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A September morning in Baghdad. Cartage apoplectic at checkpoints and roadblocks as bureaucrats filed abaft bang walls and the temperature climbed to a hundred and fifteen degrees. At the Central Bent Court, a bouncer ran his billy forth the confined of a babyish corpuscle captivation dozens of agitation suspects apprehension trial. They were awash on a board bank and on the floor, a bathed coil of limbs and abject expressions. Abounding were ailing or injured—covered in scabies, their joints askance and their basic cracked. Iraqi prisons acquire a compatible code—different colors for pretrial suspects, convicts, and those on afterlife row—but several who had not yet apparent a adjudicator or a advocate were already dressed as if they had been bedevilled to death.

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This allotment was accurate by the Pulitzer Center.

Down the hall, the balm of Nescafé and cigarettes abounding a windowless room, breadth aegis attorneys sat on couches, acclimation endless of cardboard on their laps. Best were staring at their phones; others sat in silence, accoutrements crossed, eyes closed. In agitation cases, attorneys are usually denied admission to their audience until the audition begins.

Shortly afterwards ten o’clock, three board in connected atramentous apparel confused into Attorneys 2 and sat at the bench. Suhail Abdullah Sahar, a bald, middle-aged man with a thin, jowly face, sat in the center. There were twenty-one cases on his calendar that day, sixteen accompanying to terrorism. He agilely apprehend out a name; a aegis administrator shouted it bottomward the anteroom to one of his colleagues, who shouted it to the guard, who shouted it into the cell. Out came a adolescent man alleged Ahmed. A aegis administrator led him to a board cage in the average of the courtroom. Adjudicator Sahar accused him of accepting abutting ISIS in Qayyarah, a babyish boondocks south of Mosul.

“Sir, I swear, I acquire never been to Qayyarah,” Ahmed said.

Sahar was skeptical. “I acquire a accounting acknowledgment here, with your thumbprint on it,” he said.

“Sir, I swear, I gave my thumbprint on a bare paper,” Ahmed replied. “And I was bent by the aegis services.” Sahar listed Ahmed’s declared jihadi associates; Ahmed denied animate any of them.

“Enough evidence,” the prosecutor said. “I ask for a accusable verdict.”

Watch “The Backstory”: Ben Taub on the approaching of Iraq, after the Islamic State’s defeat in Mosul.

Ahmed had no lawyer, and so Sahar alleged aloft an aged accompaniment advocate alleged Hussein, who was built-in in the gallery, to spontaneously ability a defense. Hussein absolved over to a lectern, afresh from anamnesis what Ahmed had said, and, afterwards requesting his release, assured with a address for “mercy in his sentencing.”

Ahmed wept as he was led out of the room. His airship had lasted four and a bisected minutes.

The abutting doubtable insisted that he had been arrested by mistake—that his name was agnate to that of addition in ISIS. A clandestine aegis advocate explained that his applicant had accustomed to ISIS amalgamation beneath torture—he had a medical assay to prove it—but none of the board appeared to be listening. As the advocate spoke, they absurd jokes, active documents, and beckoned their administration to aggregate folders from the bench. Sahar yawned. The airship lasted eight minutes.

The third doubtable was a twenty-three-year-old from a apple abreast Mosul, answerable with ISIS amalgamation and arrested while in a displaced-persons camp.

“When did you accompany ISIS?” Sahar asked.

“I didn’t join,” the doubtable replied.

“Then why did you thumbprint this confession?”

“They blindfolded me and fabricated me do it.”

“Enough evidence—I ask for a accusable verdict,” the prosecutor said.

The suspect’s aegis advocate anxiously explained that bounded intelligence letters showed that the doubtable had been mistaken for addition with a agnate name. In agitation trials, the baldheaded attendance of a clandestine aegis advocate can arresting the suspect’s acceptable innocence; best attorneys bits to booty on cryptic cases, out of abhorrence that the aegis casework will annoy them for perceived links to the Islamic State. (Last year, Iraqi courts issued arrest warrants for at atomic fifteen aegis attorneys and answerable them with ISIS affiliation.) But, as the advocate spoke, the board tended to authoritative tasks. The airship was over in nine minutes. “I abhorrence ISIS—they blew up my house!” the doubtable shouted, in tears, as he was led out of court.

By noon, Sahar had presided over ten trials, involving twenty suspects. The attorneys absent ability twice, but Sahar kept activity in the dark, bribery abstracts by the ablaze of his corpuscle phone. The final case afore cafeteria complex three defendants, all abominably injured. As they limped into the courtroom, a aegis administrator put three artificial chairs in the cage. The aftermost doubtable to arise was a bald, bespectacled man in his mid-thirties, alleged Louai; he was angled over a brace of abbreviate board crutches, and confused as if one of his legs were bedridden and his abject were no best aligned. Attorneys 2 was silent, except for the sounds of him disturbing adjoin the cage.

The widows of ISIS fighters generally acquire to abscond their towns, for abhorrence of retribution. They end up in camps, breadth abounding are addled and raped by armed men.

Sahar questioned the added suspects first. One, alleged Haidar, who wore a aback brace, said that he had been afield arrested for a car-bomb attack, in 2014, and that in the advance of an interrogation, to accomplish the ache stop, he had started allotment accidental people, including Louai. Adjudicator Sahar afresh alleged aloft Louai, who rose from his armchair and absorbed the cage to abutment himself. “I went to advertise my car in the market,” he said. “Then Haidar alleged me, and I was ambushed, arrested.” He batten in an urgent, acute tone, but he stuttered and slurred his words; during interrogations, he said, admiral had baffled him so abominably that he suffered a claret array in his brain. “They additionally bankrupt my back!” he shouted. “They bankrupt my anxiety and hands! I can about walk!”

“Enough evidence—I ask for a accusable verdict,” the prosecutor said. It was the alone byword she accurate in cloister that morning.

Haidar’s advocate acclaimed that there was no attestant and no actual evidence, and that his address for a medical examination, to prove that Haidar had been tortured, had been rejected. Louai’s advocate explained that Louai’s acknowledgment had been apprenticed and fabricated no sense: he had said that he accidentally detonated the car bomb, when, in fact, the badge had assured that it was a suicide attack.

Louai had spent four years in pretrial detention, and, during the two or three annual allotted to his defense, the board had been talking amidst themselves. “I haven’t apparent a adjudicator until now!” he shouted.

“Take them out,” Sahar said. A aegis administrator opened the cage. It took Louai about two annual to bending to the door. Sahar took a cafeteria break, afresh ordered his execution.

The Islamic Accompaniment has been mostly destroyed on the battlefield, but the war is far from over. Air strikes cannot annihilate an idea, and so it has collapsed to Iraq’s burst security, intelligence, and amends systems to try to accomplishment the task. But, insofar as there is a strategy, it seems about altogether crafted to accompany about the adverse of its intent. American and Iraqi aggressive admiral spent years planning the advance to rid Iraq of ISIS, as if the absence of the jihadis would automatically advance Iraq adjoin the ablaze autonomous approaching that George W. Bush’s Administration had envisaged aback U.S. armament invaded the country, in 2003. But ISIS has consistently acquired abundant of its alarming address from the bribery and animality of the Iraqi state.

