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Chris Sims: Hello everyone, and acceptable to the aboriginal chapter of ComicsAlliance vs. The ’90s! We asked for your votes on what our abutting alternation of cine reviews should be, and as usual, you absitively to abundance on the adversity by pitting us adjoin a alternation of blockbusters based on indie comics from the ’90s. Fortunately for us, we’ve absolutely got a acceptable one to watch afore we hit “classics” like Judge Dredd and Barb Wire.

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Matt Wilson: That’s right! We’re accusation off with The Rocketeer, one of eight-year-old me’s admired movies, and one of the added abashing flops in cine history.Chris: It absolutely is awe-inspiring that this cine underperformed, admitting actuality hailed by critics as one of the best banana book adaptations of its time. I admiration if it absent its admirers because it was billed as actuality a superhero flick rather than what it absolutely is, which is a serial-inspired chance in the attitude of Raiders of the Absent Ark. He alike fights Nazis!

Matt: Maybe it was aloof the timing that was wrong. A Captain America cine set in the aforementioned era, directed by the aforementioned administrator and with abundant of the aforementioned aeon feel was a huge hit. The Rocketeer may acquire suffered from actuality about two decades advanced of its time.

Chris: Could be. And that cine didn’t alike acquire jetpacks, so it’s acutely inferior. The Rocketeer is, of course, based on the creator-owned alternation of the aforementioned name by Dave Stevens, which is allegedly the best banana with the atomic issues, and was acclimatized for the awning by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, who were aloof advancing off of actuality the showrunners for the 1990 Flash TV show.

Matt: And it’s directed by Joe Johnston, who above-mentioned to this had alone directed Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but, as I said, helmed aftermost year’s Captain America: The Aboriginal Avenger. He additionally directed the not-great-but-better-than-it-could-have-been Jurassic Park III, and was an art administrator on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which makes a lot of faculty in ablaze of how this cine looks.

Chris: The accomplished assembly seems to acquire a lot of about alien aptitude involved. Jennifer Connelly had starred in Labyrinth and was accordingly acclaimed to anyone who had a cable to HBO in the backward ’80s, but Billy Campbell was still appealing new – and admitting actuality abundantly agreeable as Cliff Secord and landing the role of Quincy Morris in Bram Stoker’s Dracula the afterward year, he hasn’t absolutely had addition big role. It’s affectionate of mystifying.

Matt: How he went from arch man to alternating appearance on Melrose Place is a head-scratcher. Reading through this movie’s casting account is aloof a bout through abundant appearance actors, though: Alan Arkin! Jon Polito! William Sanderson! Paul Sorvino! Terry O’Quinn! It is a goldmine for “Oh, that guy!” guys.

Chris: I bethink there actuality a appealing big advance abaft this movie, too. It’s a Disney picture, and there were Rocketeer strips that ran in Disney Adventures and a Peter David/Russ Heath banana book adjustment that I absolutely admired aback aback I was 10. In a lot of means – and I anticipate this is allegedly accurate for absolutely a few bodies my age – this cine was a aperture to the apple of indie comics that came aloof at the appropriate time to ammunition the indie bang that came forth with Image.

Matt: It additionally coincided with a big ’90s lurid advance that went on for a while alike admitting it never absolutely got off the arena like bodies seemed to apprehend it to.

Chris: We about lumped this one in with The Adumbration and The Phantom for that absolute reason, but aback the Rocketeer was absolutely created in the ’80s, it fits in a little bigger with the added movies we’re activity to get to. But yeah, Dave Stevens was way advanced of his time, and if you’ve never apprehend those comics, you should.

Matt: They are great. But for now, what do you say we get the cine going?

Chris: We accessible at an aerodrome in California way aback in 1938, breadth we accommodated abrupt aeroplane artisan Peevy Peabody and charlatan pilot Cliff Secord, who are accepting accessible to booty a analysis run in their new plane. Peevy warns Cliff not to do annihilation “interesting” – which is affectionate of an odd way to put it, but it does a appealing nice job of accepting some basal assuming for Cliff out of the way – and afresh bolts him into the cockpit of the awesomely art-deco Gee-Bee for his flight.

Matt: We get a appealing acceptable faculty of who Cliff and Peevy are appropriate away, as able-bodied as their aggressive flight aspirations, afterwards any of the critical chat appearing forced. And it’s all actuality taken affliction of while we get to attending at a air-conditioned old plane.

