abate myself and buy a apparel at the store. But don’t be fooled….It’s the aforementioned song and dancewhere I say this to myself up until the anniversary of Halloween. Afresh I am upside bottomward in the bolt bin at thecraft store…The alone aliment that my captious bistro son will eat with carelessness is seaweed. We accept a allotment nanny, Michiyo,who is Japanese and she brings him bedding of seaweed and udon brainstorm soups. While I was attractive on the internetfor apparel account I saw that “sushi” was beneath a Top Ten Embarrassing Apparel to accomplish your adolescent or article like that.But not aback seaweed and adapted apricot maki rolls are the extenuative adroitness on your kid’s banquet menu! I artificial aheadand the aftereffect is a apparel beneath $25 and done afterwards cement accoutrements or bed-making machines.I absolutely accept a blog alleged Mom Inc Daily which is a association of moms who are artistic and architecture for a active andI acquaint the apparel DIY there (http://www.momincdaily.com/design-decor/make-sushi-costume/). Would adulation if youenjoyed it and capital to allotment the apparel or our blog with your readers!

my best,Cat Seto

.PETER HARTLAUB is the pop ability analyzer at the San Francisco Chronicle and architect of this parenting blog, which absolutely sometimes has annihilation to do with parenting. You can chase him on Cheep at www.twitter.com/peterhartlaub.

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