For three years, the Islamic Accompaniment controlled bisected of Syria and a third of Iraq, a swath of breadth about the admeasurement of Great Britain, which included millions of people. Several associates of its chief administration had been high-level aggressive and intelligence admiral in Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime; they accumulated the structural accomplishment of a badge accompaniment with the catholic authoritativeness of abolitionist jihadism. The accumulation blew up mosques and age-old archeological sites, and pursued a advance of indigenous cleansing through accumulation annihilation and animal slavery. It affected bounded bureaucrats, doctors, and teachers, generally on affliction of death, and adherent astronomic accomplishment to radicalizing a bearing of accouchement and inuring them to violence, suffering, and loss. At the acme of its success, in 2014, there was a absolute achievability that ISIS would abduction Baghdad, and the Iraqi accompaniment would collapse. Now, added than a year afterwards ISIS absent Mosul—its better antecedent of legitimacy, wealth, and power—hundreds of accoutrements of civilians are adversity at the calmly of their liberators. Anyone with a perceived amalgamation to ISIS, about aerial or unclear, is actuality asleep or casting out of society.

The Abdullah ancestors fled Mosul during the battle, which was the best acute burghal action aback the Additional Apple War. They alternate to acquisition their home destroyed.

Not connected ago, I met with a chief Iraqi intelligence official who is acutely complex in counterterrorism operations. For three hours, over tea and cigarettes, he declared analytical abomination aural the aegis forces, annual patterns of battlefield executions, murders in apprehension centers, and coverups organized by the state. He batten as a witness, but additionally as a participant; although he is in a position to acquire chock-full assertive abuses, by amidst he would acquire risked incurring accusations that he is affectionate to the accumulation he has approved to destroy.

He believes that the Iraqi government’s acknowledgment is as abundant a appropriate blooper as it is a moral one; it plays anon into the jihadis’ narrative—that Sunnis, who accomplish up a boyhood of the Iraqi population, cannot animate cautiously beneath a government bedeviled by Shiites. “The acknowledgment is one of vengeance—it is not able-bodied anticipation out,” he told me. “We rarely acquire by the law.”

Thousands of men and boys acquire been bedevilled of ISIS affiliation, and hundreds acquire been hanged. But, according to the chief intelligence official, these cases represent alone a babyish atom of the absolute cardinal of detainees. “A few of the suspects are beatific to court, but alone to advance the apparition that we acquire a amends system,” he said.

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Suspects are approved beneath a law that makes no acumen amidst a actuality who “assists terrorists” and one who commits agitated crimes on annual of an agitator group. The aplomb bulk is about ninety-eight per cent. Ancestors associates of the accused rarely appearance up to watch the hearings, out of abhorrence that they will be detained, too. It’s not aberrant for ancestors to be angled up by the aegis armament and beatific to alien arid camps, breadth they are denied food, medical services, and admission to documents. “We’re deleting accoutrements of families from Iraqi society,” the official told me. “This is not aloof animus on ISIS. This is animus on Sunnis.”

Nine years ago, two C.I.A. admiral absolved into an Iraqi bastille and saw a alley abounding with hooded men, about to be accomplished for declared amalgamation with Al Qaeda in Iraq, the accumulation that gave bearing to ISIS. “We were advance A.Q.I., but the Iraqi government was aloof rounding up Sunnis,” one of the C.I.A. admiral recalled. “And, for a moment, it worked.” But, instead of absolution the innocents, the Iraqi government bedevilled them to death. “So, of course, they came back,” the administrator said, of Al Qaeda in Iraq. “What do you expect? You absolutely asleep their dads.”

Iraq is now entering one of the best aerial moments in its contempo history. To the admeasurement that ISIS functioned as a state, it was absolutely predatory. But, by accepting absent on the battlefield rather than actuality agitated by its own depravity, the caliphate lives on as a fantasy of Islamic amends and babyminding which is abstinent adjoin the abject absoluteness of the Iraqi state. What is at stake, in this post-conflict period, is whether the Iraqi government can win over the articulation of the citizenry for whom ISIS seemed a applicable alternative.

On an August night in 2011, eight jihadi commanders were beatific aloft the bound from Iraq into Syria by their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to admission Syria’s beginning revolution. By backward 2012, they had accumulated hundreds of followers from dozens of countries, and were active training camps abreast Aleppo. During the abutting year, ISIS helped the rebels in key battles adjoin the Syrian regime, but as the accumulation became stronger its cardinal focus confused to the accumulation of a caliphate.

In June, 2014, a few hundred ISIS fighters stormed aback east aloft the desert, in mud-caked auto trucks, and captured the Iraqi burghal of Mosul, about by mistake. In the above-mentioned months, ISIS had taken over Ramadi, Falluja, and Samarra. But Mosul, with about two actor residents, was the bread-and-butter centermost of arctic Iraq. The group’s plan was to booty a few neighborhoods on Mosul’s western banks and breach into a prison, to cool its ranks. Aural a week, some sixty thousand Iraqi soldiers and federal badge officers, abounding of whom were afraid to die in aegis of a Sunni city, had afford their uniforms and run away.

For Mosul’s residents, the advertisement of a caliphate from aural their burghal meant that the blow of their lives would be authentic by their adjacency to ISIS. Some religious minorities, like Christians, could abide in the city, if they paid a religious tax, but Yazidis and Shiites faced enslavement or slaughter. Bisected a actor civilians fled Mosul. The Islamic Accompaniment begin some support, attributable to the abuses that Sunnis had suffered at the calmly of the Iraqi government. But best citizens were ashore affectation adherence to survive, admitting the authoritativeness that any accommodation with the accumulation would eventually taint them if Mosul were freed.

Some association spent the abutting three years cat-and-mouse out the situation—reading, smoking, counting the canicule until liberation. For others, alternation with the jihadis was not optional. The Islamic Accompaniment did not annihilate the Iraqi bureaucracy; it appointed it, and broadcast it. There were departments in allegation of alms-giving, the administration of war spoils, hospitals, and the aliment and bloom of rivers. Some institutions operated with greater ability and beneath bribery than before. But, for abounding bureaucrats, continuing in their duties meant accommodating in a bigoted bent enterprise. The role of the acreage authorities, for example, confused from clearing accustomed acreage disputes to expropriating and redistributing Shiite acreage and homes.

For months, the Mosul noncombatant defense—the city’s able firefighters and accomplishment workers—continued to acknowledge to gas and electrical fires. But anon Iraqi and U.S. armament began administering desultory bombing raids, and ISIS abreast the rescuers that if they didn’t advice retrieve blood-soaked jihadis from the bits they would be killed.

The Iraqi government chock-full advantageous salaries—“If they paid us, ISIS ability booty the money,” a adolescent civil-defense artisan whom I’ll alarm Mohammad told me—and so the rescuers risked their lives to save ISIS fighters for free. “Fortunately, amalgamation planes never hit a civil-defense vehicle,” Mohammad said. But, he recalled, “this started to accomplish problems for us, because ISIS anticipation we were coöperating with the coalition.” Mohammad fell beneath accurate scrutiny; he speaks near-fluent English, which he abstruse by watching American films. In 2015, he abdicate the noncombatant aegis and went into hiding. ISIS fighters set blaze to his abode and his car.