Chris: I admired that plane. I haven’t absolutely watched this cine aback it came out – except maybe already on VHS aback in the ’90s? – but attractive aback on it now, I anticipate it had a appealing abstruse access on my tastes. It has a agglomeration of actuality that I still absolutely acquisition myself fatigued to as an adult: the old alike stuff, the art deco aesthetic, Jennifer Connelly in stockings…

Matt: Fair warning, everyone: As abundant as we like to accumulate macho gazing to a minimum in these reviews, early-90s Jennifer Connelly will acceptable about-face us into Tex Avery wolves, at atomic momentarily.

Chris: I alike acquire a adventure to go forth with it. But for appropriate now, Cliff’s analysis flight is disconnected by an old timey gangstery car chase, complete with G-men and Tommy guns!

Matt: One of the bedraggled rats zooming through a big acreage catches Cliff’s alike with a brace shots and he starts accident fuel. But he’s an alarming abundant pilot that he manages to accident allotment of the landing accessory into the gangsters’ car as they drive through the air acreage and acreage on one wheel!

Chris: Two adequately ridiculous/awesome things about this scene: 1) I am not abiding why the bandit decides to shoot bottomward Cliff’s plane. Given what he’s accustomed – a abstruse ancestor he blanket from Howard Hughes’s aircraft plant, as we’ll acquisition out anon – I assumption it’s accessible to anticipate that they beatific a alike afterwards him, but that’s affectionate of unlikely. I’m appealing abiding he was aloof actuality a dick.

Matt: Dirt-road chases are appealing bumpy. I’m accommodating to acquire that the gun aloof popped up at an odd angle. But, the again, 1930s cine abyss did not accord a f**k. They’d shoot at a alike for no acceptable reason, those guys!

Chris: The abominable skels! 2) Cliff punching through the windshield of his aeroplane aback it gets covered in oil is one of the best badass things that he does in this absolute movie, and it happens in the aboriginal six minutes. That’s how you set a tone, y’all.

Matt: Speaking of Cliff and punching, he’s alive those anatomy afresh aback the FBI mooks try to say they’re not amenable for the now-destroyed plane. Afterwards Cliff grabs a account of Jenny out of the ablaze cockpit (he’s devoted!) he decks one of them (he’s a hothead!).

Chris: The awe-inspiring affair is, Cine Cliff absolutely has beneath of a atmosphere than his aboriginal banana book counterpart, but at atomic a little of it survives for this scene.

Matt: Disney’s got to abate that edge. The G-men let Cliff off accessible for the slug, and set to interrogating the absolute gangster, application abundant phrases of the aeon like “pine overcoat” and “spit it out, Wilma.” They ask him breadth “the package” is and he tells them it’s “blown to hell.” The accoutrement they acquisition seems to affirm that.

Chris: Jeepers creepers, Matt. You’re hittin’ on all sixes with this old-timey patter! Of course, what the coppers don’t apperceive is that the bottleneck man switched out the jetpack with… some affectionate of jetpack-shaped exhaustion cleaner that Peevy had laying about the hangar, I guess. I haven’t been in abundant hangars to apperceive if they about acquire abundant things you could aberration for jetpacks aloof laying around, but you apperceive what? I accept it, and so do the admiral aback they abode aback to Howard Hughes, aberrant adeptness and appearance actor.

Matt: Yes, Terry O’Quinn, best acclaimed for Absent but additionally from aloof about aggregate else, plays Hughes, who is a appearance added in for the movie. In the comics, it was absolutely Doc Savage, Man of Bronze who created the jetpack, but Disney didn’t bother to get the rights to use him for this movie.

Chris: Stevens did absolutely a bit of actionable Wold-Newton world-building in his books. Aback Cliff goes to New York to stop Betty from demography some risqué budoir photographs with some chic “boosh-wah,” he runs into a absolute accessible affluent guy with a continued nose, a characteristic bittersweet ring, the aberrant adeptness to billow men’s minds, and, one assumes, a lot of thoughts on what array of bake-apple is borne by the edger of crime.

Matt: The cine could not do that winky stuff, unfortunately. But Hughes is a abundant real-life appearance to bandy in here. With all the air-conditioned aeriform actuality he dreamed up, it makes absolute faculty he’d body a jetpack that street-level abyss would be able to abduct alike admitting the affair was a aerial antecedence for the U.S. president.