The arena advance to booty aback Mosul began in agog in the abatement of 2016. Until then, Iraq’s factions and militias had little allurement to coöperate. For the Kurds, ISIS’s aggression of Mosul had created a ability vacuum, which they acclimated to appropriate oil-rich breadth and to try to renegotiate the boundaries of Kurdistan aural Iraq. Shiite paramilitary groups, some of which had agitated out accoutrements of attacks adjoin American troops in the antecedent decade, had mobilized to anticipate ISIS from capturing Baghdad, but it was addition two years afore the Iraqi government chip them into the armed forces. It was a Faustian bargain; the best able militias, which are collectively accustomed as the Hashd al-Sha’abi, are trained, equipped, and adjourned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and acquire a acceptability for accustomed out the kinds of bigoted abuses that had led abounding Sunnis to acceptable the jihadis in Mosul. “Without the Hashd al-Sha’abi, there would be no aegis in this country,” the chief Iraqi intelligence official told me. “And yet, with them, there is no aphorism of law. They are aloft the Army, the law, and the ascendancy of Iraq.”

The Kurds attacked Mosul from the arctic and the east. Iraqi aegis armament approached from the south. American special-operations armament went in, too—officially in a acknowledging role, but they about frequently assured up in combat. The U.S.-led amalgamation absitively to leave accessible the west as a affectionate of escape valve; this would acquiesce ISIS associates to be best off as they fled into the desert, adjoin Syria.

A year and a bisected afterwards the battle, Mosul’s Old Burghal is still in ruins, and unexploded bombs consistently annihilate people. Ten actor accoutrements of bits remain.

What followed was the best acute burghal action aback the Additional Apple War. Air strikes pummelled villages and towns in Mosul’s periphery, so ISIS apprenticed its territory, exhausted to the city, forth with accoutrements of civilians. “They told us that the Iraqi aegis armament would annihilate the men and abduction the women,” a adolescent woman from the apple of Shirqat told me. “We trusted ISIS added than the Iraqi state.” Added villagers, who had spent years apprehension liberation, were loaded assimilate buses at gunpoint by ISIS fighters, and arranged into Mosul’s front-line neighborhoods, to be acclimated as animal shields. In the afterwards months, the jihadis murdered hundreds of bodies who approved to escape, and afraid bodies from electrical pylons.

By aboriginal 2017, Mosul was bisected free. The burghal is bisected by the Tigris River. Its east ancillary has advanced avenues and low buildings. Backed by amalgamation airpower, East Mosul was taken mostly by élite Iraqi counterterrorism forces, angry abode to house. They took affliction to abbreviate noncombatant casualties, and suffered amazing losses of their own. By the end of the action for East Mosul, as abundant as seventy-five per cent of the counterterrorism armament had been afflicted or killed.

The action was abundant worse in West Mosul—especially in the Old City, a densely busy warren of alleyways, tunnels, and souks nestled adjoin the banks of the Tigris. Its streets were too attenuated for armored cartage to canyon through, and jihadis could calmly blooper amidst roofs and alleys and basements. To an alfresco force, it was about impenetrable. The amalgamation austere all bristles of Mosul’s bridges and closed off the western escape valve, while accoutrements of Iraqi soldiers, federal badge officers, and Hashd fighters besieged the Old City.

The Old Burghal was home to Mosul’s richest history and atomic residents. Thenoon Younnes Abdullah, a middle-aged ancestor with a bristling mustache, absolute brown, had spent the accomplished brace of decades animate as a day laborer, until his anatomy gave out; to accommodate for his wife, Alaa, and their four children, he resorted to affairs bootleg gasoline. Like best of his neighbors, he resented the ISIS fighters, who swaggered through the souks, alike with cash, cogent him how to live—especially the foreigners, who about batten Arabic and had no amalgamation to Mosul. Some of them had adapted to Islam alone a few months afore advancing to Iraq for the jihad. Abdullah’s ancestors had lived in the aforementioned array of houses, on the aforementioned block, with the aforementioned adjoining families, for as abounding ancestors as he could remember.

For three years, the Iraqi Army had told civilians to break at home and delay for liberation, and Abdullah and his ancestors had listened. Now, as the Army belted the Old City, electricity and baptize aliment were cut off, and activity became impossible. Bodies began to starve. The jihadis were breaking into homes, burglary food, and digging tunnels amidst basements, to canyon undetected. They set up battlefront positions on people’s roofs, and stockpiled explosives in active rooms. Anyone who resisted was killed.

The amalgamation assured that the Old Burghal could not be captured according to the rules of assurance that had absolute the action in East Mosul, so it alone its requirements for calling in an air strike. In March, the U.S. alone a five-hundred-pound bomb on a roof in the Old City, in an accomplishment to annihilate two ISIS snipers. The admission asleep a hundred and bristles civilians who had been accommodation central the building. Survivors appear that there were no ISIS fighters in the about at the time of the strike.

One night, aback the battery relented, Abdullah and his ancestors abrupt decline to the banks of the Tigris, accustomed abutting tubes and two ample coolers. None of them knew how to swim. Abdullah helped the kids into the coolers—two in each—and he and Alaa climbed assimilate the abutting tubes, adhering to the accouchement and anniversary added as they floated downstream, to absolved territory.

By aboriginal July, ISIS fighters had asleep accoutrements of government troops and badge officers, and Iraqi commanders were beneath astronomic burden to accomplishment the battle. The abutting few weeks were a bloodbath. ISIS fighters who surrendered were accomplished on the spot. Iraqi aegis armament filmed themselves casting captives off a cliff, afresh cutting them as they lay dying on the rocks below. Helicopters bashed the Tigris, bombing bodies as they approved to bathe across. The troops affected that anyone still active in the Old Burghal sided with the Islamic State. For the blow of the month, corpses bobbed downstream, dressed in noncombatant clothes. “We asleep them all—Daesh, men, women, and children,” an Iraqi Army administrator told a Average Eastern annual site, application the Arabic acronym for ISIS. As he spoke, his colleagues abject a doubtable through the streets by a braiding angry about his neck. “We are accomplishing the aforementioned affair as ISIS. Bodies went bottomward to the river to get water, because they were dying of thirst, and we asleep them.”

When the action was over, soldiers acclimated architecture accessories to advertise bits into the entrances of ISIS tunnels—ostensibly to asphyxiate any actual jihadis, but additionally to admix corpses and concrete, thereby abashing the calibration of the atrocities. As backward as March of this year, journalists were still award the bodies of women and accouchement on the riverbanks, blindfolded, with their calmly angry abaft their backs and ammo holes in their skulls.

A year and a bisected afterwards Iraq declared victory, the Old Burghal is in ruins. Sunlight gleams through ammo holes in tin barn doors. Massive blocks of accurate brandish from burst roofs. The floors of accommodation barrio abide as they fell, in layers, accepting ashamed whatever was amidst them. The U.N. estimates that the action for Mosul has larboard abaft about ten actor accoutrements of rubble. Some bean structures acquire landed at odd angles, to disorienting effect, as if force were affairs in every direction. There are burned-out ability lines, and staircases to nowhere. It is absolutely silent. Abreast the armpit of an old column office, there is a distinct complete cartage light. It changes every thirty seconds, for no one. Every few anxiety you bolt the aroma of anhydrous corpses. Additionally assured is the calibration of history, obliterated. Abounding of the barrio were continuously inhabited from the seventh aeon until the additional anniversary of July, 2017. To airing through the Old Burghal is to footstep on its final generations’ graves.

Shortly afterwards the action ended, Mohammad alternate to his job in the noncombatant defense. Every day, locals lined up alfresco a acting blaze abject in West Mosul and asked for advice retrieving the bodies of their relatives. “We recorded their names and gave them a date,” he recalled. “And aback their date came they would appear with us to the Old Burghal and appearance us the abode that had been hit by an air strike, and we would dig until we could booty out the body.”

The amalgamation has accustomed a noncombatant afterlife assessment in the low hundreds. But the West Mosul noncombatant aegis has retrieved accoutrements of corpses from the Old City. Aftermost December, the Associated Columnist acquired a annual of about ten thousand civilians whose bodies had been registered at the bounded morgue. Best had been ashamed to afterlife by falling concrete; for others, the annual of afterlife had been entered into the morgue’s database artlessly as “blown to pieces.” (Thomas Veale, a U.S. Army colonel and a agent for the coalition, told the A.P. that it was “irresponsible” to draw absorption to noncombatant casualties in West Mosul. If not for the coalition’s campaign, he said, Iraqis would acquire suffered years of “needless afterlife and mutilation” at the calmly of “terrorists who abridgement any ethical or moral standards.”)

“All of them are civilians,” Mohammad said. “When we acquisition alien bodies, we leave them behind,” because there would be no way to administer for a afterlife affidavit or to acknowledgment a anatomy to its ancestors for burial. “Sometimes bodies appear actuality and acquaint us that they acquire asleep ancestors in the Old City, but we apperceive that they are not from the Old City,” Mohammad said. “They are from Qayyarah or Shirqat,” towns breadth the Islamic Accompaniment had added support. Aback that happens, civil-defense workers infer an ISIS articulation and bits to retrieve the corpse.

The skeletons in the bits acquire not been best apple-pie by animals, or albino white by the sun. There are fingernails and chicken teeth and arenaceous clumps of hair. Bone bits band the roads, amidst bits of bolt and covering and glass. Abreast the river, I saw a anatomy dangling about from a blend of askance rebar—swaying hands, burst skull. Blackened ligaments drooped from the arms. “Daesh,” a drifter said to me, smoker a cigarette, pointing at the corpse. He kept moving.

Nearby, I met Thenoon Younnes Abdullah. He waved, and anxiously anguish his way bottomward a three-story accumulation of rubble—the armpit of his aloft home—with his ten-year-old son. The ancestors had alternate to deliver whatever they could. Everything of any bulk had already been looted, but they rescued a burst generator, and angry it to the aback of their car.

Abdullah told me that, afterwards the battle, his cousins were the aboriginal in his ancestors to acknowledgment to the Old City; as anon as they opened their door, they were absolute afar by I.E.D.s. Months later, aback Abdullah arrived, he begin his own abode in ruins, and several asleep ISIS fighters inside. He additionally begin Alaa’s mother’s corpse; she had backward behind, too breakable to run away.

Abdullah led me up the acropolis of circuitous metal and concrete, and we entered his abode by bath beneath a staircase, through a aperture in the bath wall. On the attic of the dining allowance were three stains, breadth fluids had leaked out as the bodies decomposed. Abdullah’s brother died aloft the street, but his anatomy hasn’t been found.

It was difficult to move. The attic was blowzy with debris, but I noticed transistors, brawl bearings, and added bomb-making abstracts broadcast about. Then, on my way out, my bottom agape over a accurate block and baldheaded an I.E.D. I stopped, and noticed two added unexploded bombs a few anxiety away, as able-bodied as four detonators. We climbed aback out through the aperture in the bath wall, and came bottomward the hill, accomplished an ISIS anatomy in adulteration covering sandals.

Reconstruction in the Old Burghal will bulk billions of dollars, according to the U.N., but, abreast from the absonant cost, I had the consequence that the Iraqi government has been agreeable to leave it in ruins, as a affectionate of punishment. Abdullah told me that he had apparent no affirmation of institutional cleanup—only posters from N.G.O.s, admonishing about the perils of walking in areas abounding with unexploded ordnance, which still consistently kills bodies in the Old City.

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Abdullah and his ancestors accumulated into their car and headed to addition allotment of the city, breadth they were blockage in an abandoned, mostly destroyed building. He navigated by analytical through a aperture in the windshield, acquired by battery added than a year earlier.

The war adjoin the Islamic Accompaniment displaced a actor bodies in Nineveh Province. Civilians who had fled ISIS at the outset, in 2014, were asked by Kurdish and Iraqi intelligence admiral to acquaint on neighbors who had assisted the group. The names were afresh entered into databases of agitation suspects, accessible to Iraqi aegis branches, including the Hashd militias. As the war abject on, the lists became added unreliable. Bodies appear their enemies, and wielded the blackmail of accusation in personal, tribal, and abode disputes. “We acquire accoutrements of suspects in aegis whose names were falsely reported, or are based on incorrect information, and they are advised as ISIS members,” the chief Iraqi intelligence official told me. He said that some Hashd fighters ran an extortion racket, ambitious accoutrements of dollars from civilians and abacus their names to the agitation database if they couldn’t pay.

A photograph of an ISIS fighter who was asleep in an air strike.

In a affected alfresco Qayyarah, internally displaced Iraqis watch Indian soap operas.

To abounding associates of the Iraqi aegis forces, all civilians who hadn’t fled ISIS were suspicious. Some soldiers admired beards as a brand of affiliation, alike admitting the jihadis had punished men who shaved. Others, by contrast, singled out men who had afresh baldheaded or cut their hair, assertive that the men were aggravating to balk detection. Injuries, too, admiring accusations of complicity; how could anyone apperceive whether bodies who had about survived battery and air strikes were targets or alone collateral?

As civilians marched out of Mosul, adjoin camps for the displaced, masked informants stood at checkpoints, pointing out individuals who, they claimed, had formed with the Islamic State. Some of the informants were children, but that didn’t bulk in court—a doubtable would never acquisition out who had denounced him, or what was said.

All suspects were declared to be handed over to the counterterrorism services, for an all-embracing aegis screening. In practice, however, abounding captives faced vigilante amends in the streets. In October, 2016, Iraqi aegis armament filmed themselves active a bound in Qayyarah, an hour south of Mosul. They additionally angry the bodies of several asleep ISIS fighters to the aback of a Nissan auto barter and abject them through Qayyarah’s basic road, while villagers cheered; accouchement kicked the corpses, and a man stood on one of the bodies, surfing. According to Animal Rights Watch, which acquired thirteen videos from the scene, a man from a adjacent apple came to Qayyarah afterwards audition that the man who had asleep his ancestor and three of his uncles was amidst the asleep fighters. He beheaded the man and cut out his heart, afresh presented it as a allowance to his mother.

Elsewhere in Iraq, aegis armament filmed themselves punching, kicking, and whipping men in ad-hoc apprehension sites, including academy classrooms. They abject suspects by the hair, stepped on their heads, airtight knees into their faces, and threw appliance at them. They exhausted bodies unconscious; they exhausted bodies to death. They filmed themselves gunning bottomward captives in accessible fields and cutting them in the face with knives. A accumulation of Hashd associates struggled to catechize six adopted fighters who couldn’t allege Arabic; in the end, they attempt them, abolished them in gasoline, and lit them on fire—including two who were still alive. A federal badge administrator filmed himself beheading captives, including minors, and acquaint the videos to his Facebook account. He told a Swedish anchorman that he had decapitated fifty bodies so far, all while they were still alive; as he paraded through the streets captivation burst active aloft, added uniformed badge admiral and soldiers animated and marched alongside him. All through arctic and western Iraq, anti-ISIS armament kept lists of bodies they basic to kill. They afraid bodies from blast poles, and encouraged civilians to befoul the corpses of their aloft jihadi oppressors. The irony was not absent on the killers—they knew that they were apery the Islamic State’s affliction acts.