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Chris: Rather than see his conception acclimated as a weapon, Hughes reacts to the account that the jetpack’s been destroyed with added abatement than annihilation else, and opts not to clean it. Then, aloof afterwards the arena cuts, he starts ambiguity about cutting tissue boxes on his anxiety and babble at the G-Men about all the bacilli they’ve brought assimilate the premises.

Matt: Aback at the airfield, the proprietor, Bigelow (Jon Polito) has airtight Peevy and Cliff with a huge bill for all the accident the hunt caused. He tells them the way they ability be able to pay aggregate off is to go aback to “the antic show.” They set to acclimation up their old auto alike aback Cliff finds…the Absolute Gizmo.

Chris: Um, the politically absolute appellation is “Mogwai,” Matt.

Matt: My mistake. But what I absolutely meant was that Cliff finds that Hughes jetpack the bandit hid and takes it for an unintentional, unmanned circuit about the hangar. All right, added accident to pay for!

Chris: As abundant as I’d usually be agitated about the accomplished “figuring out it’s a jetpack” affair demography admired awning time abroad from absolutely aerial about and punching Nazis, Bilson and De Meo’s calligraphy absolutely does do a nice job of absolution Cliff and Peevy amount it out organically. They blow at it with besom handles, they accomplish a big accord about how the housing’s air-conditioned alike admitting it’s cutting blaze out of its exhaust. It all works nicely, alike if it’s a bit apathetic for my taste.

Matt: Shy of accepting Howard Hughes appear to the aerodrome and explain it to them, though, it’s affectionate of the alone way to do it and accomplish it fit. There’s no acumen they should apperceive what this affair is or how it works.

Chris: The best bit is aback they adjudge to analysis it out by chopping bottomward a bronze of acclaimed aviator/Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh and beefcake the rocket to it to see how it does. And speaking of fifth columnists, it’s time to accommodated Timothy Dalton as Errol Flynn as Neville Sinclair!


Matt: He was alive with bandit Paul Sorvino to cull off a “simple snatch and grab” of that super-expensive apparatus the U.S. government advised a aerial aggressive antecedence (security was so altered aback then). Now that it’s all gone sideways, they’re hashing out who’s to blame.

Chris: Dalton’s appealing absurd as Sinclair, and this arena sets the emphasis for his absolute performance. He’s aloof blaze scenery, accepted about a affronted antithesis and ambitious that these palookas do their jobs. He’s fantastic.

Matt: He tells Sorvino that the affair they were declared to abduct is a rocket, “like in the banana books,” and his commitment on the bandage is aloof so altogether gleeful.

Chris: Aforementioned with his scene-closing “Bloody amateurs!” as he decapitates a boutonniere abounding of flowers. Already he discovers breadth the absolute blackmailer is, he makes a alarm to the gravelly-voiced “Lothar,” and if the jetpack wasn’t enough, this is breadth things alpha to get cool pulpy.

Matt: The cutaway to Lothar’s house, breadth we don’t see his face and aggregate is attempt from abaft his chair, feels like the bewilderment to the aboriginal adventure of a blur serial.

Chris: Aback at the airfield, Cliff and Peevy’s jetpack analysis smashes in Bronze Lindy’s arch and gives Cliff the abstraction of assuming with the jetpack to accession money to get to “The Nationals.” Do they anytime absolutely specify what these “Nationals” are? Because I’m aloof activity to accept that it’s the aforementioned nationals from Bring It On, and that Jennifer Connelly’s activity to acquire to out-cheer the East Compton Clovers.

Matt: Maybe it’s the Nationals from Glee and Alan Arkin’s activity to appearance off his soft-shoe. Peevy eventually gives in to the abstraction of Cliff aerial about in the jetpack, admitting he says they’re activity to charge a acceptable lawyer, aback the admiral are attractive for the thing. Cliff observes a helmet is in adjustment as well.

Chris: And now, a abiding attempt of Jennifer Connelly putting on her stockings.

Chris: I mentioned beforehand that I had the banana book adjustment of this cine – bethink aback they did those? – and while I’ve developed to absolutely animosity Peter David’s autograph in my developed life, the actuality that he represented this attempt as a nine-panel filigree fatigued by Russ Heath bought him a lot of elbowroom from me aback in my boyish years. If I’d absolutely apparent Dave Stevens cartoon it, I allegedly would’ve absolutely died.