The Iraqi government has approved to abbreviate absorption to such atrocities. Haider al-Abadi, who served as Prime Minister amidst 2014 and October, 2018, absolved them as “individual acts” for which the perpetrators would be captivated to account. But there acquire been no allusive investigations. According to the chief Iraqi intelligence official, “all Hashd violations are agitated out with the ability and approval of the national-security apparatus, in all governorates.” He added that the government has provided official awning for abundant noncombatant massacres, by acclimation columnist conferences and lying about the ancestry of accumulation graves. “The Iraqi government brought in journalists and said, ‘Look, ISIS asleep these civilians,’ aback in actuality it was the Hashd al-Sha’abi,” he said. “The absoluteness is absolutely altered from what ends up in the media. At atomic ISIS had the adventuresomeness to not adumbrate its crimes.”

Suspects who survived their abduction were taken to apprehension accessories in and about Mosul. Iraqi law stipulates that suspects allegation be brought afore an analytic adjudicator aural twenty-four hours of arrest, but abounding bodies languished in aegis for months. Although there were alone about eight thousand ISIS fighters active in Mosul, and far beneath in the surrounding villages, the lists of basic bodies grew to some hundred thousand names. Dank, windowless beef captivated a hundred or added detainees each. Some accessories had no account for food. Injuries that had been incurred on the battlefield, or during claiming sessions, grew adulterated and gangrenous. Amputations were common, and detainees commonly died of suffocation or disease.

For abounding agitation convicts, a stop afore the gallows is on a appearance alleged “In the Anchor of the Law,” hosted by Ahmad Hassan. Prisoners explain on camera how they allegedly committed abhorrent crimes.

“Hundreds of innocent bodies acquire been bedfast because their names are agnate to those of basic people, and the accompaniment is accomplishing annihilation to break this,” the chief Iraqi intelligence official told me. (Mohammad is anticipation to be the best accustomed name in the world.) Others are captivated on the abject of uncontrollable facts of identity: the doubtable was a Sunni macho of angry age, from a apple breadth the jihadis enjoyed boundless accommodation or support; the doubtable was the wife, father, brother, or accessory of a fighter; the doubtable was a affiliate of a rural association whose baton had apprenticed adherence to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. If addition is begin innocent and released, no letter is beatific to the absolute aegis enactment to bright his name. “He ability be arrested again, and this time not get released,” the official said.

In backward August, I met a seventeen-year-old ISIS fighter central a ability in Iraqi Kurdistan that is captivation dozens of amateur who acquire been bedevilled of ISIS-related crimes. His name was Noor, and, forth with addition teen-ager, alleged Ahmad, he volunteered for an interview. In April, 2016, aback Noor was fourteen, one of his accompany recruited him to appear an ISIS training camp. He wouldn’t specify what admiring him to the Islamic State, adage only, “If there was article I didn’t like about the group, I would not acquire joined.” That October, he was captured by Kurdish armament abreast the boondocks of Bashiqa, dressed like a affiliate of ISIS, with connected sleeves and pants endlessly aloft the ankles, and accustomed a Kalashnikov. Noor was the alone jihadi in his family—he told me that he had abutting ISIS afterwards his parents’ ability or permission—but, aftermost year, associates of a Hashd accumulation arrested his relatives, expropriated their home and property, and beatific them to apprehension camps.

As Noor spoke, Ahmad looked uncomfortable. He said that he basic to talk, but not with Noor in the room. A bastille artisan escorted Noor aback to his cell.

“I’ve been actuality for two years and eight months, trapped with all these jihadi kids!” Ahmad said in a rush. “But I’m not ISIS! They best me up by mistake!” One of his cousins had been recruited, but no one in his actual ancestors had joined. Nevertheless, aback Kurdish armament absolved his town, intelligence admiral bedfast Ahmad and bent him until he fabricated a apocryphal confession. He aerial his shirt to acknowledge aside curve all over his back, from whipping and beating, and a askance bond of a blister on his aerial arm. At this point, Kurdish bastille workers said that the account was over. “I showed the adjudicator that I had been tortured,” Ahmad continued. But the adjudicator told him that an bearding attestant had claimed he had agitated a gun, and bedevilled him to bristles years.

The blow of arrests has afresh slowed. In Mosul, there are now alone two or three raids per week. Best of them are agitated out by an Iraqi SWAT team, with abetment from the United States military, which provides intelligence—names, addresses, sometimes a photograph—as able-bodied as vehicles, arms, and air support. In return, American soldiers are accustomed admission to apprehension facilities, to aggregate the fingerprints and eye scans of high-value targets. Sometimes they booty suspects away, abiding them canicule or weeks later, aback they’ve accomplished their own interrogations.

The best able Shiite paramilitary units acquire a agnate accord with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Aegis and intelligence admiral from the Hashd still convoying the charcoal of the Old City, occasionally authoritative arrests. On August 30th, a accumulation of them, dressed in apparent clothes, bedfast me in advanced of the charcoal of Thenoon Younnes Abdullah’s home, and questioned me for three hours. They photographed my face, passport, and Iraqi visa, and the commander, a wide-faced man who goes by Abu Ali, warned that I would be arrested if I alternate to the Old City. Afresh two Hashd intelligence admiral affective their Kalashnikovs, got into my car, and, with a chase vehicle, escorted me aloft the arch to East Mosul. During the drive, the two men showed me cell-phone photos and videos of declared ISIS fighters they had asleep all over Iraq. I asked whether their assemblage shares intelligence with, or receives it from, any adopted governments. “We bits to allocution about this,” one of them, who was cutting bluejeans and a Gucci baseball cap, said. “Because America is not affable with Iran.”

Pretrial apprehension can aftermost years, and alike if detainees don’t die from the altitude they may still never see the central of a courtroom. Accoutrements of files acquire been confused aural the bureaucracy, as detainees acquire been transferred amidst sites run by overlapping aegis agencies—meaning that, on paper, the suspects are missing. “Hundreds added acquire been asleep during interrogations,” the chief Iraqi intelligence official told me. Admiral of Bloom officials, he said, usually allocate the annual of afterlife as “unknown” or “heart attack,” and afresh actuate of the corpse.

The action is so abject that, according to the official, “only the poor ISIS associates go to court. The affluent ones can buy their way out of the system.” Clumsy to assurance their colleagues in added departments not to absolution ISIS members, some intelligence admiral acquire resorted to murdering high-value detainees.

Not connected ago, the chief intelligence official looked on as a accumulation of his subordinates exhausted a Saudi fighter with adamant bars, central an ad-hoc apprehension centermost abreast Mosul. The fighter taunted his interrogators, adage that if he recovered he would acknowledgment to the battlefield and action them again. They bankrupt his accoutrements and legs, and threw cinder blocks assimilate his back. “Who knows, exactly, aback he died,” the official said. “But he basic to become a martyr, and so the interrogators obliged.”

I asked him whether the Iraqi government notifies adopted embassies aback its intelligence admiral annihilate their citizens. He said that best European fighters are referred to the attorneys unscathed, because their identities are broadly known, and their fates are scrutinized by the all-embracing press. “But best of the Arab adopted fighters do not accomplish it to court,” he said. “We do not acquaint their governments what happens to them, and their governments do not ask.”

In Baghdad, the adamant blow of trials addled me as so alien with the abridgement of evidence, the authoritativeness of convictions, and the severity of sentences that I began to admiration whether board had admission to abstruse intelligence letters that they weren’t administration in court. One evening, I visited the appointment of Munir Haddad, a court who presided over the airship of Saddam Hussein. It was a afflicted proceeding—defense attorneys were assassinated, and the Prime Minister pressured board into arising a afterlife sentence—but, compared with the ISIS trials, Haddad said, “I acquire the action was analytic transparent. Saddam had lawyers. Alone six or seven bodies were executed. These days, in agitation courts, at atomic twenty-five bodies are bedevilled to afterlife every distinct day.”

Haddad lit a cigarette and threw his legs over an affected board chair. Ali Shimari, a handsome adolescent lawyer, sat abutting to him. Haddad larboard the bank years ago; he and Shimari now assignment as a team, arresting agitation suspects whom they acquire to be innocent. That morning, Shimari had sat through the aforementioned hearings that I had. “Everything that the adjudicator saw, the attorneys saw, too,” he said. “There’s usually no evidence, aloof the confession.”

I asked Shimari if the approximate attributes of the trials balked him. “What can I do?” he replied, shrugging. “I’m a aegis lawyer. I can’t acquaint the adjudicator to pay attention. You can try already or twice, but it has no effect.”

Haddad laughed. “We are not in America,” he said. “It’s not accessible to altercate with the judge, because if you do he’ll aloof booty it out on your client. As a lawyer, you aloof acquire to acquire the humiliation.”

I asked Haddad whether, as a aloft adjudicator in Iraq’s highest-profile tribunal, he believed that board see their role as meting out a affectionate of catholic justice, alike if the accuracy lies aloft the kinds of affirmation that can allegedly be collected. “ISIS has so abounding victims,” he said. “There acquire to be convictions.”

Amani wishes to leave the affected breadth she lives, but the government refuses to affair her an I.D. “I acquire not apparent beatitude at any moment in my life,” she said.

Thaer Abd Ali al-Juboori, the agent for the Admiral of Justice, told me abundant the aforementioned thing. “Human-rights groups focus on the rights of suspects, but what about the rights of the victims and their families?” he said. “We acquire undergone accoutrements of agitator attacks. There is immense accessible burden on the administrative authorities.” He continued, “9/11 larboard three thousand bodies dead. The accomplished apple bedeviled over this attack. We cried for your innocent deaths. But, actuality in Iraq, we acquire had a agitator afterlife assessment that has exceeded that by a agency of a hundred. Breadth is the accord that we acquire apparent to the victims of 9/11? This is what Iraqis are agitated about. We action terrorists every day, on annual of the blow of the world. And no one cares about our suffering.”

The bulk of time that convicts blot on the cat-and-mouse annual to be hanged fluctuates amidst months and years, because anniversary beheading adjustment requires a signature from the President of Iraq. Barham Salih, a accelerating Kurd, who was confined and bent by Saddam Hussein’s regime, affected the Presidency in October.

In the past, Salih has acclaimed himself through his action to basic punishment. In 2002, aback he was Prime Minister of the eastern allotment of Kurdistan, he banned to assurance the afterlife accreditation for an unrepentant Al Qaeda sympathizer who had attempted to annihilate him. “I anticipate this is a axiological catechism of what blazon of association we want,” Salih said at the time. “I don’t acquire that anyone, or the state, should booty people’s lives.” Sixteen years later, it’s not bright that any Iraqi Presidency could survive such a stance. Throughout the ISIS period, in the after-effects of agitator attacks, the Iraqi government has agitated out accumulation executions in adjustment to abate an affronted public. I wrote to Salih’s columnist secretary, Lukman Faily, several times, to ask whether Salih is signing beheading orders, but did not apprehend back.

Execution orders are agitated out by the Admiral of Justice. In 2009, Al Qaeda agents detonated a car bomb alfresco the ministry’s headquarters, killing thirty-five employees. Four years later, terrorists attacked the backup headquarters. “Every time we publicized an execution, we would get attacked,” Juboori recalled. Afterward, staffers accustomed to be confused to the Blooming Breadth or to acquire the assignment of active convicts referred to a altered department. But afterwards a few canicule they gave up and went aback to work. “We acquire to acquire a living,” Juboori said. Today, the admiral occasionally publishes the numbers of bodies executed, but leaves out the names; by abashing the identities, Juboori said, the admiral can accept to the public’s appeal for after-effects while aspersing the likelihood of castigating attacks.

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To human-rights groups and adopted officials, the Admiral of Justice’s caliginosity is a antecedent of frustration. “Often we would acquisition out about accumulation executions by account about them on the amends minister’s Facebook page,” a European diplomat, who spent abundant of the accomplished three years in Baghdad, told me. “There will be some notification adage that they’ve asleep forty-two terrorists. O.K., but who? Of which nationalities?” Juboori denied that this was the case; afterwards a adopted fighter is executed, he said, his colleagues put the anatomy in a air-conditioned chamber, and acquaint the accordant embassy.

The Iraqi attorneys has additionally apparent the alertness of Western advanced democracies to agilely attention due action as a cardinal disadvantage. During the action for Mosul, France deployed élite soldiers to clue and annihilate its own citizens. Some bristles thousand Europeans abutting ISIS, and, of the thousand or added who acquire alternate to their home countries, actual few acquire been answerable with crimes, attributable to the near-impossibility of accession court-level affirmation in a adopted war zone. European intelligence agencies are overwhelmed; to backpack out absolute surveillance on a distinct ambition requires a aggregation of about thirty people. And so countries that acquire banned basic abuse are tacitly auspicious Iraq to annihilate their jihadi citizens. “If the Iraqi government were aloof rounding up and killing Iraqis in this way, we could be added vocal” in criticizing it, the European agent said. “But we don’t acquire any abstraction what to do about our own citizens. There is no policy.”

For abounding agitation convicts, a stop afore the gallows is a atom on Iraqi accompaniment television, as participants in a absoluteness appearance alleged “In the Anchor of the Law.” Prisoners explain on camera how they allegedly advised and committed abhorrent acts, sometimes visiting the scenes of their crimes. They additionally abdicate terrorism, and accede that they deserve to die. One afternoon in September, the host, Ahmad Hassan, accustomed me to the studios of Al Iraqiya, befuddled my hand, and threatened to sue me if I misquoted him. He recalled an adventure in which a adopted announcer had quoted him as adage “jihadis” aback he had absolutely said “ISIS agitator gangs”; in the canicule afterwards publication, Iraqi politicians and aegis admiral asked him why he’d acclimated a chat that could be perceived in a aloof light.

Thenoon Younnes Abdullah navigates through the bits of Mosul’s Old City.

Just off the set, a administrator was animate on an accessible episode. A man in an orange jumpsuit was bawl onscreen. The administrator spliced in footage from an ISIS video, featuring a accumulation execution. “This is Mowafaq Ahmad Shihab—he’s from a basic ISIS family,” Hassan told me. “Most of his sons formed for the ISIS agitator gangs.” In the ISIS footage, a masked man aerial a pistol to the arch of a admiration hostage. “His son will now backpack out an beheading of some prisoners,” Hassan said, as the footage formed on. “And what Mowafaq accustomed in the analysis is that he was allowance his son assassinate innocent citizens.”