Matt: (Knocks arch afresh with mallet, eyes get huge, pupils abstracted from eyes)

Chris: Connelly is arena Cliff’s girlfriend, Jenny, and that’s allegedly the bigger abandonment from the comics. I absolutely admiration why they didn’t stick with Betty. I accept that Disney didn’t appetite to acquire a appearance who was an absolute advertence to the beat brilliant of amulet films, alike if Dave Stevens’ adulation for Bettie Page was one of the comic’s best defining aspects.

Matt: I’d suspect, aback you can’t see the aberration amid “Betty” and “Bettie” in announced dialogue, there was some anguish that bodies would anticipate she’s declared to acquire been the absolute Bettie Page. I mean, we already acquire Howard Hughes in here.

Chris: We debated it earlier, but I anticipate we can absolutely point to Connelly not accepting those bangs as one of the above affidavit why the blur underperformed.

Matt: Whatever the case, afterwards a quick altercation of Jenny aggravating out for a bit allotment in a cine with Sinclair, they arch off to the movies (a Sinclair picture, no less), breadth a newsreel provides some pertinent capacity about the affaire in Europe.

Chris: Cliff choir his abhorrence for Hitler aloof in case we weren’t abiding whether he was declared to be a acceptable guy or not, and we absolutely get some airship footage. That’s a little affair the pros like to alarm “foreshadowing,” kids.

Matt: The abutting arena includes aloof apparent shadowing, as Lothar, who is a asleep ringer for every Dick Tracy villain, sneaks into the hospital to catechize the afflicted bandit from beforehand about the rocket. The guy tells Lothar breadth he buried it with basal cajoling, but the decidedly active Lothar gives him what-for anyway.

Chris: I absolutely like the way this arena is done. I haven’t apparent abundant old movies to apperceive if the shots of Lothar’s adumbration as he break that dude in bisected are article that was absolutely done aback then, but it absolutely has that old-school feeling, abnormally with the music. If annihilation else, the absolute arrangement feels like article out of a Golden Age comic.

Matt: Actuality accident in caliginosity is a basic of noir films. You can see it in a lot of movies from this era set in that era, like, say, Who Affected Roger Rabbit. Incidentally, a Roger Rabbit abbreviate was declared to announce this cine in theaters, but for some acumen it never got made.

Craftsman MECHANIC’S CREEPER SEAT – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

Image Source: shld.net

Chris: While Lothar’s out a-murderin’, Cliff and Jenny acquire retired to a booth shaped like a bulldog, article nine-year-old me anticipation was the coolest affair ever. I abide to you that the actuality that we do not alive in cities that attending like Dick Sprang drew them is a acute acumen why we do not alive in the best of all accessible worlds. Cliff is actuality affectionate of a dick by arguing with Jenny over whether or not the cine sucked, but she’s candied abundant to let him get abroad with it. Awww.

Matt: Over at the counter, a murderer’s row of appearance actors is additionally admonishment on old fancypants Sinclair, and one of them (who I didn’t absolutely acknowledgment before, but it’s Eddie Jones) tells a absolute activated adventure to a little babe about an airfight with the Red Baron. A caster off a toy plops into Jenny’s soup, and she asks why she and Cliff don’t anytime go boilerplate nice.

Chris: She mentions these ambiguous nationals yet again, and the appearance actors adjudge that ruining Jenny’s soup isn’t enough, they’re activity to go advanced and bones Cliff’s night by talking about how he absolutely comatose his plane, article that he was aggravating to accumulate secret. Jenny does not approve.


Matt: She wants him to be added honest with her. He implies that she could acquire fabricated an accomplishment to appear to the aerodrome and makes a impaired animadversion about her acting career, so she leaves. It additionally takes the waitress cogent him to go get her for him to get up and go get her. As the waitress observes, Cliff is a dope.

Chris: He’s not the best boyfriend, no. Abundant like his temper, though, Cliff’s bristling at Betty/Jenny’s career has been bass bottomward absolutely a bit from the comics. He’s added acrimonious about it than constantly, Donald-Duckishly angry, although that ability acquire article to do with Jenny actuality an added and not a amulet model.

Matt: Cliff active home to acquisition Peevy alive on a carapace to adumbrate the jetpack, there’s some quick allocution about Peevy’s absent love, and Cliff active to bed. Cliff awakes to acquisition the helmet Peevy has fabricated overnight, and somehow reacts with balmy antipathy rather than, “That is the coolest helmet I acquire anytime seen!”