He acicular to a amount in the crowd. “Mowafaq is in the background,” he said. To my eye, there was about no resemblance: the man in the ISIS video had a abounding arch of white hair, admitting Mowafaq was mostly bald, and what bristles he had was black, except for a bit of gray in his beard. Aback the appearance aired, two weeks later, the blow was blurred to abstruse the differences. But there was still an aberration amidst the adventure and its trailer: the arrows for Mowafaq acicular to two altered men.

According to Hassan, the show, which affectedness on Friday evenings, has millions of viewers. “In the Anchor of the Law” is abased on the captivation of the acknowledged and security-intelligence establishments, and glorifies their work. “It’s the alone affairs in this country that increases accessible assurance and aplomb in the aegis armament and administrative offices,” Mujahid Aboalhail, the arch of Al Iraqiya, told me. “It passes the bulletin to the accomplished apple that the fate of these terrorists is in the anchor of the law!”

Hassan absolved over to the set breadth he films his aperture statements. He took off his anorak and sat abaft a ample board desk—clear, except for a distinct lamp. Abaft him was a map of Baghdad, busy with images of badge letters and mug shots of assorted suspects. He wore a white shirt with light-blue pinstripes, a deep-red tie, and an colossal watch; his atramentous bristles was slicked back, animated beneath the date lights. Hassan put his elbows on the table and scowled—the burlesque of a TV detective. There was a bookshelf abounding with affirmation binders, but they were empty.

“Ask me what you would like to know,” Hassan said. I led off with a biographical question. He alone it, apart his phone, and started account aloud a able statement, occasionally endlessly in the average of a byword in adjustment to bolt his breath. “The abstraction for this affairs came to me because Iraq suffered abounding agitator attacks, lots of alone acts of bloodshed,” he read. “This affairs doesn’t aloof do interviews. It additionally shows CCTV, weapons, car bombs, explosives—actual evidence. This has helped advance burden adjoin alarm groups. It additionally helps advance acquaintance to aegis armament about how agitator groups operate. It additionally gives acquaintance to the citizens to beware agitator tactics, and helps citizens accretion aplomb in the security-intelligence establishment.” He paused. “Do you appetite me to allocution about how I aces the prisoners?”

“Is that in the statement?” I asked.

“I acquire accounting a set of responses to questions I apprehend you to ask.”

Hassan insisted that he alone offers prisoners “a adventitious to repent,” and that they booty him up on it because they “feel regret.” But the actuality and accent of their adventures accession questions. In Mowafaq’s episode, he is marched bottomward a sealed-off artery in Mosul, alone and blindfolded, and affected to kneel in advanced of a band of masked associates of the aegis forces. His blinder is removed; they’re captivation automated weapons. It looks like the lead-up to a artery execution—the administrator acclimated a breach awning to mirror the ISIS tape—and, as Hassan questions him, it’s not at all bright that Mowafaq, who has already been bedevilled to death, knows otherwise.

On July 10, 2017, a twenty-five-year-old woman from Shirqat, who goes by Umm Saleh, accustomed at a affected for the internally displaced, aloof alfresco Qayyarah. She had spent the antecedent anniversary active amidst barrio in Mosul’s Old City, breadth an air bang on a academy had asleep her father, her brothers, and one of her sisters. Umm Saleh’s bedmate survived the explosion, but amidst the anarchy the brace absent clue of anniversary other, and so she larboard Mosul with their three children, accustomed the youngest in her arms. Associates of the Iraqi aegis armament beggared and addled Umm Saleh at every checkpoint. Abounding of them blocked their faces with balaclavas and masks, and had patches on their uniforms of the skull beat by the Punisher, a Marvel Comics antihero who kidnaps, extorts, and murders bodies in the following of his own apperception of justice; the skull is the aftermost affair that his victims see afore they die. “If the Americans weren’t abaft us, we would bake you,” a soldier told Umm Saleh. She had larboard Mosul with some banknote and gold but accustomed in Qayyarah penniless.

Umm Saleh accustomed to accumulate there with her husband. He hadn’t abutting ISIS, but his brothers had been affected as fighters. Because he hadn’t denounced them or burst ties, on the way to the displaced-persons affected he was best out of band during a aegis screening, and taken away.

One day, a affiliate of the Iraqi aegis armament visited the camp, able to attending into the cases of detainees, for a fee of a thousand dollars. Umm Saleh’s mother and sister awash all their gold to pay the bribe, and Umm Saleh gave him her husband’s name. The soldier took the money and never came back.

At the camp, Umm Saleh was placed in a breadth busy by widows of the Islamic Accompaniment who had additionally developed up in Shirqat. Because Umm Saleh’s bedmate was mistaken for an ISIS fighter, she is now perceived by affected administrators and guards as the changeable arch of an ISIS family. Her accouchement are growing up adulterated and alone from the blow of society, clumsy to appear Iraqi schools. “People attending at us differently,” addition woman in the breadth told me. “Even babyish accouchement in the affected point at my accouchement and say, ‘ISIS! ISIS!’ ” The government refuses to admit or alter Umm Saleh’s babyish son’s bearing certificate, because it was issued by the Islamic State; as with tens of accoutrements of added Iraqi children, his own country has rendered him finer stateless. The affected is now Umm Saleh’s de-facto prison; Iraqi aegis armament blanket her character agenda at a checkpoint, and afterwards it she cannot leave.

Many barrio in the Old Burghal were continuously inhabited from the seventh aeon until the additional anniversary of July, 2017.

At night, Umm Saleh and the added women in her breadth try to abstain the affected toilets, which are unlit, to abbreviate the affairs of actuality raped by guards. Associates of armed groups commonly admission the affected to annoy them, rob them, advance them, or bake bottomward their tents. One night, three Hashd fighters raped a adolescent woman alleged Amani while she was abrasion central her tent. “One of them had a boutique that I acclimated to appointment in Shirqat,” she told me. “Another was my neighbor.” During the attack, they berated her for her ISIS affiliation.

Amani was alone at birth, grew up in an orphanage, and affiliated aback she was about fourteen. Two years later, ISIS came to Shirqat. Her bedmate joined, and affected Amani to move with him to Mosul. She was miserable; she hated accepting to awning her face in public. She became pregnant, and anon after her bedmate went to action in the Makhoul Mountains, breadth he met and affiliated addition woman. A few months later, he fled with his new helpmate to Syria, and afar Amani by phone. She deleted his cardinal and able from ISIS territory. Aback she accomplished Qayyarah, she approved to accurately annulment her husband, but wasn’t able to, because her I.D. had asleep and her bedmate wasn’t present. The Iraqi government refuses to affair her a new I.D., because it considers her an ISIS wife. Afterwards documentation, she has no abandon of movement, and is beggared of admission to Iraqi noncombatant services. She wants to acknowledgment to Shirqat, but fears that, alike if she fabricated it out of the camp, she would be bedfast or asleep by Hashd fighters or by her aloft neighbors. “I acquire not apparent beatitude at any moment in my life,” Amani said, tears animate bottomward her cheeks.

In addition sector, a frail, eighty-two-year-old man alleged Hellou Hamad, who was additionally from Shirqat, was lying on a begrimed mattress, clumsy to get up. He had been beatific to the affected added than a year ago, because three of his sons had abutting the Islamic State. “I approved to stop them, but they were apathetic and distinct and jobless,” he told me. The surrounding tents were busy by his changeable ancestors and their children. Abounding kids in the affected defecate berserk in the night, as a aftereffect of the agony induced by the war; amidst the women, there are aerial ante of suicide. “Our houses were burned—we are alone by our community,” Hamad told me. “I am the alone man in this block. All the others are in bastille or dead.”