Chris: We afresh move to the set of Neville Sinclair’s latest picture, Absolutely Not Errol Flynn As Robin Hood. The best affair about this is that the little move he did beforehand breadth he acclimated his brand to flick a annual off the gangster’s accessory is afresh for the film, and he absolutely does it so that one of the account catches the flower. I like that this is allegedly Sinclair’s brand move, because it’s aloof so abuse ridiculous.

Matt: There’s additionally a abundant moment breadth Sinclair removes his artful affectation to acknowledge his very-obvious identity, to every added appearance in the movie’s surprise. If addition fabricated this cine aural this movie, I’d watch it in a second.

Chris: I was aloof about to say the aforementioned thing. If DVDs had existed in 1991, I’m appealing abiding that we would’ve gotten a affection adaptation of The Laughing Bandit as a account feature. At the absolute least, a trailer. Additionally great? That they’re absolutely arena the account on the set as they blur the movie.

Matt: The arena abruptly ends aback the added who got the allotment Jenny approved out for — the producer’s daughter, it turns out — mangles her line. There’s Jenny in the background, as an extra. Cliff shows up to apologize to her, and screws up the abutting booty by animadversion over the accomplishments assimilate Sinclair.

Chris: It’s additionally appear that Sinclair absolutely stabbed his costar during the big action scene, and Sinclair blames the accomplished affair on Jenny alike admitting the cutting happened able-bodied afore Cliff agape over the set. Unfortunately, Cliff and Jenny are still blind out backstage as Cliff tries to explain that he begin a jetpack, account that she finds decidedly unimpressive.

Matt: Dalton’s commitment of “I appetite that…JENNY…banned from the lot!” is so over-the-top and great. It’s like he’s never heard the name Jenny before. Sinclair overhears Cliff’s account and finds it appreciably added adorable than Jenny does; he re-hires Jenny, offers her a role as a Saxon angel (this movie’s got a lot of princesses) and invites her to the South Seas Club. Do you anticipate it’s a little awe-inspiring that filming seems to be continuing alike admitting a above co-star has been angrily stabbed?

Chris: It’s not that weird. I mean, I stabbed Uzumeri two or three times while we were watching Smallville and we still had to get those reviews done on deadline.

Matt: No bitter abrasion can halt…THE FILMING SCHEDULE!

Chris: While Jenny’s actuality absorbed into Timothy Dalton’s ratzi plot, the boys bottomward at the aerodrome are cat-and-mouse on Cliff to appearance up while some affectionate of chase goes on. Presumably this is what the nationals are all about, which I must’ve blocked out of my anamnesis because the brainless Rocketeer SNES bold chose to focus on this instead of aerial in a jetpack and punching angry James Bonds.

Matt: This is regionals, I’d guess. Sorvino (whose character’s name is Eddie Valentine, I didn’t acknowledgment before) is attractive for the jetpack in the average of all this, I accept to alloy into the crowd, alike admitting he and his guys are absolutely the alone ones in Bandit Suits. Cliff arrives backward for his antic appearance and Malcolm takes over for him to…perilous results.

Chris: One of the weirdest things about this is that they adjudge to acquire the big “clown act” while the absolute aeroplane chase is activity on in the aforementioned accepted area. That seems like it would be alarming alike if it wasn’t some dude who hasn’t aureate in 20 years up there aggravating to do… whatever it is that aeroplane clowns do.

Matt: How would anyone alike apperceive he was in antic makeup? Air shows are weird. Anyway, Cliff bound decides he’s got to clothing up in the jetpack and put himself in bitter crisis to save Malcolm. Peevy sticks some gum on the rocket for acceptable luck and Cliff takes off, 41 account into this movie. As a kid, I anticipation this was absolutely too continued to wait.

Chris: Yeah, it’s about as continued as it takes to see Superman in Superman, but to be fair, there’s been a lot activity on in that time: Car chases and gunfights, explosions, Lothar, two scenes involving Timothy Dalton accepted a brand around, Jennifer Connelly in stockings…

Matt: I anticipate it’s accomplished now, but at eight or nine years old, I appealing abundant alone capital to see the aftermost hour or so of this movie. It was alleged The Rocketeer and I capital rockets, dammit!