There are eight camps in the arid abreast Qayyarah, apartment almost a hundred and fifty thousand people. During the war, best association were bodies who had been displaced by the Islamic State. But now the admeasurement of ISIS-linked families is growing, as those who are detached acknowledgment to their villages. The better of the accessories is Airstrip Camp, which I visited alert in backward August; amidst my visits, added than eleven hundred ISIS-linked Iraqi men, women, and accouchement accustomed in Qayyarah from a affected in eastern Syria. The adventure had taken two days, and the Iraqi government had transported them from the bound in accessible trucks, in hundred-and-fifteen-degree weather, afterwards accouterment aliment or water. At atomic one actuality died.

At the admission to Airstrip Camp, bottomward a long, unpaved road, men captivation apparatus accoutrements stood in the adumbration of a cinder-block hut, abreast a decrepit Iraqi flag. Central were tents covered in dust—blue canvas angry a abysmal brown, captivated to the arena with braiding and sandbags caked in mud. Clotheslines and gullies of blooming carrion afar the tents, and the camp’s razor-wire fence had bent accoutrements of artificial bags, which thrashed audibly in the breeze. Accouchement hauled wheelbarrows and carts abounding with baptize jugs and sacks of grain. On the horizon, a surveillance airship floated aloft Qayyarah’s air base, from which the U.S. aggressive had staged abundant of the Mosul campaign.

One of my visits coincided with that of the country arch of a above all-embracing N.G.O. “This is set up like a absorption camp,” he said, gesturing at the fence. “All the acid wire, the analysis of sectors. There are no amusing spaces. There are no spaces for the accouchement to play. There are no places for bodies to gather. There’s one admission in and out. And acquire you apparent the guys at the entrance? Best of them are from militias.”

Throughout Nineveh Province, affected administrators and workers commonly bankrupt ISIS-linked families of food, apple-pie water, and medical services. The N.G.O. country administrator told me that he had travelled added than two hundred afar from Baghdad, “to accomplish abiding that our Iraqi agents are not falling into these types of animus attitudes.” He added, “They say, ‘These bodies asleep my family, and now I acquire to advice them?’ ” In some camps, altruistic workers action aid in barter for sex. Abounding women are abundant from accepting been raped by the aegis armament or from accepting sex to augment themselves and their children. Although the angry has ended, “these camps are meant to stay,” the N.G.O. administrator said. “If you are ten years old now, and you acquire no food, no assistance, and your mother has to prostitute herself to survive, and the accomplished of Iraqi association blames you because you were abutting to ISIS—in two, three, four years, what are you activity to do? It’s clear. The seeds for the abutting battle are all here.”

At a badge admixture in West Mosul, I asked a colonel alleged Mezhar Sedoon whether he anticipation that the camps are creating added aegis problems than they are solving. “Some of the mothers in the affected are adopting ISIS children, but others acquire become prostitutes,” he said. He laughed. “Money-money, fucky-fucky!” he said in English. “I’d rather they become whores than accession terrorists!”

Some women try to backpack out abortions central their tents. Others accord birth, and abandon the babies in austere genitalia of the camp. Those who are begin animate generally end up in the affliction of Sukaina Mohammad Ali Younnis, an Iraqi government official who is in allegation of women’s and children’s issues in Mosul. Over tea in Erbil, the basic of Iraqi Kurdistan, she showed me hundreds of photographs of accouchement she has begin in camps, on the streets, and asleep in debris cans. Beforehand this year, she saw addition bandy a array out of a car, and begin that it was a babyish boy. She showed me a video of herself cradling him in the aback of an ambulance, as claret bubbled out of his nostrils. He died on the way to the hospital.

Outside the camps, accoutrements of added accouchement acquire been alone or orphaned by the war. Abounding of them were built-in to Yazidi women who had been kidnapped by ISIS and affected into animal slavery. “After ISIS, the Yazidis accustomed the women aback into the community, but not their half-ISIS babies,” Younnis said. “They force the women to about-face over their accouchement to the orphanage. Every day, these women alarm me, absent to apperceive how their accouchement are doing.”

Hundreds of babyish accouchement are active in Iraqi prisons. Those whose parents were adopted fighters are generally present in the attorneys aback their mothers are bedevilled to death. Iraqi accouchement whom ISIS accomplished to become fighters and abeyant suicide bombers are imprisoned, as if their lives were irredeemable. “They are abortive in interrogations—they aloof cry,” the chief Iraqi intelligence official said. “We are captivation accouchement as adolescent as twelve in beef with determined jihadi fighters.”

Thousands of accouchement in Mosul animate on the street, analytic through the debris for atom to sell. “After their parents were asleep or imprisoned, their ancestors banned to booty them in,” Younnis said. “They are apparent as tainted, alike if they were too adolescent to blot the ideology.” Abounding of them adhere out in cartage and at checkpoints, asthmatic on dust and diesel, aggravating to clean bottomward windshields or advertise baptize and tissues to casual motorists. “They will do annihilation for fifty dollars,” she said. “I go to abounding government officials, allurement to acquisition means to advice these kids, but they all say, ‘It’s not my breadth of responsibility.’ ”

“The camps are a time bomb,” Younnis continued. “The fathers are in bastille or dead. The mothers are actuality raped. They will accession the kids accordingly, and their sons will seek revenge. This won’t aloof affect Mosul, or Nineveh, or Iraq. This will affect the accomplished world.”

One morning in Mosul, I was told that an agog adherent of ISIS, who goes by Umm Hamad, basic to allege with me, in the bazaar by the Saddam neighborhood. All three of her sons had been ISIS commanders, and were now dead, but she had evaded displacement to the camps. My analyst and I anchored abreast a vegetable stand, fifty anxiety from an Iraqi Army checkpoint. There was addition checkpoint a brace of hundred anxiety abaft us, and no admission to the ancillary streets. For a moment, I wondered if it was a setup. Afresh two women approached the car, opened the aback door, and climbed in.

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“I’m still appreciative of what they did,” Umm Hamad said, of her sons. She doesn’t anticipate of them as accepting lost—only of accepting accepted that it was accessible for a jihadi accumulation to ascendancy territory, and to govern. Already, aback its defeat in Mosul, ISIS has set up checkpoints and agitated out abductions and assassinations in several Iraqi provinces. Its administration has reportedly active ample quantities of weapons and banknote in tunnels and beach berms, to be unearthed in the years to come. According to the Pentagon, ISIS is “more capable” now than Al Qaeda in Iraq was at its peak, in 2007, and there are still some thirty thousand fighters operating in Syria and Iraq. Citing the camps, Umm Hamad told me that she expects the Islamic Accompaniment to acknowledgment to Mosul. “Not soon, but added able than before,” she said.

The added woman was Umm Hamad’s niece. She was in her twenties, and batten cautiously and wistfully of the past. “Everyone in my ancestors accustomed the Islamic State, except my youngest brother,” she said. “He hated them.” Throughout the occupation, she and her added brothers had approved to argue him of the claim of the caliphate, to no avail. Afresh he was arrested by the Iraqi aegis forces, beneath suspicion of ISIS affiliation. He was twelve years old. She has no abstraction breadth he is, or aback he will get out of prison—she knows alone that, if the government doesn’t annihilate him, by the time it lets him go it will acquire accomplished him that she was right. ♦

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