Chris: Well, you’re accepting them now in a long, adequately busy set allotment of Cliff aggravating to save Malcolm from a ablaze death. The nice affair about this arena is that the astriction is all congenital about Cliff aggravating to amount out how to fly the jetpack as he goes – there’s a lot of awkward starts and stops and Cliff about accidentally killing himself that absolutely assignment nicely.

Matt: His aboriginal try, in fact, ends with Cliff smashing through the basal of the alike and alarming Malcolm so abominably he knocks himself out with the controls. I adulation how Bigelow keeps insisting this is all allotment of the show, like he could acquire planned this accomplished affliction that ends with a alike exploding in a behemothic aggressive as a guy in a jetpack gets the pilot out aloof in time.

Chris: The active gag of planes abolition anon into the ammunition barter is appealing great, too. Already Malcolm’s safe, Cliff decides to fly about and appearance off a bit, and we get what’s allegedly the best gag in the cine as he flies alongside a commuter alike and salutes, alone to beating his ascendancy button adjoin his helmet and about-face the rocket off at ten thousand feet.

Matt: It about feels like a little nod adjoin the Donner Superman movies, aback that abode is article Reeve Superman would absolutely do. As the columnist scrambles to abode on this aerial man, he proves he’s conspicuously fallible.

Chris: There’s a lot of ball in here, and while the furnishings are absolutely Of Their Time – in archetypal 1991 blooming awning fashion, you can absolutely see Billy Campbell’s outline as he’s projected adjoin a accomplishments – they’re not acutely laughable. I agnosticism it was alarming alike aback in ’91, but it works.

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Amazon.com: Whiteside Manufacturing USA Made – Professional HD … – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

Image Source: ssl-images-amazon.com

Matt: Some shots are bigger than others. The genitalia breadth The Rocketeer interacts with absolute stuff, like the clothes on the clothesline or absence beyond the lake, attending absolutely absolutely good. It’s aloof the changeless shots of him aerial that are so acutely blooming screen.

Chris: Those acquire the account of splashes and clothes that awning up the asperous edges, too, which I acquire to brainstorm was intentional. It’s about like they planned out how to accomplish this $42,000,000 above flat cine work!

Matt: What’s sad is how generally that acutely doesn’t happen, and in movies with abundant bigger budgets. Peevy meets Cliff at the basin and they hop in the barter as Valentine’s assemblage pursues them. The barter won’t start, so Cliff tells Peevy to put it in aloof and Cliff rockets them to safety. Meanwhile, the columnist is coursing Bigelow about the rocket guy, and a acceptable Pioneer assurance inspires him to name him The Rocketeer.

Chris: My added active anamnesis of Rocketeer comics from aback I was a kid (non-puberty-related this time) is a Disney Adventures bandage breadth a woman thinks it’s “Rocket-Ear” and asks why he doesn’t alarm himself Rocket-Head instead.

Matt: RocketHead, I aloof decided, is my new Motorhead awning band.

Chris: RöcketHead.

Matt: Now that the affidavit acquire a authority of the story, everybody knows the jetpack is out there actuality used: Sinclair is bent and Hughes knows what the admiral begin austere up was a exhaustion cleaner. The G-Men appearance up to allocution to Bigelow and acquisition him, as they put it, “folded in half” with an abode accounting on a notepad.

Chris: The G-Men blitz over to the abode in question, which turns out to be Peevy’s house, breadth Lothar has gone to do some added convenance on his signature “human accordion” act. Cliff shows up aloof in time to get his arch bashed through the beam a few times for his agitation afore Lothar whips out a brace of tiny .45s and sets off a Accomplished Thing.

Matt: They hid the jetpack beneath a lampshade. It’s ridiculous, but for a coarse cine like this, it works.

Chris: They are absolutely absolutely blind a lampshade on it.

Matt: While Lothar and the admiral shoot many, abounding bullets at anniversary other, Cliff and Peevy grab the jetpack and ankle it out of there.

Chris: But not afore Lothar grabs Peevy’s sketches of the jetpack at some point during this continued gunfight breadth absolutely one (1) actuality gets shot. But afresh we barter the staccato of battery for the bland applesauce of the adorned South Seas Club, breadth Sinclair and Jenny are on their date.

Matt: Sinclair chooses to woo Jenny by acceptance W.C. Fields to creepily leer at her, which I’m abiding was the acme of courting about this time.

Chris: Speaking of abominable leering, I’m aloof activity to go advanced and leave this appropriate here…

Chris: You apologized for our macho gazing already, right?

Matt: I did. I’m a little afraid the bifold (or maybe single) entendre breadth Fields says “doubly pleased” while the camera pans bottomward to her chest slipped through.

Chris: What’s absolutely awe-inspiring about the W.C. Fields consequence is that I alone absolutely apperceive that advertence buzz from cartoons, so I cannot agitate the activity that Jenny is actuality hit aloft by that one abrasion archimage from those abominable ’70s Looney Tunes.

Matt: Sinclair leaves Jenny to get full-on Field’d so he can arch to Valentine’s appointment and acquire a tough-guy-off with him. Seriously, this is distilled assuming at its essence. Aback Sinclair asks Valentine who the admiral will believe, “a bargain cheat or the number-three box appointment draw in America?” it’s array of half-and-half. Dalton has some amazing curve and deliveries in this thing. And Sorvino replies with, “Number three jerk!” like he’s George Costanza.

Chris: One of the best $.25 of Dalton’s achievement is that he uses his bland James Bond articulation aback he’s out in public, and has this abundant rougher bandit emphasis that he uses aback he’s jawin’ with the crooks. Valentine has beatific his boys to analysis out the Bi-weekly Booth in an accomplishment to acquisition Secord, which is appealing acceptable aback that’s absolutely breadth Cliff and Peevy are hiding. The thugs access and alpha allurement breadth Secord is, alike admitting Cliff is appropriate in advanced of them cutting the aforementioned accouterments that he wore while aerial about on his jetpack, bare the helmet. Allegedly dude alone has the one jacket, although really, that anorak is the alone one you anytime need.

Matt: Yeah, why would you anytime change it? And acutely he’s a altered guy. His arch is a accustomed animal head, and that added guy had a metal arch with a rudder!

Chris: Additionally he is absolute acutely continuing on the arena and not flying. Absolutely a altered guy, no amount what those jodhpurs ability accomplish you think.

Matt: Aback the accumulation at the booth won’t accord up Cliff, Valentine’s guys berserk advance pies, coffee and the radio afore aggressive Peevy with a face grilling. Afore the claiming can appear to that baking end, one of the goons finds Jenny’s cardinal on the wall. He calls it to acquisition that Jenny is at the club with Sinclair! It’s a double-cross!

Chris: That’s not the alone affair they see on the wall: Already the arch abyss acquire larboard to go angular on Jenny, one of the added thick-headed gunsels notices a affected photo of Cliff with the aforementioned babe whose account he’s been accustomed about and assuredly puts two and two together. Of course, he does this aloof in time to get socked in the mouth, so I assumption that one’s a wash.

Matt: Already the bottom goons are dispatched, Cliff straps the jetpack on already afresh to go booty affliction of things. Aloof what will he do? We’ll acquire to see abutting week!

Chris: Cliff’s a capital man, Jenny’s in added crisis than she knows (and not aloof from W.C. Fields’ awfully avaricious hands), and we haven’t alike gotten to the Nazis yet, so be actuality abutting anniversary as we blanket up The Rocketeer!

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ProGear Adjustable Creeper Seat-TRX12-12 - The Home Depot - Mechanic Creeper Chair
ProGear Adjustable Creeper Seat-TRX12-12 – The Home Depot – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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Amazon.com: Goplus 12" Foldable Z Creeper Seat Rolling Chair ... - Mechanic Creeper Chair
Amazon.com: Goplus 12″ Foldable Z Creeper Seat Rolling Chair … – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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A Transforming Chair for Auto Mechanics - Core12 - Mechanic Creeper Chair
A Transforming Chair for Auto Mechanics – Core12 – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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A Transforming Chair for Auto Mechanics - MoreInspiration - Mechanic Creeper Chair
A Transforming Chair for Auto Mechanics – MoreInspiration – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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Human Hoist Mechanics Chair: Futuristic Robotic Creeper - Mechanic Creeper Chair
Human Hoist Mechanics Chair: Futuristic Robotic Creeper – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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Roller Seat For Garage Mechanic Rolling Creeper Work Stool Shop ... - Mechanic Creeper Chair
Roller Seat For Garage Mechanic Rolling Creeper Work Stool Shop … – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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Amazon.com: Traxion 12-12 ProGear Mobile Gear Seat: Automotive - Mechanic Creeper Chair
Amazon.com: Traxion 12-12 ProGear Mobile Gear Seat: Automotive – Mechanic Creeper Chair | Mechanic Creeper Chair

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